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10+ Disaster Recovery Plan Examples

It’s a common saying that disasters are natural and mistakes are man-made. However, having a proper disaster recovery plan reduces the impact of these disasters. It also prevents such catastrophes from reoccurring over a period. Mentioned are a few disaster recovery plan templates that you can use to make the best plan to get over the disaster that struck your business. They specify procedures that the system has to follow in the event of a disaster. All of them are print-ready, that way they are the best of both worlds.

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Disaster Recovery Plan Template

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There are unforeseeable circumstances that might shake your organization and test your preparedness. Know what to do before, during, and after a disaster with the help of this disaster recovery plan that is mentioned above. Since you can’t foresee when these unfortunate events will occur, all you can do is to make a doable and effective recovery plan for your business to continue operating or to quickly recover and provide services to your clients. Another added advantage of this template is that it is not just limited to the computer, but you can also download it on any electronic device with ease.

Business Disaster Recovery Plan Example

The Business disaster recovery plan examples prepare you for the unforeseen risks that are likely to happen in your business and help you re-establish the connections to meet immediate business needs. This kind of plan can be of great help to you as you do not have to make one from scratch up.

Network Disaster Recovery Plan Example

How are you going to handle your “lost” network connection? Don’t leave it to the vagaries of fate or fortune. This network disaster recovery plan example helps you recover your “dropped” connection in least time possible. All you would have to do is download the template, edit and customize it to sui your needs and requirements perfectly. Download it now!

Data Disaster Recovery Plan Example

What are your plans for Recovering the data in the event of a Server collapse? This Data Disaster Recovery Plan Example helps you forestall the possibilities of data getting scattered all the way.

Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan Example

Information Technology processes the information rightly and rapidly. This Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan Example helps you reduce the aftermath of a crash in the IT system and prevents it from happening again.

Create a Disaster Recovery Plan in 5 Steps:

Step 1: Identify Critical Assets

Firstly, note that assets here does not just mean one particular kind, but they can be any like buildings, documents, equipment, data, employees, etc. Check strategic plans for more. It is very important that you make sure they are critical and that you cannot do without them even for a short span of time. It is also very important that you mention the budget, in case you have any losses during the disaster. This way, you would know what to do and how you can make things work accordingly.

Step 2: List Possible Disasters

Make a list of all the possible disasters you can think of, let them be natural or man-made. This way, you know what you would have to do to get over the disaster and in the best effective way. Mention the kind of disaster and what are the steps for recovery you will use to get back up. The result of this most likely depends on your location.

Step 3: Assess Risks

The next thing for you to do would be to assess the risks you might go through when planning and also when the disaster occurs. It is very important that you be aware of all the possible risks that you might face like data loss, etc. Create a chart where you can have a record of all these impacts and risks, rank them in priority and make a plan accordingly.

Step 4: Action Plan

Now is the time for you to make the plan. Add all the necessary details on the plan that you might think will affect your organization. Add all the external and internal factors, so that you know what you have to do. Mention all your vital applications, equipment, data, etc. in the plan and how losing them would affect you. Make a communication plan that talks to the others about what they have to do in case there is an emergency of any sort.

Step 5: Test your Plan and Modify

Test your plan once you make it. This way, you will know better whether or not you need to make any changes. Search for an alternate location, form a team for disaster recovery, follow emergency response recovery, etc. to start a few. Once you are done testing the action plan, make sure that you make the necessary changes wherever needed. These modifications will help in making the right plan and this will get you out of any kind of emergency. Implement new solutions and also, design your plan accordingly and make changes.

Application Disaster Recovery Plan Example

Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan Example

Building a Data Center costs an arm and a leg. This Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan Example enables you with the first steps that gauge your data center from power loss, system failure, and other human errors.

Database Disaster Recovery Plan Example

This Database Disaster Recovery Plan Example works as a quick guide for Database Administrators. It reads through the survival techniques when unprecedented tragedies such as lack of backup power and virus attacks occur.

Flood Disaster Recovery Plan Example

This Flood Disaster Recovery Plan Example suggests the immediate action that needs to be taken to mitigate the aftermath of devastating floods. This action includes rebuilding the broken supply chain management, improving access, etc.

Financial Disaster Recovery Plan Example

The Stock Market’s severe falls in the recent past drove many businesses into oblivion and Banking Panic added insult to their injuries. This Financial Disaster Recovery Plan Example protects you from the after effects of a financial crisis caused by market fluctuations and guarantees you financial recovery.

Vmware Disaster Recovery Plan Example

This Vmware Disaster Recovery Plan Example helps you with some promising and non-disruptive recovery measurements with failover and failback that avoid any further collateral damage. Go live again without any inhibition!

Why have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

According to Wikipedia, Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) are documented processes or set of procedures that talk about after action. They are intended to recover and protect the system and infrastructure when something undesirable arises. These priority statements even avert the situation from becoming hopeless and haphazard and keep the unpredictabilities at bay.

Whether it is real estate decline or stock fluctuations, Disaster Recovery Plans are actual the torchbearers. The Disaster Recovery Plan Examples in this section give step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. They can be easily blended both on desktops and smartphones.

It is very important that you form a team so that you have enough help in making the plan work in the perfect way. Designate roles and responsibilities to the employees, train them to respond perfectly. You can use any of the templates that are available online or in this article so that you can make the most effective plan needed for your organization, no matter in which industry you work for.

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