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11+ Polygonal Flyer Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Regardless of your purpose, have you ever tried designing and distributing flyers sample to the general public in order to deliver a message? You might be wondering why people still use flyer designs during marketing campaigns when they can always go for something that requires very minimal effort such as internet advertising.

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Abstract Polygon Flyer Template

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The reason behind that is because chances of gaining success is higher when actual efforts are exerted. Other than that, businesses that actually exert an effort appear to be established and more reliable, which is also a contributing factor to the success of their campaigns. You can also like geometric flyer templates.

Flyers are one effective marketing tools that business and organizations can distribute to the public for promoting products, services, or events. This is only one of the many awesome features about flyers, they are versatile and can be used by any entity for any purpose. For the other advantages,

we will be discussing those later on. For now, let’s focus on what we have gathered here for you. Below is a collection of various downloadable flyer layouts and templates, and the common thing about these flyer templates is that they contain a polygonal pattern on their designs.

Medical Health Polygonal Flyer Template

Flyer Template in Polygonal Style

Clean Moves Polygonal Flyer Template

Health care is indeed essential for every individual, and people should know how to disseminate this kind of information. While most people do try to achieve good health, they often neglect the fact that regular check-ups are necessary regardless of their condition, they only seek professional help whenever they are actually experiencing something that’s not usual.

This is what people fail to realize, the fact that some predisposing conditions are in fact, without signs and symptoms, and will only manifest when the condition worsens.

With this artistic polygonal-themed healthcare flyer template, it allows healthcare providers to explain who they are and what they are capable of doing, while at the same time, trying to promote the importance of promoting health and preventing illness. The bottom line with regards to this flyer template is that prevention will always be better than cure, so make sure that people realize that by emphasizing it on your flyers.

Minimal Abstract Polygonal Flyer Template

Looking for a template that’s simple and highly versatile? This polygonal business flyer template above may indeed be what you need for your marketing campaigns. The best thing about this minimal flyer template is that you’ve got almost everything you need to make a professional-looking business flyer, the only things needed from you are the facts and features that you are trying to advertise on your flyers. Once you’ve gotten those in, it’s off to the printer for this awesome template.

Flyer Template with Polygonal Pattern

Pastel Modern Purple Polygonal Flyer Design

Tips When Designing Flyers

Always focus on the flyer design’s functionality before its creativity. While having a visually-appealing flyer design is ideal for grabbing your audience’s attention, it’s not enough to keep them engaged on the material. The best way to keep their attention from drifting away is by making sure that the flyer is functional. What does that mean by being functional? It means that the content are relevant and the elements are organized.

In order to pull off a functional flyer even if you need to include tons of information on it, divide your workable space into columns and rows. Using grids allows you to make the most out of the small space that’s provided for you while still managing to make the output look clean and organized. This way, you’ll have a great-looking and functional flyer regardless of amount of content present. You may also see rave flyer templates.

Never forget to proofread the content of your flyers before actually distributing it. There are only two things that you need to take not of while proofreading, the spelling and the grammar. Make sure that your flyers don’t have any spelling or grammar errors or else you might risk losing some leads or prospects. You can also like modern flyer templates.

Electro Party Polygonal Flyer Template

Planning to design a flyer that features an individual probably a guest speaker or performer but afraid that the design might still end up looking dull? Add a subtle effect to the design to keep it from becoming uninteresting. In this article, we are featuring flyer templates with polygons, meaning for the template above,

you can either go for a polygon-patterned background, or an overlapping semi-opaque layer of polygon-shaped colors. Take for example the image provided above, it contains a polygonal element for both the background and foreground to add an enhancing effect on the flyer.

Simple Layered Polygonal Flyer Template

Boosting the Functionality of Your Flyers

1. Always keep the content of your flyer concise, trim down long paragraphs and only include the necessary information. In other words, make your flyer’s content informative and easy to digest. You may also like PSD flyer templates.

2. Learn how to prioritize your information, this can also help in making your content very easy to read. The best way of doing this is putting first the most important details to help in creating an impression. Once a reader likes what they see, they will eventually read the rest of the content. You may also like 3D flyers.

3. The What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get attitude can also be applied to your flyers, make sure that the images seen on your flyers are exactly true to what clients may see in the real world. In other words, you should live up to your prospect’s expectations. You can also read fast food flyer templates.

Vector Media Polygonal Flyer Template

Most people would associate a polygonal flyer design with something that’s either modern or futuristic. However, with the shape flyer template shown above, you can easily say that this polygonal flyer template resembles a more retro theme. If you are indeed planning to throw a retro-themed event but want your flyers to have a modern touch, then the template above would be the perfect choice.

Club Party Polygonal Flyer Template

Just like the event that is being advertised on this flyer, keep your design exciting as well by downloading and using the template shown above. Flyers help in setting the tone of an event, and this template effectively does that with its artistic and mesmerizing presentation. If you agree with us when it comes to how awesome this beach party flyer template is, then go ahead and download it.

Colorful Polygon Festival Flyer Template

If you’re looking for something layered, something that’s easy on the eyes, then the flyer design above may be perfect for you. Why? Just look at the design on this template, although the background contains various polygonal graphics, the textual elements are written mostly on a solid-colored background for it to be emphasized. You may also like abstract flyers.

Were you able to find what you were looking for from our collection of polygonal flyer templates? We hope you have, and to really entice you to download any of them, you’ll be glad to know that these templates can actually be downloaded very easily and for a price that’s reasonable enough, you won’t even have to worry about breaking your simple budget. And the best thing about these templates is not about the price, its about the quality that you will be getting for such a very low price, and that itself is a worthy reason for you to download any of these flyer templates.

But if this is your first time to use downloadable templates, allow us to take you through a step-by-step process on how you can get your hands on these templates and what you will need to do once you have downloaded them. You may also see golf flyers.

1. Download Process

1. Once you have found the specific flyer template that you want to download, simply click on the button provided below the thumbnail to be redirected to its source website (Note: It won’t download the template right away, it will only redirect you to another website). You can also read free flyer templates.

2. While being redirected, you can view multiple samples and mock-ups of the flyer design, and if you think it looks good enough, you can proceed by clicking on the Buy Now (GraphicRiver) or Purchase (Creative Market) button. You can also like insurance flyers.

3. To those who are downloading from GraphicRiver, you might need to sign up for an account before you can actually proceed to downloading a template—this is to help make your purchase more secure. But to those who are downloading from Creative Market, you will only need to enter your card details on the space provided. You can also like catering flyers.

4. Simply follow the rest of the instructions and you’ll be able to download the template in no time.

2. Editing Process

1. After you have successfully downloaded a flyer template, open the file on a graphics editing tool that’s compatible with the template’s format (Adobe Photoshop for PSD templates; Adobe Illustrator for AI templates).

2. These templates are fully editable, so edit away. Make as much modifications as you need on the template, just make sure to keep the overall tone of the template intact. You may also see sample wedding flyers.

3. After you have made the necessary modifications on the flyer template, the last thing that you will need to do is to have the design printed out. You may also like concert flyer templates.

Quite simple, don’t you think? Start working on your flyer, download a template now.

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