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What Is a Funeral Bifold Brochure?

A funeral bifold brochure, otherwise known as the memorial service program or funeral program, is a printed handout that is folded twice and is given during funerals. The purpose of the brochure is to give information about the deceased and the details about the funeral service.

How to Make a Funeral Bifold Brochure

funeral bifold brochure template

In the physical world, death is considered as man’s final destination—it is something that no man can escape. It is a blur boundary set in the distance where every living organism is heading to. In the movie, The Gift of Death and Literature in Secret, people should see the truth and embrace death as the twin of life. Before burying the body of a loved one, the family would hold a vigil over the deceased body. A funeral program would be vital especially if the wake would last for a week. Here are a few guidelines that might be helpful in creating a funeral bifold brochure.

1. Pick a Software Program to Use

There are a variety of software programs that you can use in creating your memorial service funeral program such as Microsoft Word, Publisher, Photoshop, etc. If you are confused on what program to use, just choose the program that you are confident and familiar with. Right after opening the program, you can choose a bifold template brochure that you can use in creating your funeral bifold brochure.

2. Gather Necessary Information

The bifold funeral program serves as a tribute to the deceased person, therefore, your modern brochure should include the information of the departed. Make sure to include a cover photo (can be a photo of the deceased), obituary, and photo collages. Also, please do not forget to put the exact schedule and place of the wake and the burial so the guests will be guided.

3. Include the Funeral Service You Offered

This part is not necessary if the one who made the simple brochure is part of the bereaved family. However, if the bifold funeral program is made by the funeral home that catered the funeral services that you offer. Here is the thing: the brochure should be highlighting the deceased, not the funeral business, so do not overdo this part.

4. Make It Original and Unique

Put special designs that reflects the personality of your loved one. Add additional clipart images such as flowers, religious symbols, and frames and borders that can showcase the picture of the deceased. You can also add the favourite quotes or sayings of your loved one. However, adding some personal notes of the deceased will make the bifold funeral booklet into a family memento. There are a lot of ways to make your program brochure unique, just remember to never exaggerate the design.

5. Edit and Proofread

Editing and proofreading would be your final step before printing the brochure. This is your opportunity to make your work as good as it can be. You can run it through a spelling and grammar checker right before you start editing. However, do not assume that the program you used will catch all the flaws of your document. Always re-read the content of your brochure and try to decipher what is lacking and what should be the right data to include. If you’re not yet satisfied, then you can have an editor check the document for you. Just remember that you are asking for criticism, not praise.

6. Print

You would not want to see how the materials you will use in printing would ruin the quality of your memorial brochure, so you better use suitable paper and printer. Many people would use laser printers and glossy papers in printing so the quality of the document would not be ruined. Nevertheless, it is still up to you.

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