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19+ Cake Box Templates – PSD, Vector EPS

There are just special times in life that demands you treating someone in your life in a special way. Whether you are sending a cake for a birthday, your first anniversary or just an occasion worth celebrating, using a cake box template could help you make a good packaging of the cake gift. A gift box template makes a good packaging option because using it shows a sense of organization.

How to Make a Cake Box

Cakes are stored in boxes if they are bought out or delivered. This makes for easy carrying and secured transportation. There are different sizes of the cake when bought, like buying only a slice, a roll, and the usual rectangular or circular cake. So, before you proceed into making a cake box, make sure that you already know the size of the cake you are going to make the box for. Here is the list of the materials needed for a cake box:

These materials are easy to obtain and should not be that expensive as some can just be borrowed. Also, you can find different prices for the poster boards and compare to choose the cheapest. Step 1. Take out the poster board and lay the cake board. Mark the lines for the edges of the box. Make sure that the distances are enough so that the cake will not be touched by any of the sides of the box. Step 2. Score the poster board. Make sure that it is done lightly so it will not cut through and so that it will be enough for folding later on. Step 3. Fold all the sides carefully and make sure that you folded exactly where the lines are marked. Step 4. Use the exacto knife to cut out all the excess. If you don’t have an exacto knife, you can just use any scissors or cutting knife. Be careful in cutting the excess! Step 5. To make a flap, cut one slit on each corner. Step 6. Use (hot) glue gun to put the sides together. Apply enough amount so they don’t catch on each other when you put the lid on. Step 7. Hold the flaps inward to make sure that they stick together. Apply additional glue if deemed lacking. Step 8. Repeat step 7 for all four sides. Step 9. Get your second poster board and repeat steps 1-5, but this time, you have to make the sides ¼ shorter so that the top will smoothly close over the bottom. Step 10. Cut a slit in all four corners, but, do not glue them yet. Step 11. Cut a square at the center, which is usually 2 inches from the edge where it’s folded. Step 12. Measure a clear wrap to cover the hole in the center. Make sure to leave an inch all the way around. Step 13. Attach the clear wrap around the hole using the (hot) glue all the way around the sides. Step 14. Attach all the corners using a glue. Make sure that they completely stick together. Step 15. Place the lid on top of the bottom, and voila! You now have the perfect cake box that you can use for your own or sell it. With these easy steps, you can produce different box sizes and use it on various occasions. Remember that these are just guidelines and not the standard process. If you can find easier ways to create the cake box, you can freely do it your way. You can use these steps to formulate your own. Just be careful in some of the steps, especially when handling the knife and the hot glue. Take necessary precautions. Now that you have created one, a cake box business doesn’t sound farfetched now. This might come in handy in case you are going for a cake business. You might need some additional workforce to mass produce these cake boxes as doing it on your own might be too time-consuming that will result in less productivity.

Cake Boxes Wholesale

cake boxes wholesale

Cake Boxes

cake boxes

Cake Boxes Uk

cake boxes uk

Pink Cake Box Template

pink cake box

Plastic Cake Boxes

plastic cake boxes

Cardboard Cake Boxes

cardboard cake boxes

Wholesale Cake Boxes

wholesale cake boxes

Cake Slice Boxes

cake slice boxes

Cup Cake Boxes

cup cake boxes

Cheap Cake Boxes

cheap cake boxes

Cake Boxes for Sale

cake boxes for sale

Small Cake Boxes

small cake boxes

The Cake Box

the cake box

Wedding Cake Boxes

wedding cake boxes

Tall Cake Boxes

tall cake boxes

Egg Free Cake Box

eggfree cake box

Birthday Cake Box

birthday cake box

How to Make Cake Box

how to make cake box

Valentine’s Cake Packaging

valentine s cake packaging

Sample Wedding Cale Box Template

sample wedding cale box template The recipient of the cake gift is definitely going to feel delighted about the cake because of the better packing, and appreciate you for the time spent to make their moment a great and a memorable one. See more box templates If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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