30+ Event Brochure Templates

Organizing an event is never an easy task because it takes a lot of patience and effort all throughout the process. You will have a lot of preparations to do to make the event a huge success. And in order to make it successful, you do not only need to utilize the best equipment and materials for the said event, but you need to make the people know about it. You will need an event brochure to advertise and promote your upcoming event. The brochure can take the form of either a flyer or pamphlet to distribute information to potential audience or participants.

Event Management Tri Fold Brochure Template


Event Management Bi Fold Brochure Template


Event and Artistic Tri Fold Brochure Template


Corporate Event Brochure Templates

Corporate Event Management Brochure



Corporate Bowling Event Brochure



Corporate Charity Event Brochure



Program Event Brochure Templates

Church Program Event Brochure



Holiday Program Event Brochure



DJ Program Event Brochure



Fashion Event Brochure Templates

Fashion Show Event Brochure



Fashion Club Event Brochure



Golf Event Brochure Templates

Golf Tournament Event Brochure



Golf Event Tri-Fold Brochure



Golf Event Catalog Brochure



What Is a Brochure?

According to Wikipedia, brochure is a paper document that contains important details. It is also considered a powerful marketing tool to promote a certain event and product or introduce a organization or company that is new in the world of business. This tried and tested marketing technique has been used for a number of decades due to the information it provide to target audience for a short time, especially when it is designed and written correctly.

One of the most important uses of a brochure is to increase brand awareness to new and existing customers. Traditionally, brochures are handed out in person, send through mails. But with the modern revolution of technology, you can post brochure on various social media platforms to make people know about your advertisement. Today, the most common type of brochure is in electronic format known as the e-brochures. Using these e-brochures benefits you with unlimited distribution and advertisement, as well as it help you save tons of money because you do not have to invest in printing out stacks of traditional paper brochures.

What Makes a Great Brochure

  • It should be able to identify its target audience. Target audience is defined as a specific group of people at which you aimed your products or services to. That is why it is highly important to make sure that the design of your brochure can attract your target audience. So if you are promoting a golf event, then the design of the event brochure should entice golfers to join and participate the event.
  • Make sure you have the right brochure format. You will still need to base the format of your brochure to your target audience. When we speak of format, make sure to consider important elements such as type and size of the paper, as well as the number of fold. There are two types of fold you can choose for your brochure: bifold and trifold. A bifold brochure is a single sheet of paper that is printed on both sides and is folded in half. This will result into four panel. On the other hand, a trifold brochure is another sheet of paper that is folded into thirds, resulting to four panels. Do not forget to check out these amazing trifold brochure designs.
  • Take note of the contents. In order to make your brochure informative to your target audience, it is important to include all the necessary details about your upcoming event. Avoid cramming too much and unnecessary information in your event brochure as this can only make it look messy and confusing. Only include details such as the venue, date, time, booking information, cost, theme, contact information in case for any questions and concerns, and photographs that relate to the event.
  • It has an appropriate design. Once you already have the necessary information, you need to choose a design that is relevant to the event. Make sure to view these beautiful luxury brochure designs if you’re organizing a conference for luxury items.

Hotel Event Brochure Template

Hotel Event Menu Brochure



Special Event Brochure Templates

Special Event Invitation Brochure



Special Holiday Event Brochure



Special Food Event Brochure



Wedding Event Brochure Templates

Modern Wedding Event Brochure



Wedding Photography Event Brochure



Wedding Floral Event Brochure



Event Management Brochure Template

Event Management Bi-Fold Brochure



How to Maximize the Power of Your Brochure Effectively

As discussed earlier, brochures are one of the most powerful tools you can use to promote your event. No matter how beautifully your brochure is designed, but if you do not have any idea how to make use of its amazing power effectively, your brochure will be rendered useless. So to help you with it, we have gathered a list of short yet efficient ways to boost your event promotion and increase the engagement of your target audience using your brochure.

