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10+ Cannabis Flyer Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Do you want to chill out? Do you want to enhance your mood? Do you want to have a good time? As in a really good time? I guess we all want to have a good time. While many are still arguing over whether or not the use of cannabis should be legalized—even though a lot of states and countries already have—and it’s basically because people still don’t know what it is capable of. You may also see word flyer templates.

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Cannabis is a drug—yes, we know that—and it has a lot of therapeutic effects. But just like any other drug, if it goes out of hand or the consumer takes in more than what’s required, then it becomes dangerous and highly addictive. But then another debate ensues, arguing over which effect is more prominent—does the therapeutic effect outweigh the side effects? Or is it the other way around? You may also see rainbow flyer templates.

Nevertheless, if you really want to have a good time, then check out what’s in store for you below. Here, we have a collection of amazing, creative, and mind-tripping cannabis flyer designs and templates for various events. We gathered them here for you, so don’t bother looking for them someplace else. And don’t worry, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by them.

Cannabis Expo Event Flyer Template

Artistic Cannabis Flyer Template

Lo and behold, a set of four differently yet creatively designed cannabis flyer templates. For as low as $29.00, you will be getting these four high-quality party flyer templates.

Creative Cannabis Flyer Template

Reggae is a genre in music that has found its origins in Jamaica during the 1960’s. Its style is seen as a hybrid of American jazz, rhythm and blues, and with a touch of ska. One of the most notable reggae artists would be Bob Marley, who has been recognized as the person that popularized the genre all over the world and has become the symbol of Jamaican culture. For more similar templates to choose from, check out our collection of music party templates and designs.

Cannabis Illustration Flyer Template

Simple Cannabis Flyer Template

Presidents’ day is a holiday that is celebrated in the United States to honor their presidents, as well as George Washington, who is the first United States president. This day is celebrated on the third Monday of February of every year. During this celebration, you’ll find dispensaries offering discounts on all their cannabis products, and various presidential pot items. Check out the sample flyer template above to see how dispensaries promote their products during Presidents’ day.

Trance Cannabis Flyer Template

Minimal Cannabis Flyer Template

Sample Cannabis Flyer Template

Night Party Cannabis Flyer Template

Minimalist Cannabis Flyer Template

Good Effects of Cannabis

1. Regulated or medical marijuana can actually help people in losing weight, and it is because its cannabis content is able to control the production of insulin as well as the intake of calories in the body. You may also see green flyer templates.

2. In relation to the previous bullet point, since cannabis has the ability to regulate the production of insulin, it can also help in the prevention and regulation of diabetes mellitus. You may also see flower shop flyer templates.

3. In the introduction section of this article, we mentioned about having a “good time”, and the flyer layout template above includes “great mood” and “chill out” as part of the good effects. That is because cannabis is a potent mood enhancer that can be used for treating depression.

4. While still debatable, recent studies have shown that cannabis is actually a safer alternative to alcohol and most drugs, but only if it is consumed at the required amount. You may also see open house flyer templates.

Bad Effects of Cannabis

1. Though cannabis can be used in lowering blood pressure, it can also cause severe dizziness to a person. Though this is a short-term side effect, studies also show that frequent use can slowly create tolerance to this side effect.

2. For people who have been using cannabis for a long period of time, it has been discovered that they have surprisingly low levels of dopamine—which is a neurotransmitter that acts as a motivational component. Because of this, a person will therefore experience a significant decrease in motivation. You may also see free PSD flyer templates.

3. In very recent studies, there is concrete evidence of cannabis users to have an increased risk of panic attacks or paranoia. Though aimed to reduce anxiety if taken at regulated amounts, cannabis abuse can result in an opposite effect. You may also see wedding flyer templates.

4. And of course, addiction. Cannabis is highly likely to cause addiction, and studies have shown that users who tried to stop using cannabis have experienced various withdrawal symptoms such as difficulty in sleeping and poor appetite. You may also see word party flyer templates.

Elegant Cannabis Flyer Template

Advantages of Using Flyers as a Marketing Tool

Before we get directly to the bottom line, let’s talk first about flyers itself. What exactly is a flyer? To make it easier to digest, a flyer is a small sheet of paper that business hand out to passersby to promote something, which could either be their simple business or organization itself, or their products and services. Aside from just products, flyers can also be used to advertise events and promos.

Now that we got that covered, let’s talk about the relevance of flyers. With the advancement in technology, I’m pretty sure most of you are wondering why people still use the old-fashioned printed flyers that are distributed manually by hand. For one thing, we can say that printed flyers are still as effective as its modern counterpart. However, what else does it have to offer? Let’s find out. You may also see PSD flyer templates.

  • While we can’t really say that traditional flyers are exactly as effective as electronic ones, we do know that they are effective in their own ways. Modern flyers are indeed much faster to distribute, but traditional flyers have a more personal touch. Also, the effectivity of the flyers rely on the person distributing it, wherein if the person on the receiving end has some inquiries about the content on the flyer, the one on the distributing end can right away fill in the gaps. You may also see modern flyer templates.
  • Flyers are inexpensive from the designing down to the printing stage, and it doesn’t even require a lot of manpower. Whether you’re planning on making your own flyers or having them designed by a professional graphic artist, you will not need to spend a fortune for them. And if you choose to download from our collection of flyer templates, the more that you’ll be able to save on your expenses. You may also see abstract flyers.
  • With basic mathematics, you can easily determine whether your marketing strategy is effective or not. How? By taking note of the total number of flyers your have distributed and dividing that with the number of prospects that were converted into actual paying customers. Or with events, you can divide the total number of flyers distributed with the total number of people who showed up.
  • Printed flyers are tangible and are able to create a snowball effect, but what does it mean with snowball effect? It means that a single copy of the flyer can reach multiple prospects. This is the beauty with tangible tools, people can actually get their hands on them and can pass it on to others. This is highly likely if your actual products or services are able to live up to its expectation, because your satisfied customers can greatly help you our in spreading positive comments to others. You may also see professional flyer templates.

Making Your Flyer Distribution More Effective

The success of flyer rely on more than just the design, it will also rely greatly on your method of distributing it, which is why there is a need to discuss about how to effectively distribute flyers. When doing so, you don’t just hand out copies of your flyers to people like you don’t mean it, you should be prepared, you should be sincere, and people should see that sense of positivity from you. Read the list below for some strategies on how to pull this off. You may also see invitation flyer templates.

  • Know what you are advertising, or at least be familiar with it. This way, if interested prospects have questions for you, you can right away provide them with answers, which is good not only because you are able to clear up their concerns, but also because it shows how prepared you are. You may also see minimal flyer designs.
  • They say “actions speak louder than words”, but we say “actions should work hand in hand with words”. What does that mean? It means that when distributing flyers to people, make it evident that you are determined and sincere in what you are doing, and that you are actually trying to reach out to them. You can do all those simply by how you project yourself to the public: stand upright, make eye contact, and smile while giving them your flyers. And of course, don’t just stay quiet while doing this, talk to the person as you hand them the flyer and describe briefly your product or service. You may also see business event flyers.
  • Once again, it’s just all about putting yourself in the shoes of other people, but this time, try to think of yourself as one of the passersby. Now, visualize yourself walking down the street when suddenly someone hands you a flyer. What would it take for you to accept that flyer and actually read it instead of throwing it away? The answer to that question is something that you should apply to yourself when distributing flyers. You may also see sample holiday flyers.

Lastly, you may also want to check out some of the free flyer templates that we have collected just for you. Now, let’s give ourselves a good time.

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