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18+ Awesome Pillow Box Templates & Mockups

From headphones to chocolates to crafts and more, you can pack your products in pillow boxes. Our collection provides countless options in pillow box templates to make these fun boxes. You can download the free or premium version and make boxes in a variety of sizes. Make a long-lasting impression on your customers by packing products in these boxes for retail. These eye-catchy boxes are bound to make your product stand out from the crowd.

How to Make a Pillow Box

Making a pillow box is just easy. You just have to find a good paper that can be strong enough to carry small gifts and other similar stuff. Here are some steps in making a pillow box: Find paper that you can use. It’s better to use a card-type piece of paper. It is stronger than the usual paper you use. A good piece of paper will make a great paper box. Fold a 2-inch rectangle on the other side of the paper. This will close the pillow box once it’s glued. Fold the paper in half, excluding the 2-inch rectangle flap. This part will serve as the other wall of the pillow box. Use the edge of the compact disk to draw an arc on both sides of the paper. Draw two arcs on each side of the paper. These serve as the flaps that you will fold inwards to close the pillow box. Carefully cut the unnecessary parts of the pillow. It should have curved edges while the 2-inch flap is still okay. Apply glue on the 2-inch flap and paste it on the other side, forming the box walls. After that, fold both arc-shaped flaps inwards to seal the pillow box. Decorate them according to your choice.

Types of Paper to Use in Pillow Boxes

A pillow box needs good paper to be used so it can stand on its own. Not all kinds of paper can be used in making a pillow box, or any kind of paper box for that matter. Here is a list of papers that you can use for making these small boxes:

Construction Paper

Construction paper is lightweight and easy to transform into a paper box. It is mostly used in arts and crafts but can be occasionally used for writing. They are both rough and soft and can come in bright colors.

Origami Paper

Origami paper is also lightweight just like construction paper, but they are also stiff. The creases are solidly made and will ensure that your box can stand alone.

Copy paper

Copy paper is more suited for writing rather than in arts and crafts. It is medium-weight and smooth. Copy paper can stand as makeshift paper boxes in offices.

Mini Hand Soap in Pillow Box

mini hand soap in pillow box

Free Printable Pillow Box Template

free printable pillow box template

Pillow Box Template

pillow box template

Clear Pillow Boxes

clear pillow boxes

Pillow Gift Boxes

pillow gift boxes

Pillow Gift Box Template

pillow gift box template

Make Pillow Gift Box

make pillow gift box

Example Pillow Gift Box Template

example pillow gift box template

Make Your Own Pillow Box

make your own pillow box

How To Make a Pillow Box

how to make a pillow box

Make Pillow Gift Box

make pillow gift box

Small Pillow Box Template

small pillow box template

Homemade Pillow Box Templates

homemadepillow box templates

Sample Pillow Box Template

sample pillow box template

How To Make Pillow Box Free Download

how to make pillow box free download

Pillow Box Template Example

pillow box template example

Free Printable Pillow Box template Sample

free printable pillow box template sample

Pillow boxes can carry small gifts such as necklaces, bracelets, and other small things. They are easy to make. They can also carry small bits of food like tarts and fruit pies. It just needs the right cutting of the paper and the patience to finish it. You can also use amazing gift box templates in packaging various food items. These templates come in die cut shape and are 100% scalable. Also, to package various food items you can use amazing gift box templates. These templates come in die cut shape and are 100% scalable. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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