7+ Construction Company Brochures

There are a lot of construction projects available out there that construction companies may tap so they can have a wider market share through time. A construction company can make use of construction company brochures so that they can provide information to their prospective clients about the company’s profile, the construction services that they offer, and what the clients can expect, especially in terms of quality, should they decide to hire the construction company.

We can give you samples of construction company brochure templates if you want to know more information about the content of this type of brochure and the design suggestions that you may apply to the construction company brochure that you will make. Other than that, we also have other downloadable brochure templates usable as marketing tools for different fields of industries and expertise.

Free Construction Brochure Template


Free Construction Company Brochure Template


Construction Company Trifold Brochure




Construction Company Bi-Fold Brochure



Construction Company Corporate Brochure



Construction Company Business Brochure




Construction Company Brochure as a Marketing Tool

If the construction company brochure will be used as a marketing tool, here are a few items that may be included in the document:

  • It can provide a brief background of the company so that people will know how the company started. If the owner of the company is considered to be one of the successful people in the industry, then a few information about him will also make a huge impact about the trust that the customers can give to the business.
  • The operations of the company is very essential to be known by the customers, especially the type of construction projects that the company can be involved in. A list of the construction projects that the company is willing to handle is a great way to inform people about the processes where they will be most helpful.
  • The construction company brochure may also include a few clients of the company and the successful and best projects that the company has already done so that the clients will have an idea of the quality of the output that the construction company can provide.

Aside from our templates of construction company brochures, we can provide you with more samples of construction brochures available for download in the link provided.

Construction Company Marketing Brochure



Building Construction Company Brochure




Sunshine Construction Company Brochure



Construction Company Sales Brochure



Construction Company Brochure for Presenting Product / Service Offerings

If you want to use a construction company brochure to provide information about the products and services being offered by the construction company, here are a few items that you may include in the brochure that you will make:

  • The list of all the services and products that the construction company can offer must be listed in the document.
  • It is very important to include the specifications of the products and / or services including a brief description of each. It can actually be per product or the company may group the products according to their purpose of usage or the services according to the construction phase where they will be implemented.
  • The suppliers of the company may also be cited for better credibility. It can be a per product listing or the company can make use of the logos of their business suppliers and partners all printed at the back or any vacant space of the brochure.
  • The price of the product and/or service offerings of the company must be up to date, and they should be properly placed alongside the correct items where they are implemented.

Other than our construction company brochures, you may also be interested to download and browse through our samples of different company brochures.

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