3+ Fee Receipt Format Templates – PDF, Word

When you conclude a transaction with someone, you should have something that will provide as proof that it was done. Not only that, it also has to contain details regarding the items exchanged and the amount of money that was given for these items. You may also like blank receipt templates.


Bill Payment

bill payment

Sale Bill Receipt

sale bill receipt

Membership Fee Receipt

membership fee receipt

This particular item is what you would call a business receipt or a regular receipt and a lot of people need to learn what information it contains as well as how to make one. This article is going to focus on teaching you how the basics of creating a receipt, while at the same time allowing you to understand its importance.

Academic Fee Receipt

professional fee receipt

How to Write a Receipt

A receipt is a written acknowledgment of having received a specified amount of money in return for handing over certain goods.  Whether you’re the buyer or a seller in a transaction, you’ll want to have a receipt as you can keep them on record which will allow you to track your expenses.  Aside from just that, the receipt will serve as a sample agreement between you and the seller or buyer.

Those are all important, which is why you need to learn how to create one. So here are the steps you should follow to help you with that:

1. Buy Carbon Copy Receipts to Speed Things Up

If you’re the type who prefers handwriting your own receipts, then it’s better that you invest in carbon copy receipts so that you can write one receipt while having 2 copies available. This makes it less of a hassle on your end and you can supply the buyer with his/her own receipt as well as having your own. You may also like receipt Sample templates.

  • Carbon copy receipts are often also labeled with the necessary information for a sales receipt. It’s also possible that they will have a lined template which will allow you to easily write down all the information in a proper and clear manner. You may also like receipt formats in a word.

2. Write All Written Receipts With Dark Ink

If you’re set in handwriting your own receipts, then you should only use pens which have dark ink. This is to ensure that whatever you’ve written down is legible and so that the ink won’t fade in time. You want the receipt to be a permanent record, so don’t use a pencil or light colored ink.

  • When handwriting your receipts, it’s best that you write in large, clear writing that can easily be read by just about anyone.  If you are using carbon copy receipts, press down as you write so that the ink will seep into the second or third copy of the receipt; thus ensuring that all copies have all the necessary information without the need of having to rewrite anything. You may also like receipt templates in pdf.

3. Use a Printed Company Stamp or Preprinted Blank Receipts With Your Company Name

If you want your receipts to be more official, then you’re going to have to use your company stamps on all of your receipts. You can also get preprinted receipts that contain both the name and logo of your company. This will make it clear to the buyer that the product(s) are coming from your business or company and it will be a very useful reference in the event the receipt needs to be used for future purposes.

4. Include All of the Necessary Information That a Receipt Should Have

Whether you’re handwriting the receipt or creating and making use of a receipt template, you have to remember that it’s not going to be a receipt unless you cover all of the necessary information that it should have. So make sure that your receipt is able to cover the following basic sections:

  • Buyer details
  • Seller details
  • Date in which the transaction took place
  • Details regarding the product or service that was purchased
  • The amount of money paid by the buyer
  • The method in which the buyer paid for the goods
  • Signatures from both the buyer and the seller

The above information is all about when you have to create sales receipts, but what if you have to create a receipt for a tenant. A rent receipt differs from a sales receipt as these don’t just provide both parties with details regarding the transaction, but both the landlord and tenant can use the rent receipt as proof that the rent has been paid. So when you’re creating a rent receipt, be sure that the following information is included:

  • The total amount of rent that was paid by the tenant
  • The date in which the tenant made the payment
  • The tenant’s complete name
  • The landlord’s complete name
  • Complete address of the unit that’s being rented
  • The pay period of the next rent
  • The payment method for the rent (cash, check, etc.)
  • Signatures from both the landlord and the tenant

If you think that you’re going to have trouble in remembering all that, then you can always look up receipts online or utilize pre-made receipt templates that should contain everything you need. You may also see cash receipt templates.

5. Consider Printing a Fee Receipt Template

If you would like to create printed receipts for your business or company, then there are a number of different types of receipts that you can find online. We even have a lot of them available here on our very own site, so you can check them out and see which you would like to use. Once you’re done choosing the template you want, all you have to do next is print them out, stamp them with your company name, and customize them to your personal or company’s tastes as you’re going to be using them every day for daily transactions. You may also see sales receipt templates.

6. The Importance of Receipts

Now that you know how to make them, it’s time that you should know why they’re so important. You’re going to need receipts as they’re what’s going to help you keep track of all your income and expenses. So long as you save your receipts and manage where your money goes, you shouldn’t have any problems in the financial area.

If you’re running a business, it’s very important that you keep hold of receipts as you may need to show proof of your expenses on your taxes. You should always provide a receipt to your customers if you are running a business, and a lot of businesses tend to offer receipts for any purchase made by a customer. You may also see salary receipt templates.

Sometimes it’s fine not to hand over a receipt as it’s possible certain items might cost too little of an amount that it’s hardly worth making a receipt over. However, for those really big purchases, it’s required that customers are provided a receipt as it’s required by law and so that the customer has proof of the purchase which could then be used during future situations. It’s basically just a  precaution in case there are legal issues around the transaction, as both parties can use these receipts as proof in court whenever they have to do so. You may also like donation receipt templates.

7. The Most Common Types or Receipts

In theory, you can come up with a receipt for just about any kind of transaction that you can think of. So whether someone is cutting your hair or painting you a picture, you’ll most likely obtain a receipt for something that was done of you in exchange for money. You may also like word receipt templates.

But there are always those receipts that you’ll come across at least once in your life. So here are the most common examples:

  • Receipt of payment. In order to process a transaction, the seller of an item will draw up a receipt of payment. This type of receipt should contain the amount of money received, the date in which the transaction took place, and the method of payment. So if a customer were to pay you in cash, then there should be a note that says “cash”. If the payment was made via check, then just make sure that the receipt has the word “check” as well as the check number. If it was made through credit card, then place in the type of credit card used (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) and the last four digits of the credit card.
  • Medical receipt. This is a bill of acknowledgment for a medical purchase such as buying medicine, prescriptions, or surgical equipment. This receipt should include the diagnosis code, the date of the visit, the consultation time, and the total amount that has been paid.
  • Sales receipt. This is the type that you encounter just about every single day. If you’ve ever come from shopping or doing groceries, then you’re bound to have received a sales receipt. The receipt will act as proof of purchase and should include the payment amount, the date of the sale, the name and price of the item(s), and the name of the person who processed the transaction.
  • Rent receipt.  It’s a receipt that a landlord creates and hands over to a tenant once the rent has been paid. This will provide information regarding the amount of rent that has been paid, names of both the tenant and landlord, the date on which the rent was paid, and the signatures of both parties. This is really important as having this alone will prove that either the rent has been fully paid or if the tenant still has a remaining balance. You may also like sample rental receipt templates.
  • If you purchase or sell items online, then you should receive or create an e-receipt. E-receipts are digital receipts that contain the same information as a receipt of payment and will serve as proof that a transaction took place via online means.

If you would like to learn more on how you can create receipts or anything related to this particular topic, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that contain the information that you need, and utilize whatever you’re able to find to help you out. You may also see money receipt templates.

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