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rental agreement template

Rental agreements are very important for having a peaceful and hassle free life. You can consider yourself lucky if you are leading a comfortable and smooth life without one. It is not that only the tenants are in need of it, but the land lords are also benefited from it in many ways. A well drawn tenancy has all of the information about the property including its location and address, the name of the landlord, the amount of transaction and the term of the Lease Agreement. It acts as a legal document in case of any disputes between the two parties. We have got some of the best rental agreement types for you to choose from.

Rental Agreement to Print

rental-agreement-to-print Download

Simple Rental Agreement Format in iPages

simple-rental-agreement-format-in-ipages Download

Commercial Rental Agreement Template in Google Docs

commercial-rental-agreement-template Download

Room Rental Agreement in Pages for Mac

sample-room-rental-agreement Download

Sample Apartment Rental Agreement Word Template

sample-apartment-rental-agreement-word-template Download

Printable Month to Month Rental Agreement

printable-month-to-month-rental-agreement Download

Sublease Agreement Template in Google Docs, iPages

sublease-agreement-template Download

Equipment Rental Agreement in Word, Pages for Mac

equipment-rental-agreement-template Download

Vehicle Lease Agreement Template in Google Docs

vehicle-lease-agreement Download

Sample Booth Rental Agreement Template in Word

booth-rental-agreement-template Download

Commercial Lease Agreement Word Template to Edit

commercial-lease-agreement-word-template-to-edit Download

Free Download Bank Rental Agreement Word Format

free download bank rental agreement word format


Tenant Rental Agreement Template Free Word

tenant rental agreement template free word1


Residential Lease Agreement Template Free Word Download

residential lease agreement template free word download


House Rental Agreement Free Word

house rental agreement free word


Draft Rental Agreement Template Free Word

draft rental agreement template free word


Office Rental Agreement Free Word Template

office rental agreement free word template


Car Rental Agreement Free Word Format

cra rental agreement free word format


Property Lease Agreement Template Free Word

property lease agreement template free word


Free Word Rental Agreement Procurement & Contract

free word rental agreement procurement contract


Business Rental Free Download Word Agreement Template

business rental free download word agreement template


Free Word Building Rental Agreement Template

free word building rental agreement template


Importance of The Rental Agreements

The Rental Agreement is a necessity in all types of property rents as a lot of disputes may arise between the landlord and the tenant/ tenants. In other words, it is the guideline or legal evidence which has all the necessary information about the renting. It is the ultimate legal entity which is to be followed. You can take any Agreement Template given here in word format and download them. In ms word, or Word 2010 which is mostly used, you can design your own rental agreement.Terms to Include in The Rental Agreements.

  • Names of all the tenants taking the property for rent.
  • The limits regarding the occupancy of the property.
  • The term for which the tenants have taken the property on rent.
  • The amount which is payable by the tenants as rent.
  • Any additional fees or deposits (if any) that have been paid by the tenants.
  • The party responsible for of any maintenance or repairs. It is the common topic of dispute between the two parties.
  • Allowance of pets.
  • Any limitation to tenant’s access to the rented property regarding repairs.
  • Any other agreements or restrictions.

> Types of Rental Agreements

Among the many rental agreement examples given here for word, there are three main classifications:

  • Periodic Tenancy which gives the tenant to enjoy the property quietly, or without disturbing the landlord or breaking any of the clauses in the agreement.
  • Tenancy at will which includes the occupying of the property by any tenant without permission of landlord or paying of rent.
  • Tenancy at sufferance takes place if the tenant/ tenants move in to the property legally and fails to leave it after completion of the term. All the types are downloadable; you can choose any Free Word Template, download it and open the word document on your system.

Choosing The Rental Agreement Template and Using It

In word or in Microsoft Word, you can alter or add any sections of the word doc if they are considered necessary. You can do free download from here or can also take ideas from the examples given here and create your own agreement on word. These are the mostly used rental agreements and have all the spaces required in a complete rental agreement.

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