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14+ Best Popcorn Box Templates – PDF, PSD, Vector EPS

Popcorn box templates enable you to create a beautiful wrapping to hold popcorns. These templates have a die-cut shape and are 100% scalable and 100% vector editable. You can pick from the wide range of fonts and make color changes. They enable you to have different size of popcorn boxes and give suggestion on how to use waterproof paper.

How to Make a Popcorn Box

These red-and-white boxes can be created in various ways. You can either use a printable template, create your own design by hand, or upcycle another box. To make this box more appealing, you can customize its colors, the paper, and the patterns printed on it. And, to know more about how to create this box in different ways, check the step-by-step processes below.

Printable Template

Printable templates can be downloaded online, so you don’t have to worry about the difficulty of finding one. There are already outlines for this templates for an easier and faster crafting. Follow the steps below on how to create a popcorn box using a printable template.

Pick a Template

As we said, you can easily find a template online and just purchase and download it. Better yet, find one that’s free. Gather templates from different sources to create a list of options. Once you have enough, choose the one that you think is easy to follow and is of the perfect size that you are looking for.

Print the Template

Avoid using ordinary bond paper and go for a cardstock as it is thicker and sturdier. A flimsy piece of paper won’t last long. Its thinness will also decrease its sturdiness as well. Also, make sure that the size of the cardstock is enough for the size of the template that you chose.

Score the Lines

Use a ruler or a paper scoring wheel to score the outlines that are needed to be folded later on. Make sure not to cut your way through the cardstock.

Cut it

Not everyone can cut, to be honest. So, make sure that you make your cuts straight so your box isn’t lopsided.

Fold the Cutouts

Make folds along the lines that you have scored and carefully put them together so their sides will meet and match up. Also, check the flaps if they are in the right position.

Glue or Tape them Together

It’s up to you on which material you are going to use to stick them together. If you are using glue, make sure that you wipe any excess. If you are using tape, make sure that you cut out the extra length.

Customize the Box

You can design it with the usual red and white stripes or create one of your own. Just make sure that before you design, you have checked all the corners and side if they all met together and there are no holes in between.

Design by Hand

It’s basically the same process with that of the template, and the only difference is that you are the one who’s going to mark the lines for the edges and flaps of the popcorn box. While marking the lines, you can choose to freehand your own or find a template where you can base the markings. In freehand, make sure to use a ruler or any tool that you think might be helpful to properly mark the lines. In a template, you can just trace it or measure the length of the lines and their distances apart.

Upcycle a Box

This is basically using an empty box to fill with popcorn. The box can take any form as long as it can hold the popcorn. You can cover it with another sheet of paper to cover the surface. Usually, the color of the paper cover is white so you can apply a design to it after. Make sure that there are no edges left uncovered and that those extra lengths of the paper cover are cut. But, you can also reform the box into a different shape. Cut out some parts of the box or adding something to it to achieve your desired shape. Again, just make sure that the final output can contain the popcorn.

Popcorn Box Template

popcorn box template

Popcorn Boxes

popcorn boxes

Printable Popcorn Box

printable popcorn box

Popcorn Box Template For Bulletin Board

popcorn box template for bulletin board

Popcorn Box Template Printable

popcorn box template printable

Mini Popcorn Boxes

mini popcorn boxes

Plastic Popcorn Containers

plastic popcorn containers

Popcorn Buckets

popcorn buckets

Popcorn Box Template PDF

popcorn box template pdf

How To Make a Popcorn Box

how to make a popcorn box

Pink Popcorn Boxes

pink popcorn boxes

Popcorn Box Template Free Download

popcorn box template free download

Plastic Popcorn Boxes

plastic popcorn boxes

Popcorn Holder

popcorn holder

Printable Popcorn Box Template

printable popcorn box template

These templates fulfill various requirements as they can be used to develop your personalized popcorn boxes for all kinds of house parties. You can download these gift box templates free or get the paid version. Customize them and print. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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