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People feast when they celebrate an event, and this event can either be a birthday, an anniversary, or an achievement by someone. But also, people feast simply because they want to socialize, to cherish simple things such as a gathering of friends and family. These things may be simple but they are still worth having a feast.

In addition, people often go out to restaurants for these feasts, but there are also those who prefer to do it at the convenience of their own homes. For those who prefer the latter, they can either choose to cook the food themselves or to have them catered by catering businesses.

Elements of a Good Catering Brochure

A brochure can be as simple as a folded piece of paper that contains advertising information regarding a business or its products and services, but with this, you can not assure yourself that your business brochures will attract audiences. You will need to have the right elements and information in order to really catch the attention of people.

1. Cover page of the catering brochure: Every brochure needs a cover page for the elements and content that help set the reader’s mood. Also, this element provides readers with what to expect from the brochure actual content.

2. Catering business’ name and logo design: One of the elements that should appear on a cover page is the business’ name and logo. However, these two shouldn’t appear only on the cover page, but rather, on every page of the brochure.

3. Brochure’s introductory message about the business: For professionalism, a brochure should have a brief introductory message on the first page. This introduction should tell readers about the business’s background, what it aims to achieve, and their philosophy.

4. Information regarding the cooks or chefs running the business: Since we have mentioned the business’ background appearing on the brochure, you should also talk about the people behind it. Here, you should also mention briefly the credentials and achievements of these people.

5. List of dishes being offeredCatering brochures work almost the same way as menus because they both contain a list of the foods that are being sold. The difference with this is that they lean more towards sending a message to prospects.

6. Section indicating set meals: Catering businesses often offer set meals to their customers, and these sets already include appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Customers will simply choose from the number of sets offered on the menu, and this allows them to save on the expenses.

7. Reviews from satisfied customers and from critics: For any business, one good strategy of promoting their reputation is by actually including on the brochure what others have said about them. These statements are otherwise known as testimonials, and these can be gathered from previous customers, critics, or other businesses.

8. Catering business’ telephone number: The whole point of running a catering business is to prepare food that was ordered by a customer, which is why the inclusion of the business’ phone number is essential for brochures.

9. Catering business’ street address: When customers reach out to catering businesses to avail of their service, they can choose to either have the food delivered to their home or to pick it up themselves. Either way, it is important to also include the street address on the brochure in order for customers to know where you can be located.

10+ Catering Brochure Templates

Now that you have an idea regarding the content of a good catering brochure, here are the brochure templates that you have been looking for. These templates were gathered from various websites and were brought to you so you won’t have to do it yourself.

Catering Service Brochure Template

debby catering service brochure template Download Now

Catering Services Brochure Sample

gourmet catering services brochure sample Download Now

Catering Trifold Brochure Example

abbie catering trifold brochure example
File Format
Size: (US) 8.5×11 inches


Modern Catering Service Brochure Design

Modern Catering Service Brochure Design


Bakery Catering Brochure Example

Bakery Catering Brochure Example


Deli Food Catering Brochure Sample

Deli Food Catering Brochure Sample


Pink Catering Bifold Brochure Template

Pink Catering Bifold Brochure Template


British Catering Services Brochure Design

British Catering Services Brochure Design


Occasions Catering Brochure Format

Occasions Catering Brochure Format


Ermaya Catering Brochure Layout

Ermaya Catering Brochure Layout


Steps to Designing a Stunning Catering Brochure

You could say that you’ve made a couple of DIY brochures yourself and have been successful with it, but you might be doing it the hard or less efficient way. Here is a guide on the step by step process of making your own brochures, these can help both the first timers and the experienced.

1. Decide on a style for your catering brochure: The first step in the process is deciding on a particular style for your catering brochure. When choosing a style, make sure that it fits the type of dishes that you offering to your customers.

2. Choose a type of brochure: The type of brochure is very different to the style, and when talking about the former, we are referring specifically on the number of folds and the way the brochure is folded. Later on, you’ll find out the differences between the types, and you can use the list provided below to choose which type works for you.

3. Pick a brochure size that’s just right: Brochures actually come in different sizes as well, some smaller and more compact than others. Aside from choosing a style and a type of brochure, you should also pick a brochure size that allows you to write all the needed information while maintaining a clean and organized layout.

