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15+ Amazing Cake box templates

Whether it is your friend’s birthday or your parents’ anniversary, it remains incomplete without a visually appealing and scrumptious cake. Cakes are an important part of all celebrations. And they make for an amazing gift item too. However, when you use them as a gift, you must make sure they are packed in attractive boxes or they will lose their charm. You can also see Gift Box Templates.

Cake Box

cake box

The USP of this Cake Box is that it is shaped like a pie. So, for occasions when you don’t need a full cake, you can make use of this box.

Pink Cake Box

pink cake box

This Pink Cake Box dazzles in a lovely pink colour. The template shows a square box, suitable for square shaped cakes. Nevertheless, you can use it to store round cakes too.

Cardboard Cake Boxes

cardboard cake boxes

With a beautiful floral design, these Cardboard Cake Boxes make for a pleasant sight. The choice of colours is great and the closure is secure.

Individual Cake Boxes

individual cake boxes

The USP of Individual Cake Boxes is the subtle colour combination which can is visible in the template. With a black base and peach lid, they look out-of-the-world.

Cup Cake Boxes

cup cake boxes

Cup Cake Boxes, as the name suggests, are meant for holding cup cakes. The box in this template comes with its front printed with a picture of cup cakes.

Small Cake Boxes

small cake boxes

If you are looking for a box that could fit your small cake snugly, you can try these Small Cake Boxes. These boxes are small in size and look adorable.

Free Cake Box Templates

free cake box templates

The boxes showcased in the free cake box templates are uniquely designed. They resemble the shape of a cake and look bright in peach and red.

Valantine Cake Box

valantine cake box

Gift your loved one a beautiful cake on this Valentine’s Day. For the box, you can take reference from a Valantine Cake Box template. These boxes have been designed to suit the occasion.

Large Cake Boxes

large cake boxes

So, the cake you have made looks huge. Don’t waste time wondering where to get an appropriate box for it. Just create one using this Large Cake Boxes template.

Printable Cake Box Templates

printable cake box templates

The best thing about Printable Cake Box Templates is that they are ready-to-use. All you need is to download them, print them out and use.

Wedding Cake Boxes

wedding cake boxes

These Wedding Cake Boxes look appealing in red. And the USP definitely is the design. Gift a cake wrapped in one of these on someone’s wedding to add some zing.

Cake Boards and Boxes

cake boards and boxes

The Cake Boards and Boxes shown in this template are simple yet exotic looking. The boxes are plain brown, suitable for holding small to medium sized cakes.

White Cake Boxes

white cake boxes

Although, coloured boxes are in demand, there is something special about White Cake Boxes. They steal all the limelight by virtue of their simplicity and sombreness.

Square Cake Box Template

square cake box template

Create a simple cake box for your valentine with this Square Cake Box Template. With a pink heart in front, the box looks absolutely amazing.

Download the free or premium version, print them, cut them to size and fold them to make a box. Accompany a cake box with a heart-warming invitation made from gorgeous wedding shower PSD invitation templates. Everybody loves a good cake. Regardless of the occasion, if it’s a happy one, there has to be a cake for it. Whenever a cake gets delivered to you, the cake box heightens your curiosity. A cake box need not e just a plain-looking cake cover. There are creative cake box designs which you can employ to design a specialized cake box. We have hand-picked a few of the latest and special templates which you could personalize and use!


All Cake-Box-Templates are readily available over the internet. Just look for an authentic source to make the download. If you always remain worried about the quality of print then these templates will let you heave a sigh of relief as they offer incredibly good print quality. Try them and feel the difference! If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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