Business Brochure Templates

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What is a Business Brochure?

A business brochure is a promotional document that contains and lays out business information, services, and contact details. Firms use brochures because they are a great way to spread and disseminate information towards the target audience. As it is printed, brochures have varying folding techniques like bifold, trifold, z fold, gatefold, double gatefold, double parallel fold, and roll fold.

How to Make a Business Brochure?

The task of designing should not be a burden to those who wish to create something for the benefit of their business and marketing strategies. However, we have also cited a 5-step guide to complete your design inquiries if you have any. Read through it and learn through the process.

1. Make a Plan

Everything should start with a well-organized plan, especially in the business world. If you want to create a business brochure, you have to come up with a marketing plan to define your goals and promotional strategies. Analyze and evaluate the possible business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats through SWOT analysis. After gathering all pertinent data, start creating your simple brochure design plan and process.

2. Write Convincing Content

Convincing content always wins the hearts of your customers as it convinces them to connect and avail of your products and services. Business content writing should be descriptive and persuasive.

According to a Harvard Business Review article, writing is a craft that should be practiced every day. To improve business content writing, you have to plan out the content, keep sentences short, and avoid jargon that might confuse readers.

3. Pick Out Designs and Graphics

With the written content and design plan ready, the next thing to do is carefully pick out the appropriate and fitting designs. Choose the best fonts, color combinations, vectors, and other graphic elements. Pick out the designs that will coincide with your brand, marketing goals, and client demographics or references. Include features that you know would pique the attention of the audience.

4. Proceed to the Designing Process

Launch the editing application that works best for you, and create your business brochure with ease. You can choose between Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Apple Pages on Mac, Google Docs, etc. Utilize careful placement of the texts, images, designs, and backgrounds. Work with the folds and make sure that the designs follow the rule of visual hierarchy. 

5. Add a Dash of Creativity

It cannot be denied that copied versions of designs are present everywhere, thus, you have to be unique and a step ahead from your competitors. Creative brochures are easy to make if you have fresh ideas and perspectives on how to execute advertising strategies. Offering solutions to the daily problems of your customers can be done effectively, add a dash of edge and creativity. Sell your wares and services to spark interest in the target market.