11+ Tissue Box Templates

The use of a tissue box template does actually go beyond just the thought of a tissue paper. Generally, a box is a storage medium, where you can store things necessary for easy retrieval. That is exactly why the rectangle box template is of essence in this case. In any case, the primary use is going to be the storage of tissue papers. You can even use it to store some trash at home should there be a need for a trash bin nearby.

tissue box templates

This tissue box template AI is a perfect combination of style and practicality. The box is made of a cardboard paper with designer paper coated on the top surface to make it appear stunning. You can use it anywhere you want to.

Tissue Box 3D Perspective Mockups PSD

tissue box 3d perspective mockups psd

Sample Tissue Box Cover

tissue box cover
This tissue box design template is perfect for all who loves simple yet elegant stuff. The plain white design is perfectly suited for placing at any place and you can keep anywhere be it your car or your washroom.

Die-cutter Tissue Box Template Free Download

die cutter tissue box template free download

This is for those who are willing to craft a tissue box on their own without depending upon some local supplier. Just download and print the design and cut accordingly and fold it. Your tissue box will be ready in seconds.

Grey Tissue Box Cover Sample

grey tissue box cover
This tissue box template cover template is very plain and simple but there is twist in its simplicity. A grey coloured crochet pattern is covered on the box and it makes the tissue box look immensely beautiful.

This is a designer graphic tissue box cover pattern is a perfect modification of the plain tissue box template. It has been purposely designed to make your tissue box an outstanding and useful addition to home interior.

Concrete Tissue Box Cover

concrete tissue box cover
This is yet another awesome tissue box vector that has been made of concrete. It has a simple design and you can place it on your dressing table, office workstation, washroom and anywhere else.

Bindawood Tissue Box Template Free

bindawood tissue box template free

This tissue box mockup is a great addition to your car or washroom. It has lovely colour combination and patterns all over that makes it all the more attractive. The plain black design with grey patterns work wonders on the box.

Wooden House Tissue Box Template

wooden house tissue box template
This tissue box hs code is made out of wood. If you are willing to create something elegantly beautiful to keep your tissues, then this is the perfect choice. You can use it both for personal and commercial purposes easily.

White Tissue Box Template for $20

white desk with white tissue box template for 20
Have you been looking for a designer tissue box with an all-white appeal? Then have a look at this premium quality tissue box template AI that has been designed to solve your problem of a tissue store seamlessly.

Disposable Tissue Box PSD Template

disposable tissue box psd template
This tissue box design template is of disposable boxes that can be recycled after the tissue has finished. It has a simple white design with slider to close it when not in use. It is a practical solution for those who love plain designs.

Floral Trellis Plastic Canvas Tissue Box Cover Template

floral trellis plastic canvas tissue box cover template
This is yet another tissue box cover template that has such a beautiful design that people would hardly be able to understand that it is a tissue box. Have a look at the intricate floral patterns and designs that makes it perfect to be placed anywhere.

Wooden Simple Tissue Box Cover

wooden simple tissue box cover idea for
This tissue box template AI is a great thing of beauty with its wooden design and lovable texture. You can keep it in your dressing table, washroom, workplace and even in your car. This is so attractive that all are going to appreciate.

The best thing about these templates is that they are free to download. As long as you have a connection to the internet, you can be sure of one thing; access to high quality box templates at any time of the day. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!