4. Write a draft of the brochure’s content: To really ensure that you are only including the details that are most necessary and relevant on your brochures, you will need to make a draft of the content first. You can do this on a separate sheet of paper, and this allows you to easily review and revise the content before making it final.

5. Gather images and other graphical elements: Since you are trying to make modern brochures to promote your catering business and the dishes that you are offering, you will need to provide readers with actual photos of those dishes. This way, they’ll have an idea on how well you prepare your products and why they should choose you as their caterer.

6. Download a catering brochure template: After preparing everything you need for designing your catering brochures, the only thing you will need to prepare is a brochure template. While it is never a bad choice to really make your own brochures, you can save yourself the time and effort by downloading a brochure template instead.

7. Edit the downloaded brochure template: The great deal about multipurpose brochure templates is that the elements and the design are already given and all you need to do is to edit it. Thankfully, the templates in this article are all fully editable and will allow you to edit them without compromising its quality.

8. Proofread the content on your brochure: After making the needed modifications to the design as well as adding in the required information, it is time for you to proofread it to ensure that there aren’t any grammatical errors and/or misspelled words. This way, you are not only ensuring that your brochure is free from mistakes, but you are also ensuring its credibility.

9. Print out copies of your catering brochure: Lastly, once your brochure’s content has been reviewed and proofread, there is nothing left for you to do other than to print out copies of your finalized catering brochure. While you can always have it printed in printing companies, you are also allowed to do it yourself, just make sure to use high quality, durable materials.

Simple Tips for an Excellent Catering Brochure Layout

Now that you know the process of making catering brochures in the most efficient way, we will then be providing you with another list. This list consists of tips that may further help you out in making your catering brochures not only stunning but also worth keeping and sharing with others.

  • As much as you want the design to be creative, put more emphasis on the content.
  • Don’t clutter the brochure’s layout with too many elements, leave enough room for white space.
  • In terms of fonts, the most ideal would be between two to three types only, beyond that is too many.

Types of Brochures

In the steps section, we mentioned that there are different types of brochures that you can choose from. Take note, that these types are meant to be used for specific purposes, so make sure to know what kind of message you’re intending to convey. If that makes enough sense, check out the list below.

1. Bi-Fold Brochure: These brochures are easy to make and inexpensive to print. Bi-folds are best for businesses that prefer to have a lot of space on their advertisement tools for their content.

2. Tri-Fold Brochure: While these brochures don’t necessarily provide more space than the bi-fold, they do allow you to organize your content into sections.

3. Gate-Fold Brochure: Though these brochures aren’t as common as the previous two, they are highly effective in creating an impact when used correctly.

4. Z-Fold Brochure: As the name suggests, this brochure is folded into a Z which helps to give it a unique and impressive look. This brochure is an excellent alternative to the tri-fold type.

Sizes of Brochures

Also, brochures have different sizes that you can choose from, but unlike the types, the choice of brochure size rely more on the designer’s preference and not so much on the message being conveyed. Enclosed in parentheses below are the different brochure types that work perfectly with its corresponding size.

  • 8.5 x 11 inches (Tri-Fold, Bi-Fold, Z-Fold, Accordion Fold, Open Gate Fold)
  • 8.5 x 14 inches (Tri-Fold, Bi-Fold, Z-Fold, Accordion Fold, Closed Gate Fold)
  • 11 x 17 inches (Tri-Fold, Bi-Fold, Open Gate Fold, Closed Gate Fold)
  • 11 x 25.5 inches (Tri-Fold, Z-Fold, Accordion Fold)

FAQs about Brochures

We know you still have a few questions regarding professional brochures that are still left unanswered. While answers to these questions can be found all around the internet, we have gathered some of those questions that are being asked very frequently and answered them. We sincerely hope this information is able to provide you with what you need.

What is a brochure used for?

Brochures are used for advertising products or services, and for spreading information and awareness to people.

Why are brochures important?

Brochures help in boosting businesses as well as making a statement to readers.

Since you have now gotten to this point in the article, we assume that you have gone through all the brochure templates. Were you able to find what you need? Did the lists of tips and guidelines able to provide you with assistance? If so, then download a template now so you can start working on your brochure.

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