26+ Word Bi Fold Brochure Templates Free Download

Bi fold brochures are extensively used for business promotion. It is an innovative way of advertising the business or product. Bi fold brochures look elegant and very easy to distribute among the people. This is considered as one of the best methods of advertisement and can be executed very cost effectively. In MS word we have sufficient tools to make attractive Bi Fold Brochures. Many MS word templates for bi fold brochures are available on the web. They are free to download and one can make best use of them. These templates look professional and gorgeous.

bi fold brochure template

Bi Fold Business Brochure Template

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Multipurpose Business Bi-fold Brochure

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School Education Bi-fold Brochure Design

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Wedding Bi Fold Brochure Template

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Restaurant Bi Fold Brochure Template

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Bi Fold Abstract Brochure Template in MS Word Format

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Business Consulting Bi fold Brochure Template in Word

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Printable Thunder Architecture Brochure

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Child Care Bi Fold Brochure in Word

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College Bi-Fold Brochure Template

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Rehab Center Brochure Template In word Format

rehab center brochure template in word format

Education Bi Fold Brochure Word Template

education bi fold brochure word template

Website Designer Bi Fold Brochure Template in Word

website designer bi fold brochure template in word

Corporate Bi Fold Brochure Word Template

corporate bi fold brochure word template

Insurance Consulting Bi Fold Brochure Template

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A5 Bi-Fold Corporate Brochure Word File

a5 bi fold corporate brochure word file

Mortgage Broker Bi Fold Brochure Template Word File

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Funeral Bi Fold Brochure Design DOCX Format

funeral brochure design docx format

Word Winery Bi Fold Brochure Template

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Personal Finance Bi Fold Brochure Template Word Format

personal finance bi fold brochure template word format

Word Format High School Brochure Template

word format high school brochure template

Cancer Treatment Bi Fold Word Format Brochure

cancer treatment brochure template

Food Catering Bi Fold Brochure Template in Word Format

food catering brochure template

Health Fair Bi Fold Brochure Template Word File

health fair brochure template

Word Business Training Bi Fold Brochure Template

business training brochure template

Methods to Make Bi Fold Brochure in MS Word

Open MS word doc and select Page Layout. Select either Portrait or Landscape to make a horizontal or vertical brochure respectively. Set the appropriate page size for the brochure. Select “More Columns” from “Columns” and select the number of columns required. The width and spacing of the columns can be customized. From Page setup section select “Breaks” and then “Column” to create a break between the columns. Create more number of breaks based on the required number of columns in the document. Now save the document as a word template. You may also see Printable Bi-Fold Brochure

Effectiveness of Bi Fold Brochure

Whenever the business needs a revamp in its sales, the general and quickly used technique is to publish an attractive brochure. The new look of the brochure will sure to catch the eyes of the customer. These brochures easily reach the customers and they can be circulated among the different sections of people at different areas simultaneously. Since the cost of production of brochure is very less, there will less burden on the financial aspect of the business to prepare them. Brochures can be easily emailed to huge list of prospects at no extra cost. You may also see Word Brochure Templates

How to Prepare an Efficient Bi Fold Brochure

The bi fold brochure consists of front cover, inside section and back cover. By creating a lively front cover it attracts the viewer. In this portion, the company logo should be displayed. Very close to the company logo, it will be appropriate to mention the nature of the business like “The Complete Financial Solution People”. The contact information like telephone number and email address should be positioned at an appropriate place. The inside section should contain the details of selling points with appropriate pictures. The back cover may contain any additional information like addresses of the branches or information about upcoming products.

Making Bi Fold Brochure Template Using MS Word

  • Open Word 2010, select New from Available Templates, and choose “Brochures and booklets”.
  • Select “Brochures” from Available Templates and the required brochure. If the template is not available, then Microsoft word will download the same.
  • The selected brochure will pop up in the word document and it can be formatted by changing the existing pictures with the new one.
  • The existing text is a sample and make sure to change it completely to produce a wonderful bi fold brochure template. The word format is easy to customize the template. Save the template to a word file.

Benefits of Bi Fold Brochure

  • Bi fold brochure is easy to handle, it has vast applications and it is widely used in all events and sales promotions.
  • Since many varieties are possible with brochures, it is possible to create a best brochure by using creativity.
  • Restaurants are using bi fold brochure menu cards and for the event organizers it is a handy to distribute the details of the program to the audience.
  • Varieties of Bi Fold Brochure Templates available which are downloadable. These varieties make the brochures exclusive, colorful and an excellent selling tool.

These bi fold brochures are very popular particularly among the business sections. With many templates are available for free download in the web and one can make a search in the google and select the required bi fold brochure template. In Word one can make the required template for his or her own desire and make use of it.