47+ Company Brochure Templates

Company brochure templates are commonly used for presentations or advertisement purposes. They give the audience or potential clients and customers previews on certain company products, services, or advertise the company itself. In an online setting, company brochures can still be distributed through using Business PSD Brochures for online audiences to read about the company and its different services. Some clients also prefer to have brochures sent online as well.

We will also be showing you some company brochure templates you can use to create your own brochures or use them as references to make even better ones. You can also check out website for different kinds of Security Company Brochures for a specialized kind of brochures.

Company Proposal Brochure Template


Company Profile Bi Fold Brochure Template


Construction Company Bi Fold Brochure


Construction Company Brochure


Construction Company Tri Fold Brochure


Branding Company Brochure Templates

Software Branding Company

Software Branding Company Brochure


Branding Cleaning Company

Branding Cleaning Company Brochure


Product Branding Company

Product Branding Company Brochure


Construction Company Brochure

Building Construction Company

Building Construction Company Brochure


Construction Company Catalog Brochure

Construction Company Catalog Brochure


Modern Construction Company

Modern Construction Company Brochure


Where Can You Use Company Brochures?

Generally, company brochures are commonly used in promoting a company’s product, service, or increase the company’s exposure to the public by handing out their company brochures. These types of brochures are also proactively given to customers after they stay if the company is a hotel establishment and brochures are also given to clients after meetings or quick meet-ups with them.

Who Benefits From Using Company Brochures?

Organizations and different businesses or establishments mostly benefit from using company brochures as it is another method for them to advertise their services and the company’s name to the public. Being able to present a company brochure during meetings, introductions, or programs will also help build a company or an organization’s reputation by being able to formally present a company portfolio.

Organizations who use brochures can also display the number of activities they have organized and may also contain pictures of the different activities available as well to entice the public on what the certain organization is doing and place interest in possible people to join them as well.

Using Event Brochures in promoting specific public events will also bring interest to the audience if you know how to create a good design and know how to promote them which you can check our website for more information about the different brochures we have for you. You can also check our website for different kinds of IT Company Brochures.

Advertising Company Brochure

Digital Advertising Company

Digital Advertising Company Brochure


Event Company Brochure

Event Planning Company

Event Planning Company Brochure


Wedding Event Company

Wedding Event Company Brochure


Engineering Company Brochure

Engineering Consulting Company

Engineering Consulting Company Brochure


Civil Engineering Company

Civil Engineering Company Brochure


Electrical Engineering Company

Electrical Engineering Company Brochure


Landscape Company Brochure

Landscape Company Architecture Brochure

Landscape Company Architecture Brochure


Landscape Company Tri-Fold

Landscape Company Trifold Brochure


A3 Landscape Company

A3 Landscape Company Brochure


Different Company Brochure Examples

There are different types of company brochure templates you can use, depending for what specific reasons you will need the company brochures for. You can use them for exposure which you can include in giveaways or souvenirs during inter-company events or conferences.

You can also use brochures for introductory purposes to your clients so that they will have a better idea on what your company does and have more information about your company. Below are some company brochure examples you can use for different purposes:

  • Marketing Company Brochure – These types of company brochure templates are commonly used to promote marketing companies and their advertising services wherein. They can include services like graphic designing services for cards, invitations, brochures, and flyers. The designs may contain simple to abstract and creative decorations.
  • Food Company Brochure Templates – Companies in the food industry commonly use company brochures like these wherein they promote different types of food and beverages you can order. Sometimes services like catering or delivery services may be included in the brochure as well. Details about the company like history, awards, and contact details will also be included.
  • Real Estate Company Brochure – These types of company brochures are usually used by real estate companies wherein the contents of the brochure may include designs for the newest projects they may have, company history, and the rates for their different products.

You can also check out our website for more Free Brochures and information on when and how to use such templates as well. You can also check out our website for different kinds of Branding Company Brochures.

Marketing Company Brochure

Marketing Firm Company

Marketing Firm Company Brochure


Marketing Company Plan

Marketing Company Plan Brochure


Marketing Strategy Company

Marketing Strategy Company Brochure


Real Estate Company Brochure

Commercial Real Estate Company

Commercial Real Estate Company Brochure


Luxury Real Estate Company

Luxury Real Estate Company Brochure


Real Estate Company Development Brochure

Real Estate Company Development Brochure


Food Company Brochure Templates

Food Catering Company

Food Company Catering Brochure


Food Festival Company

Food Festival Company Brochure


Food Menu Company

Food Company Menu Brochure


Recruitment Company Brochure

Employee Recruitment Company

Employee Recruitment Company Brochure


Recruitment Service Company

Recruitment Company Service Brochure


Holiday Company Brochure

Holiday Tri-Fold Company

Holiday Company Tri Fold Brochure


Creative Holiday Company

Creative Holiday Company Brochure


Vintage Holiday Company

Vintage Holiday Company Brochure


What a Company Brochure Should Contain

For you to be able to capture the attention of the correct target market or audience, you will need to have the correct details your company brochure should contain. Below are two of the most important details you will need to include for you to have a good design:

  • Accurate Information – You will need to place all the information you can in your company brochure like having accurate details about your company history, the different products and services you may want to present to the public, and include the different people who manage the company, this is optional though.
  • Creative Design – For you to attract an audience, you will have to make a creative brochure by placing in all the decorations and details you want to capture their attention. Be careful on not overdoing it though, as you may cover up the details or have too many decorations in your brochures.

You can also check out our website for different kinds of Tri-Fold Brochures if you need more references to create different types of brochures. You can also search for Event Company Brochures on our website for a diverse offering of these types of brochures.

Travel Company Brochure

Adventure Travel Company

Adventure Travel Company Brochure


Tour and Travel Company

Tour and Travel Company Brochure


Company Profile Brochure

Professional Company Profile

Professional Company Profile Brochure


New Company Profile

New Company Profile Brochure


Company Bi-Fold Brochure

Bi-Fold Sales Company

Company Bifold Sales Brochure


Business Bi-Fold Company

Business Company Bifold Brochure


Car Rental Bi-Fold Company

Car Rental Company Bifold Brochure


Corporate Company Brochure

Corporate Training Company

Corporate Training Company Brochure


Corporate Banking Company

Corporate Company Banking Brochure


Who Uses Company Brochure Templates?

There are different individuals who may use company brochures for different purposes. Below are some professionals who uses these types of templates:

  • Graphics designers – Templates are often used by graphic organizers to help them create company brochures quickly and with minimal error. This serves as an advantage for them to be able to place in minor details right away.
  • Different Businesses – Different businesses today uses company brochures to increase exposure and help them promote their company and their different services to the public.
  • Event Organizers – Event organizers specifically use event organizing brochures as part of their packages in promoting programs or events.

You can also check out our website for different kinds of Real Estate Brochures or Corporate Company Brochures.

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