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Plan Templates

The need for having a well researched plan cannot be overlooked in today’s fast and competitive world. By making effective use of action plan template, a company can ensure its success in every sphere. Moreover, a strategic plan template can also avoid wastage of time, funds and resources. Some other plan templates which can be of great use include:.... Read More

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7+ Financial Plan Templates

Financial planning is really important, be it for personal or for business use. We must be responsible in handling our money. A personal and business financial plan aims to guide you on how to achieve your financial goals, how you should manage your financial activities, and how to build your money the way you want it. Have you tried making your own financial plan? Here are some helpful steps for you to start one.

9+ Training Plan Templates

In business, whether the size of the company you are running is big or small, you should always remember that learning is an ongoing process. This applies to any kind of business. Whether you are newly employed or years-long employee of your company, you would always encounter training. Training is a great opportunity for employees to expand their knowledge of their responsibilities in the company.

5+ Shooting Schedule Template

Lights, Camera, Action! Looking back to our youth, or even still up today. Film becomes a platform for us to venture into a new reality. We are being drawn to the rolling motion picture and also captivated by the different series of engaging stories, that the film wants to deliver. Ever since it’s beginning, human obsession for film already becomes a breakthrough to our history. Here’s the catch, yes we do love film, but for sure most of us don’t know how film works behind the scene.

11+ School Counselor Lesson Plan Templates in PDF | Word

Empowering the youth to become the best can be such a fulfilling task to accomplish. But, school counselors proved that inspiring them has been their forte ever since. Students lead different lives, and each one goes through various experiences that either bring positive or negative impacts on their overall wellness. In fact, the National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that 1 in 6 youth aged 6 to 17 years old experience a mental health disorder yearly in the United States. Counseling is part of every household as parents and family members practice it; however, extending the practice to schools is a great help to assist children in coping up with their emotions. You can also see more on School Lesson Plans.

9+ Interdisciplinary Lesson Plan Templates in PDF | MS Word

An interdisciplinary lesson plan is a plan that is developed when subjects of different disciplines are combined. These are the lesson standards that are formulated to organizes different subjects into one lesson. This type of lesson plan is mostly formulated by students who are studying different subjects or the teachers who teach different subjects.