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9+ Celtic Alphabet Letters

The Celts started out as people in the Iron Age living in Europe in the seventh to eighth century. Although their definite history and culture is uncertain, there are many known facts about them. The Celts’ first recorded name was pronounced as Keltoi, first used by a Greek geographer in 517 BC named Hecataeus of Miletus as an ethnic group. Celt is a modern English word by Edward Lhuyd’s writing along with other seventeenth-century scholars. They had brought a lot of academic attention toward these group in their culture, history, and language.

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The word Celtic means that it is in the style of the Celts. There are a lot of archaeological excavations found that are said to be Celtic designed and culture. They have unique designs in their culture. One popular known design is the Celtic knotwork—a design with intertwined pattern of never-ending lines. It symbolizes the Celts’ idea of eternal life and the relationship of humanity and the divine world.

The Celtic knotwork is a rather beautiful pattern that can be incorporated in many things. And in this article we provide you with a multitude of Celtic font styles you could choose from for your personal or business endeavors.

If you are looking for more traditional Alphabet Letters, check out our website of a large selection of different font styles.

Ancient Celtic Alphabets

Vector Ancient Celtic Alphabet

Celtic Alphabet Letter Illustration

Celtic Alphabet Letter Pattern


Celtic Beauty

Bright and colorful designs were added to these Celtic fonts which makes them attractive and probably a head turner. Most of these letters are decorated with spirals to conform with the Celtic belief of the spiral symbolizing the continuity of life. The ceaseless flow of the nature across heaven and earth are connected. It represents that when there is death, there is also rebirth.

There is such a thing as a Celtic art therapy, a visual-tactile isolation. This therapy quickly moves the brain into a state of mindfulness as this is related to the concept that involves tracing a Ravensdaughter design with the dominant hand then the nondominant hand. This therapy is used to manage unsettled minds and is highly effective in autism and anger management.

For use of art therapy or not, with a little bit of elegant European style, these fonts decorated with this specific Celtic design would be of good use in these other aspects:

  1. Banner art. These large and colorful fonts would scream out anything that the message is trying to say.
  2. Posters. Make announcements bolder with this font style.
  3. Invitation cards. For a themed birthday party or just a simple one, these can definitely add beauty to your cards
  4. Magazine headlines. The best letters to use when doing a headline are eye-catching font styles.

You can also check out some alphabet stencils that you can use from our website if Celtic fonts aren’t what you are looking for.

Elegant Celtic Alphabet Letter

Creative Celtic Alphabet Letter

Retro Celtic Alphabet Letter

Culture Celtic Alphabet Letter

Antique Celtic Alphabet Letter


There are many Celtic font styles around the Internet. And we have scoured its entirety to collate for you this huge collection of Celtic font styles that are suit well with whatever endeavor you have. Here’s why you should download from our website:

  • They are unique. Using unique and creative looking styles can add beauty to your projects.
  • Value for money. Though most of our designs and font styles are free, some require you to pay a minimal royalty fee since some were designed by talented and professional graphic artists, which licenses you to modify the font styles and distribute them however you want.
  • They are accessible. You could download more font styles everytime you log into our website.
  • They are efficient. Since these are font styles, installing this to your word processor means you could reuse one repeatedly.

We strive to make your life simpler, and we want you to save money. You are filled with creative ideas and we want to be part of how you made these ideas come to life. With these font styles, you can do so much more.

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