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Every transaction made between the seller and the buyer, there has to be an issue of official document known as receipt. This is one of the important records intended to keep for both parties involved to ensure easy access of the tracking details purchased item, product or service in cases there is a need to return or exchange.

School Fee Receipt Template in Word



Receipt Format Word

Receipts can be outlined in Microsoft Word for easy use and access. Since there are templates readymade for receipts, this makes the work lesser and time saving. Knowing that receipts are important for both seller and buyer for it serves as a record of details of every transaction done.

Receipt Format Template in Word


Receipt Template in Google Docs, iPages


Receipt Template Word Free Download

Free Receipt Template Download

Sample Receipt Template

Sample Receipt Template in Word


Simple Receipt Template in Pages for Mac


Best Sample Receipt Generators – Find Here

Are you looking to draft receipts and need ideas on the right format? You can go for sample receipt template samples over the web that will help you with ready-made receipt structures that are free to download. You can modify these online receipt templates just the way you wish to.

Donation Receipt Template

Donation receipts are offered to donors on part of the charities. Does your charity need to prepare such receipts for an upcoming fundraising event? Well, in that case, you can go for the online donation receipt template options which come up with a ready made and customization free download receipt structure.

Donation Receipt Template in Word


Donation Receipt Letter Free Download

Non Profit Donation Receipt – Find Here

Rental  Receipt Template

If you run a rental agency say for cars or equipment, you would have to extend a rental receipt to your clients when they pay you the rental charge. If you need help in creating such receipts, you can go for a rental receipt template available online which offers a readymade structure that can be modified easily.

Shop Rent Receipt Template


Tenant Rent Receipt Template


Rent Receipt Template in Google Docs


House Rent Receipt Free Download

Rent Receipt Format Free Download

> Car Sale Receipt Template

If you have a car sale dealership you would need to offer receipts to your customers whenever they pay the agreed buying sum or down payment. In case you need assistance in creating these receipts fast, the best way is to go for pre-designed and customizable car sale receipt template samples online.

Car Sale Receipt Template in Word


Car Bill of sale Free Download

> Cash Receipt Template

Cash receipt is one of the types of receipts we encounter every purchase of items, goods or services to a business dealer or company seller. As the term implies cash means the amount of money given by the customer to the seller in the transaction made between them. Thus, templates for receipts just like cash is useful to have in order to keep track, provides easy access and validate the amount of money received from different clients at the end of the day.

Cash Receipt Template in Google Docs


Cash Receipt Format Download

Cash Receipt Form Free Download

Sales Receipt Template

Sales receipt serves as a proof of purchasing an item or service made by the buyer to the seller. It is an official document that must be carefully recorded. Sales receipt templates is beneficial to make a sales receipt easily and fast. Also these templates are readily available in Microsoft Word or Excel format.

Sales Receipt Template in Word, iPages


Sample Sales Receipt Template in Google Docs


Printable Sales Receipt Template Free Download

Delivery Receipt Template

Shipping of items or products to the address specified by the customer must have a prepared receipt form. This is known as delivery receipt wherein the purpose is to let the receiver of the purchased item delivered sign the receipt as a documentation that the item was brought already to the customer. Since there are samples displayed in the website using a template, it helps the company to make a proper delivery receipt as part of keeping record purposes.

Delivery Receipt Template in Word


Blank Receipt Template

Do you have to create a receipt? It could be for your tenants or your store. To make your work simpler, you can opt for an online blank receipt template that arrives with a readymade receipt structure that you can easily modify as per your needed requirements. You will get such templates for free.

Blank Receipt Template in Google Docs


Blank Receipt For Sale of Vehicle – See Here

Hotel Receipt Template

When you go on a holiday or vacation, you’d obviously look for a hotel stay. Irrespective of your stay’s length you’d like to be given a hotel receipt that contains details and costs of all the services the hotel has meted out to you from the day of your check-in until the check-out. Check out receipt templates which you could use in hotels.

