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12+ Awesome Paper Box Templates

The occasion may be different, but the solution lies in paper box templates. Birthday party, wedding ceremony or any other occasion, bring a smile on the person’s face when you present your gift wrapped in paper box templates. Download the free or paid version and mix and match with different color and font size options and print them on a quality paper. We have a vast collection, so you will definitely find one that readily suits your purpose. Communicate effectively, whether it is gifting someone or saying thank you through best premium gift box templates.

How to Make a Paper Box

Paper boxes are a go-to package suited for any occasion. It is a functional piece of folded paper that can be used for any type of small gifts. Regardless of the paper’s color and design, it looks beautiful when it’s properly folded. Folding a paper box is easy and can be done through these simple steps. Choose a good type of paper. The kind of paper that you use matters in making the paper box. Choose one that’s sturdy enough to withstand the folding and can stand on its own. Origami paper or any piece of paper can be used for this purpose. Fold the paper in half. This is always the most basic step in making a paper box. Fold the paper in half and make a crease in the middle. Open it after. Fold the paper in half again on the other side. Make a crease along the line and unfold. It should be like the whole paper is divided into four squares, with the lines intersecting each other. Fold all four corners to the center. Make a crease along the line again. It should be shaped like a diamond, with all the corners touching each other. Do not unfold the paper. Rotate it to position the paper like a square in front of you. Fold the top and bottom parts and bring them to the center. Put a crease on both edges to secure them. Unfold the halfway folds of the square in one side and the triangles beneath them. Put a crease on them. The side triangles should remain folded. After that, bring the halfway folds by folding them to the center. It should look like a necktie with points on both edges. Fold the bottom point of the diamond near to the top point of the diamond. Make a crease. Do the same on the other side and make a crease again. While creating the sidewalls of the box, pull up the side folds and make them stand. After the side walls are made, construct the headwall by lifting its flap. The creases from the previous forms are shaped into two triangle flaps, which should be folded inwards. The headwall folds over the triangle corners and its top triangle fits nearly to the bottom of the box. Crease the sides to keep the box intact. A triangle is seen at the bottom of the box after creasing. Repeat the process to the other side.

Paper Box Template

paper box template

Hand Made Paper Box Template

hand madepaper box template

Paper Gift Box Template

paper gift box template

Paper Gift Boxes

paper gift boxes

Make Paper Box Template

make paper box template

Paper Gift Box Making

paper gift box making

Making Paper Boxes

making paper boxes

Paper Box Template With Lid

paper box template with lid

Paper Craft Boxes

paper craft boxes

How To Make Paper Gift Boxes

how to make paper gift boxes

Templates For Paper Box Making

templates for paper box making

Paper boxes provide the ultimate solution for small gifts and other party needs. It is handy and easy to make. Pick the right paper and design to make your paper box more attractive. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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