12+ Beautiful Heart Box Templates & Mockups

Nothing conveys the feelings of love and warmth more obviously than a gift wrapped in a heart-shaped box. Well, making a heart-shaped box was a time-consuming task once upon a time, not now. Thanks to wonderful heart box templates, you can now focus on filling the box, rather than fretting over the correctness of its shape. These heart box template are perfectly shaped and designed. Use them for any occasion, they’d always make a good impression!

heart box templates.

Heart Shaped Box

heart shaped box

How To Make a Heart Box

how to make a heart box

Heart Gift Box

heart gift box

Sample Heart Shaped Gift Box

sample heart shaped gift box

Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates

heart shaped box of chocolates

Free Heart Box Template Printable

heart box template printable

Love Heart Box Template

love heart box template

Heart Shaped Gift Box Free Download

heart shaped gift box example

Heart Shaped Boxes

heart shaped boxes

Velvet Heart Shaped Gift Box

velvet heart shaped gift box

Heart Shaped Jewelry Gift Boxes

heart shaped jewelry gift boxes

Large Heart Shaped Boxes

large heart shaped boxes

Download the free or premium version and customize it according to your requirements. However large or small your gift is, these templates are scalable. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!