34+ Free Brochure Templates

Brochures are printed materials which are used to introduce and advertise products, events or services. Even in this digital era, their effectiveness cannot be underestimated. There are many different kinds of brochures viz., bi-fold, tri-fold, multiple bi-folds, gate-folds, roll-folds, double-parallels, and more. Effective Brochure Designs work to persuade the reader to take an action in your favor. Here is a collection of brochures designs created by expert professionals. These come with internal link anchor text.

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Funeral Tri-fold Brochure Template

funeral tri fold brochure template

Business Consulting Bi fold Brochure Template

business consulting bi fold brochure template

Company Profile Bi Fold Brochure Template

company profile bi fold brochure template

Square Business Brochure Template

square business brochure template

Conference Brochure Template

conference brochure template

Free Catholic Funeral Bi-fold Brochure

free catholic funeral bi fold brochureFree Download

A3 Sample Church Brochure

a3 sample church brochureFree Download

Free Automotive Brochure Template

automotive brochure template

Catholic Floral Obituary Brochure Template

catholic floral obituary brochureFree Download

Half Fold Brochure Template

half fold brochure template

A4 Sample Church Brochure

a4 sample church brochureFree Download

Gate Fold Brochure Template

gate fold brochure template

Free A5 Brochure Template

a5 brochure template

Free Graduation Brochure Template

graduation brochure template

Free PSD Brochure Template

free psd brochure template

This tri-fold elegant PSD brochure template is great for modern businesses with services or products. Being easy to read and fold, it is fit for providing comprehensive business information.

Modern Blue Free Brochure Template

modern blue free brochure template

This is an elegant looking editable brochure vector template in blue and white color. It has sections to hold your images, company details, contact info, offers, etc.

Private Place Brochure Template

private place brochure template

The Private Place brochure template is a beautiful bi-fold brochure in shades of green and white. It has been designed for businesses related to construction, apartments, living area, lifestyle, etc.

Free Spa Brochure Template

free spa brochure template

This brochure template has a clean and laid-back tone. It comes with a few color schemes to choose from. Its vertical element holds spaces for an image and a quote.

Free Pet & Animal Shop Brochure

free pets animals shop brochure

Designed for pet sales and service shops, this editable PSD brochure comes in two different styles with violet and yellow color themes. It has a high resolution.

Corporate Bi-Fold Brochure Template

corporate bi fold brochure template

Created by premium graphic designers, this corporate bi-fold brochure is a clean and nice template with a contemporary layout. You can change the images and colors to suit your project.

A4 Free Real Estate Brochure

a4 free real estate brochure

Designed specifically for real estate business, property listings, and home rentals, this brochure template includes spaces for images of a house and its interiors; and small descriptions of the property.

Corporate Tri-Fold Brochure Template

corporate tri fold brochure template

This tri-fold brochure facilitates efficient communication. It is a perfect choice to present services and benefits in a crisp and clean manner. The colors and photos are editable.

Free Multi-purpose Bi-Fold Round Brochure

free multi purpose bi fold round brochure

This is a stylish unique high-quality multipurpose brochure. Its black color theme, high-resolution and round shape state elegance and class; it is sure to hold the reader’s attention.

Superhero Character Trendy Free Brochure

superhero character trendy free brochure

This brochure PSD template has a trendy flat design with a colorful superhero character. Designed for multipurpose usage, it features a tri-fold design, 300 dpi resolution, and CMYK color mode.

Free Kindergarten School Brochure

free kindergarten school brochure

Designed specifically for kindergarten schools, it has textured pink modules, pink and yellow color themes, pink background, and three highlighted sections. This PSD file has a high resolution.


This Ancient Map brochure template is tri-fold; it has a golden brown background, rusty weathered texture, and an image of the earth- all of which impart a historic look to it.

Free Fuel Brochure Template

free fuel brochure template

This elegant brochure design with a black background and white letters has been specifically designed for fuel companies. It has a tri-fold design and is completely editable.

Free Tri-Fold Brochure Design Template

free tri fold brochure design template

This cool and colorful tri-fold brochure has a white background and an image of a dressed up dog. This editable brochure perfectly suits pet related information.

Revolution Brochure Template

revolution brochure template


Free PSD Brochure Template

free psd brochure template

Modern Free Blue Brochure Template

modern blue free brochure template

Free Spa Brochure Template

free spa brochure template

Every business needs a special “something” to enable the public to identify its services and uniqueness. Brochures offer a great way to do this. They draw the attention of people to your business in a healthy and active manner. Our entire Free Brochure collection is free and comes with internal link anchor text. You can choose from it to stay ahead in this competitive business world!