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SWOT analysis is a must-have when you are embarking on a new business plan or marketing campaign. The acronym for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats, SWOT analysis allows the company team to gauge the different challenges and perks the latest campaign can come up with. A swot analysis template helps you to get a clear picture of all the angles of the new business plan which will help in easy understanding of the pros & cons of the entire project.

swot analysis template

Marketing SWOT Analysis Example

marketing swot analysis template
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Hospital SWOT Analysis

hospital swot analysis template
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> SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template


When you are about to suggest a new business plan to your company, you have to make a PPT presentation of the SWOT analysis of the campaign- so that the whole group can take an informed decision. A readymade & customizable swot analysis PowerPoint template would be really handy here. ( 8+ SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template)

> Free SWOT Analysis Template


Before launching any campaign, it’s always smarter to her an insight on its SWOT analysis that will offer a good view on the plan’s threats, challenges and pros. A free swot analysis template could be used to measure the advantages and disadvantages of a business plan or an organization or an employee and so on. (11+ Free SWOT Analysis Template)

> Blank SWOT Analysis Template


A business plan or campaign should be launched based on an informed decision and this is where a blank swot analysis template is the most useful. SWOT analysis shows the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats of the campaign which helps a team to decide whether to introduce the campaign or not. (6+ Blank SWOT Analysis Template)

> Personal SWOT Analysis Template


While SWOT analysis is mostly common with business plans, it could also be used for personal assessment. A personal swot analysis template enables one to have a clear insight on his best assets, weak points, areas to be improved on for best results and the threats in his effort or habits. (8+ Personal SWOT Analysis Template)

> Healthcare SWOT Analysis


A healthcare organization needs to abide by a healthcare swot analysis to find out its strong points and weaknesses that can help it to flourish & damage its reputation respectively. With a clear view on Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats, the analysis will help the administrative members to take informed decisions for the betterment of the institution. (8+ Healthcare SWOT Analysis)

> Employee SWOT Analysis Template


The employees are the pillars of any organization and hence the company has to ensure that it is deploying the strong pillars only. The employee swot analysis template would help a company to evaluate the staff’s strength, weak points, areas of betterment & the threats an employee can pose to the organization. (10+ Employee SWOT Analysis Template)

> Project Management SWOT Analysis


A SWOT analysis is a fundamental aspect of project management and is generally taken up at the early phases of a project- so that the entire team can be aware of the areas that carry great prospects for the projects as well as the risky regions that should be taken care of on time. (8+ Project Management SWOT Analysis)

> Hospital SWOT Analysis


A hospital swot analysis helps the hospital administration with a clear view on the current stand of the organization. The analysis enables them to realize the strong points of the hospital, where does it lack in providing the needed advanced care to patients, where it can improve and also the risk factors that must be immediately discarded. (9+ Hospital SWOT Analysis)

> Marketing SWOT Analysis


A marketing campaign is influential in broadening the prospect of a brand and hence the pros and cons of the campaign should be evaluated before the launch of the campaign- and this is where the marketing SWOT analysis comes in that will reveal the strength, areas of improvement, weak points & risks of the campaign. (10+ Marketing SWOT Analysis)

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