Hotel Receipt Template


Hotel Receipt Template in Pages for Mac


Sample Hotel Receipt Template in Google Docs


Hotel Receipt Format Download

Taxi Receipt Template

A person who travel agency with the use of a transportation vehicle such as taxi needs to receive a receipt form from the driver or owner of the business transportation. On the other hand, the receipt form serves as a transaction document for the owner of the taxi. Receipts for taxi can be found as one of the samples of template in the website, where it is very easy to create a taxi receipt and allows to customize the format and layout.

Taxi Receipt Template in Word


Daycare Receipt Template

A daycare receipt is basically a document which is used by daycare facilities to record the services rendered to each and every customer. An original copy of the receipt is handed over to a customer, while the carbon copy of the same stays with the daycare centre. Having a receipt-system ensures that there is record of every transaction that has taken place. If you reckon you need a receipt template to use in your daycare unit, this is the place ice.

Daycare Receipt Template in iPages


Deposit Receipt Template

Deposit receipt can be seen mostly in financial institutions such as bank, loan firm or even the property owner where they use this kind of receipt after the customer paid the amount which is for deposit transaction. The receipt template for deposit can be very helpful to provide format and layout to create a receipt according to the business type. This receipt will then be given to the client as a proof and assurance that there is a settlement of money made for deposit.

Deposit Receipt Template in Google Docs


Security Deposit Refund Receipt – Find Here

Generic Receipt Template

Generic Receipt Template is used by any business either small or large company owned for the purpose of creating and preparing a well content generic receipt for every deals regarding business projects, works and assignments. It is needed by the company for regular basis and it is considered as universal receipt where all transaction details are stated.

General Receipt Template in Word


Generic Receipt Template Free Download

Restaurant Receipt Template

Restaurant management prepares a receipt after the service given to the customer for availing the restaurant menu list. This implies that the customer purchased a service from the restaurant and received a receipt after paying the total cost. With the help of a receipt template, it makes the workload of the restaurant lessen and creating a well designed receipt that is free of charge.

Restaurant Receipt Template in iPages


Restaurant Bill Receipt Template in Google Docs


Restaurant Receipt Maker – Find Here

> Service Receipt Template

Service Receipt Template is useful for the business owner who offer different service type to the customer or company. After rendering a service chosen by the client or requested by the company, a receipt will be given by the business owner as a proof of business deal.

Sales Service Receipt Template in Word


Service Report Free Download

> Tax Receipt Template

Tax receipt templates provide details of the tax that obliged an individual to pay. These templates are used to create a proper tax receipt where it serves as an important document for an individual. This is to keep track of the recorded tax transaction that has been made every time.

Tax Receipt Template in Google Docs


> Itemized Receipt Template

Do you have to draft itemized receipts from scratch? Well, if you want to make the process more convenient for you, the online itemized receipt template options would be really helpful. You will get a pre-designed and customizable structure here – that will relieve you from creating the entire thing from scratch.

Itemized Receipt Template PDF Download

Itemized Receipt Example – See Here

Itemized Invoice Receipt Template Download Free

What is an Itemized Receipt – Find Here

Free Receipt Template

Free receipt template is one of the forms of template usually seen in the website for easy access and creation of receipts. There are various types of receipts that the company, organization or even individual seller utilized after the buyer settled for purchasing an item or service. The free receipt template means a lot to choose any designs and layouts that we can download for free. We can have a free receipt in Microsoft Word, Excel or in PDF format and customize the samples provided by the template website.

Receipt Template Doc Format Download

Receipt Template Word Free Download

Useful Blank Receipt – Find Here

> Receipt Book Template

A collection of blank receipts are attached in a so called book receipt. This is used for the seller to remove the original copy of receipt to be given to the buyer after purchasing while the duplicate copy will serve as a record keeping of the company business. Utilizing a template for receipt book will provides the seller company to track all transactions and receipts made to different clients.

Receipt Book Format Download

Printable Book Receipt – Find Here

Receipt Template UK

A receipt template in United Kingdom is beneficial to use to present a well bodied receipt form. Any transaction made for purchasing an items, goods or services to other people or business company in United Kingdom will have an official form of receipt. This will only serves as a record keeping of the details purchased or transaction done within the said country.

