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From time to time, you may find yourself having to send warning letters to your subordinates in case of any instances of misconduct. In such cases, you may need tools like behavior warning letter templates in order to help you through the process of writing the letters themselves. After all, even in specific cases of misconduct, it pays to have a basic template to help you take some shortcuts while writing.

Of course, there are some intricacies involved in the process of writing such behavior warning letters. There are a number common reasons for writing an employee warning letter that you ought to keep in mind so that you can write your own letters properly. Another thing to remember is that you need not limit yourself to employee warning letters as you can make use of such letters in other settings than the workplace, such as in the case of students and tenants.

Free Behavior Warning Letter

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Free Warning Letter for Bad Behavior

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Free Warning Letter For Rude Behavior

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Warning Letter for Bad Behavior At Work

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Warning Letter To Employee For Unacceptable Behavior

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Staff Warning Letter Templates

Official Staff Warning Letter Template

official staff warning letter template 11 788x1019


Staff Behavior Warning Letter Template

staff warning letter format 11 788x1019


Employee Follow-up Behavior Warning Letter Template



Sample Behavior Warning Letters

Sample Misconduct Warning Letter

sample warning letter for poor work performance in the company 11 788x1019


Free Behavior Warning Letter Template

letter of first and second warning template free download 31 788x1114


Unacceptable Behavior Warning Letter Template

unacceptable behavior warning letter template 11 788x1019


Disrespectful Behavior Warning Letter Template

disrespectful behavior warning letter template 11 788x1019


Disciplinary Warning Letter Template for Bad Behavior

disciplinary warning letter 11 788x1019


To Whom Can You Send Behavior Warning Letters

You can tell that there are a great many things to keep in mind in order to understand everything you need to know about warning letters. One of these is knowing which people you might have to send such letters to. This is important as you would occasionally need to know exactly whom the recipients of your letters are in order to write the letter properly, especially in the case of first warning letter templates. In any case, some of those possible recipients include the following:


Employees are probably the most likely recipients of these kind of warning letters. After all, there are dedicated HR warning letter templates that can be used by managers to address employees and any infractions they might commit in the workplace. It is particularly important that you have letters specifically meant for employees as you would need these in order to maintain morale and discipline in the office. After all, one of your duties would be to make sure that employees conduct themselves maturely and professionally, which would be one concern of these letters. Therefore, it is vital that you catch any potential issues relatively early on so as to mitigate any negative effects on your workplace any misconduct might cause.


You may also have noticed the availability of behavior warning letters specifically targeted at students. This is unsurprising as it would occasionally be necessary to have to catch any potential behavioral issues on students’ parts. As a teacher, part of your profession involves personal development of your charges, hence the need to bring any misconduct to the attention of students. Aside from any need to punish students, you also have a duty to warn them of their behavior in order to help guide and develop them for the future, which is why you would need tools like first warning letters so as to catch students’ behavior early on.


There are also some more specific recipients of official warning letter templates which do not fit into most assumptions of who can receive these letters. One of those is tenants, specifically tenants of a rented property. After all, if you are a landlord, then you would have certain terms listed in your agreements with your tenants and if tenants’ behavior should violate those terms, then you really should bring that to their attention. In this case, you could always send behavior warning letters in order to warn your tenants of any misconduct they might have caused. After all, any such infractions could lower the value of your property, most notably in the case of property damage.

Business Partners

If necessary, there are also professional warning letters specifically intended to be sent to other parties you may be in a professional relationship with, specifically business partners. After all, if business partners ever commit actions that violate any terms of your agreement then it would only be fair for you to send them a letter to warn them against committing such acts in the future. After all, in order to make sure that both parties are working toward the same goal, you may have to remind your business partners against actions that might damage your relationship or credibility.

Student Behavior Warning Letters

Student Conduct Warning Letter Template

student conduct warning letter 12 788x1019


Academic Behavior Warning Letter

academic warning letter 11 788x1019


Necessary Components of Behavior Warning Letters

As you may have gathered from the example of some sample warning letters, there are certain elements that definitely need to be present so that they can perform their warning letter functions properly. This is arguably a vital part of knowing how to write behavior warning letters as it allows you to find out exactly what you need to put in for the letters to do their jobs well. In the case of behavior warning letters, these elements include the following:


This is the most basic part of any kind of warning letter such as staff warning letters. This simply consists of the notification that the letter is warning the recipient that some aspect of their behavior is unacceptable in some manner. This component is vital to a behavior warning letter precisely because the letter’s primary purpose is to notify the recipient of some kind of misconduct and bring it to their attention. The letter needs to start with this so as to be able to give the recipient a place to start concerning how to improve the behavior in question.

History of Behavior

Another vital part of any kind of warning letter in general is presenting a history of the recipient’s misconduct. This allows all parties involved in the issue to have the same idea of how the problem has progressed so as to put everyone on the same footing. This also helps establish that there is some kind of consistent pattern of behavior, if any, and that there is some kind of consistency in how the recipient has behaved, which would make it easier to address the problem. Furthermore, this also makes it possible to list specific instances to make it easier to record them for later use, if necessary.

Record of Previous Disciplinary Actions

If previous actions have been taken to address the problem in the past, it is also necessary to list them. This can help serve as a reminder to the recipient of what they have been told concerning how to rectify the problem, which can go some way to putting it to rest for good. If the worst should come, this record can also establish that you did take some steps to address the issue without resorting to terminating any agreements with the offending party right away. This could be an issue in case of any wrongful termination lawsuits, so this part of your letters can serve to protect you from that occurrence.

Warnings for Future Misconduct

All warning letter example templates also include a section for warning recipients of the consequences of future misconduct. This is a necessity for the sake of providing fair warning, so that employees and others in subordinate positions cannot say that they were not warned of what would happen if such behavior continued. At the least, these warnings can also serve to keep your subordinates on the straight and narrow by reminding them of those consequences. You can make the argument that scaring your subordinates can also work in situations like these. Realistically, it is only right that subordinates have this warning so as to give a firm push toward improving their behavior.

Opportunity to Appeal

Most employee warning letter templates and similar behavior warning letter templates also give their recipients a chance to appeal any charges laid against them earlier in the letter. This is another measure in place to ensure fairness for the recipients of such letters. After all, there may have been misunderstandings, or extenuating circumstances may be present to explain such behavior. You should definitely make it possible for your subordinates to inform you of such things in order for both parties to come to an understanding. This is especially relevant in the case of student behavior warning letters, as this information may be vital to helping educators better understand their charges.

Contact Information

In order to facilitate the use of tools like business warning letter templates, it may be wise for you to include your contact information. This may also be the case with student-oriented behavior warning letters as it may be necessary for superiors to meet with offenders in order to understand their side of the issue. If necessary, you may even go the extra mile and meet outside official hours in order to facilitate an understanding. This is not entirely necessary, but it could help establish a better rapport with subordinates so as to come to a better resolution of the issues at hand.


You may also want to make your behavior warning letters more official by the inclusion of signatures. This may be a necessary piece of such letters as company warning letters, if only to ensure that everyone involved in an issue clearly understands what is going on. This may even be a necessity, as some of these letters require that both parties sign these in order to confirm what is listed in the letters. In any case, this can serve to really make the letters official and binding, particularly if some kind of agreement is demanded of the parties involved.

With these insights, you should hopefully have a more complete and comprehensive idea of how best to use behavior warning letters yourself in the future.

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