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8+ Script Alphabet Letters

When you use a word processor of some sort, you would also have noticed the selection of font styles available that you can use. There are reasons why you might want to have more than one choice of what font to use, whether for aesthetic reasons or because your writing requires that you use a specific font.

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So if you wanted to use a more unconventional font than what most word processors offer, these templates could help you on that front. These particular templates might be able to help you spice up your documents by giving you Cool Alphabet Letters to work with that might make your writing look more interesting.

Fancy Script Alphabet Letters

English Script Alphabet Letters

Tattoo Script Alphabet Letters

Graffiti Script Alphabet Letters

Free Printable Script Alphabet Letters


Why You Would Want These Fonts

With most of these particular fonts, what is available for use are Alphabet Upper Case Letters, which you may be able to find a use for. Being that there are many fonts available, you should also consider one that is easy on the eyes so that your work is easier to read by your intended audience. There are several reasons why you may want to use different fonts than what are available. Allow us to convince you:

  • Aesthetics. You might want to get your hands on a different font for the sake of how the font looks. These fonts may not be appear to be the most professional, but if you only wanted fonts to write with for fun, then it is more than possible to use these fonts for yourself.
  • Ease of reading. Some fonts tend to be easier to read than others depending on what medium you read it on. Printed materials tend to have different requirements than electronic ones so that you may need different fonts depending on where you plan to keep your writings.
  • Impression. Different types of fonts have different connotations so that each font conveys a different kind of impression based on which one you choose. Having more fonts to choose from gives you more options with your writing so that you should have an easier time finding an appropriate font.

Bubble Script Alphabet Letters

Cursive Script Alphabet Letters

Wooden Script Alphabet Letters

Decorative Script Alphabet Letters

Types of Font to Look Out For

Being that there are so many fonts, it is no surprise that there are several classifications of fonts. This includes serif and sans serif that many people might be familiar with. There are also some other classifications, such as simulation fonts that can mimic letters in foreign languages, so they can look much like Greek Alphabet Letters, for example. Some of these types we offer include the following:

  • Serif. These fonts have serifs, which can be described as “feet” at the end of each letter. Serif fonts are considered more “traditional,” as they emulate old fonts written by typewriters. These fonts are generally easier to read on print.
  • Sans Serif. As the name implies, sans serif lack serifs and look more simple. These are the fonts you are likely to find on electronic devices, as writing is easier to read there without serifs.
  • Script. Some fonts can even emulate cursive writing. You can use these if you want your writing to have a touch of elegance.

It is always a good idea to have a large selection of fonts to choose from so that you can have a font for any occasion. This should make using these font templates enticing, as you no have more options available to you.

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