Free Invoice Template UK Word Download

> Printable Receipt Template

With the help of templates display in the website that are free of charge or with an affordable rate in order to download, we can have a well designed receipt form. This can be customize and ready to be print in Microsoft Word. Receipts are heavy task to make that’s why template is very useful in order to come up with a creation of receipt.

Printable Receipt Template

Free Printable Receipts – See Here

> Invoice Receipt Template

An invoice receipt is used as an official document stating the details of the billing transaction. This is usually prepared by the seller to be given to the buyer once transaction is settled and properly closed. Utilizing an invoice receipt template will help the business to create a receipt efficiently and successfully.

Invoice Receipt Template PDF Format Download

> Rent Receipt Template

The landlord seeks help of rent receipt when he or she has to give receipt copy to the tenant when the rent is received by the former. If there is a new tenant and does not know about the structure of rent then rent receipt template comes into the picture. You can get hold of numerous samples given below.

Rent Receipt Free Word Download

House Rent Receipt Free Download

House Rent Receipt Format – Find Here

> Business Receipt Template

Business receipt is just like any other receipt for every transaction done between the concerned parties involved. In the receipt, the item or service purchased by the buyer to the business company, amount of money and other details proving that there is a settlement made are stated clearly. This serves as an important document for both buyer and seller. Through the use of a template for receipt, the seller can prepare a good format and official form of business receipt by having a basis for reference.

Free Business Tax Receipt Template

> Money Receipt Template

Money receipt template is available in the website to offer samples for receipt involving money. Through this template, the business owner can create a good receipt that will be given to the client after business deal is closed between them. Receipt is an important factor for every business and for the clients as well, keeping a document for business and financial accounts.

Money Receipt Format

Meal Money Receipt – Find Here

> Receipt Form Template

Receipt form template provides different types of receipt and format according to the requirements and preferences of the business owner that has something to do with the type of business that they have. Using a template for receipt, the owner can easily prepare and create a good receipt that will serve as an official document between the business and the client.

Receipt Form PDF Download

Cash Receipt Form Free Download

> Electronic Receipt Template

An electronic receipt is just one form of preparing a receipt for a product or service purchased by the buyer directly to the seller or business company. Aside that it is a kind of innovation than manual making of receipt, it provides fast and accurate details of transaction. Templates for electronic receipt are accessible to use and allows modification based on the needs.

Electronic Receipt Template

Excel Receipt Template

Creation of receipt template can be done in Microsoft Excel. This is a great tool for making a receipt form easily and manageable. Excel receipt template allows the business owner or company to create an accurate receipt utilizing the tools and formula seen in the said Microsoft office.

Receipt Template Excel Format Download

Receipt Format in Excel – Find Here

> Email Receipt Template

An email receipt template provides the proper and ideal format for email receipt that serves as an email reply after receiving several email notification. This is considered as a transaction between the receiver and the sender. Not all is blessed with a full time internet access for creating an email message receipt, that’s why template for email receipt is the best thing  and accessible to have.

Receipt Template Sample

Receipt template sample offers different types of receipts as a sample based from the needs, requirements and preferences of the business owner or business company. This will provide proper and well organized receipt form to the customer after transaction is done. Receipt template sample will be the basis or a reference to guided to construct a receipt for every business deals.

Sample Receipt PDF Downlaod

Sample Receipt Form Download

> Receipt Template Example

Receipt Template Example shows different examples of receipts that will be based from the preferences and needs of a business owner or business company. It provides also  different layouts, designs and essential details to include in creating a receipt type. This helps the owners or business companies to manage their time wisely and prepare a well content receipt for their customers.

Example Receipt Template Download

Example of a Receipt – Find Here

Receipt Template Format

Receipt template format is readily available in the website to display various formats of receipts that anyone can make use of it especially  the business owners and business companies. This is advantage to be utilize for it saves time and affordable on the part of the seller who will prepare for a receipt for every business transaction made with the buyer.