  • Use the AIDA technique. This is not referencing a specific person, but rather a technique in which you will plan your brochure on. According to an article found on businessknowhow.com, AIDA stand for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. In order for any brochure to be effectively attraction target audience, you need to capture their attention and get them interested enough to dig details about your event promotion, raise desire, and make them take an action.
  • Know what your target audience what. It is a wise idea to write the brochure from your audience’s point of view. This is great way to help the information and details unfold in the right order. Let us take for example you are organizing a summer beach party. Given the nature of the party, your target audience may have a lot of questions. That is why you need to make sure that your brochure can answer all their questions in a logical pattern.
  • Encourage them to take action by telling them what to do to acquire. That is why make sure you do not forget to include your contact details in the brochure.
  • Make sure to focus on key features of your events. A lot of people usually do not have the time in the world to read get the goal of your event, but they would likely browse quickly thought the pages. This is why incorporating bulleted key points will help them quickly see what you have to offer.
  • Incorporate vivid color, high-quality photographs in your event brochure, as this would boost the aesthetic quality while creating a clear visual representation of what you are offering to your target audience. In photography conferences or seminars, it only makes sense to add the best photographs in the photography conference brochure to entice amateur snappers and camera bugs to join your event.
  • Include images of happy people. Showing your target audience photographs of happy people can lure them to join the event because it entices them that they will be having a good time too.
  • Sell, not tell. A lot of times, your target audience would not bother too much on reading the information of your company or event. They are more interested on how they can benefit from your event. In order to capture their attention, it is important that you focus your attention on how they can take advantage of your event. Let your word tickle their imagination of how they will have fun throughout the duration of the event.
  • Give them a reason to act now. If you do not give your audience a reason why they should attend your event, then all your hard work will be wasted. They will probably see and move on o the next brochure and completely forget about you.

Event Company Brochure Templates

Creative Event Company Brochure



Event Marketing Brochure Template

Digital Marketing Event Brochure



Event Tri-Fold Brochure Templates

Summer Event Tri-Fold Brochure



College Educational Brochure Template



Fundraiser Event Brochure Templates

Church Fundraising Brochure Template



College Fundraising Brochure Template



Music Event Brochure Templates

Music Festival Event Brochure



Jazz Concert Music Event Brochure



Jazz Music Event Brochure



Why Brochures Work so Well

There are two main psychological factors that make brochures work well in marketing and promotion:

  • The image of the product. Le’s admit it. The first thing we see in the brochure is the visual image it display. This is because our brain is quick enough to process the image especially when we get to see pictures of smiling people and colorful photographs. These images help the create a feeling of positivity. That is why a good image is necessary in increase your chances that the reader will get to know more about your event and take action. Aside from this, the image displayed on the brochure helps tell a story. We do not need to read what the brochure is all about. Just seeing the image lets them feel what they will experience if they should attend your event. Whether you’re offering your event organizing services in an event planning brochure or showcasing your portfolio in a photography brochure, you must put the best of the best on your brochure cover design.
  • The physical sensation of your brochure. The physical contact when holding a brochure helps create a positive feeling, especially if it is smooth to touch. This technique is actually proven by a number of studies. While you can just post your event brochures on various social media platforms, nothing still beats holding and feeling the brochure in your hands.

Final Thoughts

Promoting an event is like climbing Mount Everest; you have to endure all the stress that comes with the preparation and organization. But with the help of the right tools, you will soon reach the top and reap the rewards of your hard word. After months of stressful preparation and hard work, is it not a good feeling to witness that all your hard work and efforts has finally paid off?

Just like a climbing tool, your brochure will help you manage the task of climbing the peak of the mountain when used effectively. That is why it is highly important to do your homework before choosing the design and template of your brochure to take its full advantage. Keeping the tips discussed in this article in mind will even help make promoting your event a little less stressful. So make sure to get to know your target audience better, choose a killer brochure design, and organize and share the necessary information.

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