How to Write a Letter of Suspension

Whenever a person in management receives an employee complaint formal letter, it is up to that person to look into the problem. If the problem is because of a coworker who has been engaging in office misconduct, then the matter will have to be investigated as soon as possible.

If the person is found to be guilty of the claim, then management will have to think about the disciplinary action that needs to be meted out. If the offense goes beyond both a verbal and written warning, then those in management can create and send a letter of suspension to the offender. This article will teach you how you will write such a letter.

 Letter of Suspension Template


What should be in a letter of suspension?

If you are going to write this type of letter, then it will need to have the following components:

  • The date when the simple letter was written
  • The complete name of the employee who will be suspended
  • The employee’s address
  • The number of days the employee will be suspended
  • A general statement that the employee will not be paid for the duration of the suspension
  • The date when the suspension will start
  • The reason why the employee is being suspended
  • Your complete name
  • Your job title
  • Your signature

If the investigation report is still pending, but the employee is still going to be suspended, then you have to state that in the suspension letter, too.

Reasons for suspending an employee

You just cannot suspend an employee for a minor reason. There are some cases wherein it is appropriate to suspend an employee while an investigation is still being carried out. This is especially true if the allegations are very serious. Some examples are:

  • If the actions of the suspended employee threatens the company or other employees. This is something that has to be seriously looked into. Let us say that the employee may have shared important company information with third parties. One must definitely look into the matter to make sure that the employee has not broken a non-disclosure agreement. You may also see employee termination letter
  • If it is impossible to investigate the allegations against the employee if he remains at work. The reason why the employee has to be suspended while the investigation is still ongoing is because there might be a chance that the employee can tamper with any findings, hide crucial evidence , or even convince witnesses and their statement to alter pieces of information that could very well influence the direction of the investigation.

Reasons not to Suspend an Employee

If you suspend an employee without following the proper procedure, then there are definitely going to be serious consequences on your end. So, avoid suspending an employee:

  • If the employer has failed to consider all of the other options aside from suspension. One must look into all the factors and determine whether suspension really is the best course of disciplinary action to take. You may also see employee warning letter
  • If the reason for suspension is just for personal or vindictive reasons. This is something that should always be avoided as suspending an employee for spiteful reasons is just something that will make the employer look bad and it can result in horrible consequences. You may also see employee verification letter

If you would like to learn more about when you should suspend an employee, when you should submit a suspension simple letter, or anything that is related to the article, then all you have to do is go through the articles on our site until you find the one that can give you the information that you need.

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