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16+ Jar Label Templates

Jar label templates are label templates that are used to organize your home or for branding an item. These labels templates are available in different styles like blank labels, printable labels, round and oval labels. These templates can also be found in different colors and patterns. Jar label templates can be used to label your homemade jam, sauces, pickle or label your jars in kitchen and pantry. These jars labels are perfect for gifting, organizing and branding of products. You can also see Vintage Label Templates.

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Jar Label Template

Honey Jar Label Template

Honey Jar Label Template

This label template is made for labeling or branding the honey jars. The template is easily customized and you can easily change its color, logo, text and information according to your need. You can also see Product Label Templates.

Mason Jar Label Template

Mason jar label templates are made to fit the wide mouth mason jars. These templates are made up of a layer that you can just click, drop and save. It is easy to change the colors of the liquids, remove or change the twine and label tags. You can also see Food Label Templates.

Label for Orange Jam Jar

Label for orange jam jar comes under the category of canning jar labels. This label is specific for orange jam and is designed accordingly. This label is available in high-resolution and several sizes.

Sauce Jar Label Template

Sauce jar label templates are used to label sauce jars. They come under the category for canning jar labels. These label templates have easily adjustable size, colors, text and design.

Jam Jar Label Template

Jam jar label templates are used for jam containers. This template has easily editable color and label. This label is of high quality PSD file and is very easy to use.

Fruit Jam Jar Label Template

Fruit Jam Jar Label Templates are used to label jars containing a particular fruit jam. This label is resizable and of high-resolution. You can also change the text, label and colors very easily.

Marmelade Jar Label Template

Marmelade Jar Label Template is used to label jar containing preserves of marmalade fruits. This label is fully customized and uses CMYK color model. You can easily edit the label according to your choice

Organic Jar Label Template

Organic Jar Label Template is used for labeling or branding jars containing organic food preserves. The label is customized and easily editable. The label is available in high-resolution and CMYK color mode.

Canning Jar Label Template

Canning Jar Label Templates are generally used for branding a homemade product. You can also use these label templates for birthday parties, personalized gift designs, school or an office party. The label comes in different sizes and shapes. This label is available in PSD, PNG and PDF file formats and is easy to edit.

Transparent Jar Label Template

Transparent Jar Label Template is a multipurpose label design template. This label template can be used to label transparent jars. This design is very organized and parted into named layers which are fully editable.

Honey Labels Free Vector

Honey labels are used for branding honey jars. You can easily download free vectors of these labels and edit them according to your use. You can have a free download of honey label vector from the below link.

Spice Jar Label Template

Spice Jar Label Templates are used to label spices in your pantry. You can organize your whole panty with these editable labels. These are available in different sizes and the text and font size can also be easily changed.

Vector Jar Label Template

These are jar glass label templates. These can be used to organize your whole house. They come in high- resolution JPG and EPS file format. The text, colors and the label can be easily changed according to the requirements. You can also see Label Templates.

Now-a-days people are very cautious about what they are eating and they want to know the essential details about all the materials the food item contains, which they are buying. For this reason, all the food or other items have bottle label templates on them, stated details about the item. Bottle label templates are also used to organize a house. These are also popular in baby showers, school and birthday parties.

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