Sample Receipt Format Download

Cash Receipt Format – Find Here

> Dental Receipt Template

If you’re a dentist and you’re looking for top quality dental receipt samples that are used by other dentistry outlets, and would like to use them at your own facility, well, we have got a lineup of dental receipt templates which are easy to download, edit and print ready!

Dental Receipt Sample

Dental Invoice Template – Find Here

> Plumbing Receipt Template

After the completion of plumbing services at their store or your home or office, plumbing firms or plumbers will hand out a receipt of the all the services provided and their respective costs. If you’re a plumbing company or an independent plumber, you can download and take advantage of our readymade plumbing receipt templates

Plumbing Receipt PDF Template

Plumbing Invoice – See Here

> Constructor Receipt Template

If the customer is requesting for a constructor either a carpenter, mason or related to this kind of work for certain project or task, and properly discussed the agreement and conditions between the customer and the constructor, then there must be a  prepared receipt for this type of service. The receipt for constructor service with the use of template serves as an official document that there will be a construction to be made and the mode of payment has been settled

Constructor Receipt

> More Free Templates Download

Tax Donation Receipt Template

Template Receipt

Blank Receipt Template Microsoft Word

Credit Card Receipt Template

Hand Receipt Template

E Receipt Template

Printable Cash Receipt Template Free

Rental Payment Receipt Template

Templates found in the website offer different formats, layouts and designs of receipts that anyone can download for free or at affordable price.

Hostel Security Refund Receipt

Till Receipt Analysis

Online Payment Receipt

Sample Current Own Contribution Tax Receipt

Form of Receipt of Loan

Maintenance and Repair Business Tax Receipt

POS Receipt

Coaching Fee Receipt

Society Donation Receipt

Request for Tuition Receipt Template

Sample Gym Receipt

Stationary Receipt Free Download

Bus Registration Receipt Application

Shop Donation Receipt

Computer Receipt

College Purchasing Card Missing Receipt

Lost Receipt Form

Original Receipt Template

Printable Transport Receipt

Custom Feeding Receipt and Waiver

Study Product Receipt Example Template

Pay Bill Receipt

Employee Receipt for Company Property

Post Office Receipt Letter

Standard Check Receipt Mail Log

Model Form of Receipt for an Individual Donation

Cheque and Receipt Order Form

Acknowledgement of Receipt Legal Applicant

Contractor Receipt for Final Payment

Sponsorship Receipt Form

How to Design a Receipt Template?

A receipt comes in handy as a dark proof of a sale being made and the money being received by the seller. Thus every business from grocery store to supermarket and mobile recharge bill shop needs a receipt. Even a weighbridge slip is quite similar to the receipts issued in shops. No wonder then that sample receipt templates like Fundraiser Receipt Templates  are so popular these days.

These comprise of the perfect format along with the required sections that should be included in a receipt. The user can download these and make changes to these as per his requirement. However, if a person wants to design a receipt without any help, he can do so using the Table feature in MS Word or MS Excel. What’s more, these comprise of receipt templates that can be customized by the user.


Irrespective of what kind of a receipt you are designing, you can surely get some help in designing the layout by taking a look at the Repair Receipt Templates and other such templates that are available online. However, when it comes to the design, a few tips of the side can surely be of some help. Give below are a few tips.

  • Make sure that irrespective of what the size of the receipt the available space is utilized in the best possible manner.
  • The information that you intend to provide on the receipt should be grouped in a proper manner.
  • Though it is a good idea to add a watermark to the receipt, make sure that you don’t overdo it.
  • Ensure that all the text is legible.
  • Important information should be put in bold such that the recipient does not miss out on it.

Not sure how to design a receipt for your business or store? Don’t worry. We have a wide range of sample receipt templates like Photography Receipt Templates. With a huge collection to choose from, finding the one that would be perfect for your business is easy. These templates have been designed by experts and thus help you come up with the most professional looking receipt document. Easy to download and personalize, designing a unique receipt for your business would seem like child’s play.

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