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Finding the right time or even a spare time to write thank-you letters or notes can be a bit overwhelming but they are a great way to show appreciation for the gifts you received, whether it’s given as a congratulatory gift for big occasions or just a little thoughtful gesture. People always appreciate getting thanks as much as receiving something as a gift. Even though it’s in a form of writing rather than a personal thank-you if it’s not possible, it is always better than not giving any recognition at all. That is why it is never wrong to send a written thank-you, whether it’s a note, letter or card as well as other forms of messaging devices.

There are already countless of ways to send your appreciation nowadays, be it in the form of texts, emails, social media messages or phone calls. Yet, there is one traditional way that is still relevant even with the presence of hi-tech messaging applications. Handwritten notes are still the warmest and most special way to say thank-you, especially if they are made with a lot of thought. So, if you’re looking for a unique way to send out your appreciation, take a look at our compilation of Thank-You Card Templates on this page, and choose from our wide array of formal and fancy designs. For more card ideas, you can also check out our collection of Greeting Card Templates.

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Free Thank-You Card Templates

Free Thank You Card

free thank you card Free Download

Free Printable Thank-You Card

free printable thank you card2 Download

Free Wedding Thank-You Card

free wedding thank you card Download

Free Photo Thank-You Card

free photo thank you card Download

Wedding Thank-You Card Templates

Wedding Thank You Card Template

wedding thank you card template Free Download

Wedding Gift Thank-You Card

wedding gift thank you card5 Download

Wedding Shower Thank-You Card

wedding shower thank you card5 Download

Beach Wedding Thank-You Card

beach wedding thank you card2 Download

Blank Thank-You Card Templates

Printable Blank Thank-You Card

printable blank thank you card Download

Blank Photo Thank-You Card

blank photo thank you card Download

Free Blank Thank-You Card

free blank thank you card Download

Baby Shower Thank-You Card Templates

Baby Shower Gift Thank-You Card

baby shower gift thank you card1 Download

Printable Baby Shower Thank-You Card

printable baby shower thank you card1 Download

Baby Boy Shower Thank-You Card

baby boy shower thank you card Download

Graduation Thank-You Card Templates

Graduation Party Thank-You Card

graduation party thank you card1 Download

Graduation Thank-You Photo Card

graduation thank you photo card Download

College Graduation Thank-You Card

college graduation thank you card4 Download

Thank-You Note Card Templates

Printable Thank-You Note Card

printable thank you note card Download

Wedding Thank-You Note Card

wedding thank you note card Download

Thank-You Pop Up Card Templates

Printable Thank-You Pop Up Card

printable thank you pop up card Download

DIY Thank-You Pop Up Card

diy thank you pop up card Download

Free Thank-You Pop Up Card

free thank you pop up card Download

When to Send Thank-You Cards

With a great gift comes a great responsibility of sending thank-you cards. While it is part of an etiquette to send out appreciation every time you receive a gift, it has been considered as one of those endangered habits that people should bring back from extinction. So, how do write a thank-you card and when is it necessary to send them?

  • For wedding gifts. Wedding gifts are usually expensive and they could come from various types of people in your life, whether they’re close friends or distant family relatives. Therefore, it is just necessary to acknowledge these gifts with a written note. Also, Wedding Thank-You Cards are not just for gifts but also for those people who helped make your wedding a special day.
  • For congratulatory gifts. Birthday gifts and graduation gifts are just a few examples of presents given to congratulate you for an achievement whether it’s reaching a certain age or finishing a course or grade. Most of these gifts come from family members so you don’t have to be overly formal. Keep it short, casual and sweet while telling them how you’ll use the item you received.
  • For shower gifts. Guests usually bring gifts during events for your baby or showers in your honor, so even if they are your closest friends and you had the chance to say thanks in person, you should still send a thank-you card in a timely manner such as within four weeks upon receiving the gift. Also, make sure you mention the gift while keeping your thank-you note short and simple.
  • For gifts received during an illness. To help you show your gratitude for the concern and well-wishes people shower you during a hospitalization, DIY Thank-You Cards are a way to go. This type of card should be written as soon as you feel well enough to acknowledge the gifts received during your confinement.
  • For a scholarship or donation received. Most people do not get this type of opportunity so, it is always a good idea to show your appreciation to any person or organization who gave you the chance to learn the field that you want to be a part of or the chance to be able to help others in need.

If you think you need thank-you cards for any of these occasions and events, feel free to browse through these templates and use them to show how much you love and appreciate every person around you. These templates are editable allowing to you change some elements according to your needs and preferences.

Thank-You Christmas Card Templates

Printable Thank-You Christmas Card

printable thank you christmas card Download

Thank-You Note for Christmas Card

thank you note for christmas card


Printable Thank-You Card Templates

Free Printable Thank-You Card

free printable thank you card3 Download

Printable Baby Shower Thank-You Card

printable baby shower thank you card2 Download

Printable Photo Thank-You Card

printable photo thank you card Download

Professional Thank-You Card Templates

DIY Professional Thank-You Card

diy professional thank you card Download

Professional Business Thank-You Card

professional business thank you card1 Download

Vintage Thank-You Card Templates

Free Vintage Thank-You Card

free vintage thank you card Download

Vintage Photo Thank-You Card

vintage photo thank you card Download

Valentine’s Day Thank-You Card

valentines day thank you card Download

Birthday Thank-You Card Templates

First Birthday Thank-You Card

first birthday thank you card1 Download

Birthday Party Thank-You Card

birthday party thank you card5 Download

Spa Birthday Party Thank-You Card

spa birthday party thank you card


Birthday Wishes Thank-You Card

birthday wishes thank you card5 Download

Bridal Shower Thank-You Card Templates

Sample Bridal Shower Thank-You Card

sample bridal shower thank you card Download

Free Bridal Shower Thank-You Card

free bridal shower thank you card Download

Printable Bridal Shower Thank-You Card

printable bridal shower thank you card Download

Engagement Thank-You Card Templates

Free Engagement Thank-You Card

free engagement thank you card1 Download

Engagement Party Thank-You Card

engagement party thank you card3 Download

Engagement Gift Thank-You Card

engagement gift thank you card5 Download

Holiday Thank-You Card Templates

Holiday Wedding Thank-You Card

holiday wedding thank you card Download

Printable Holiday Thank-You Card

printable holiday thank you card Download

Business Holiday Thank-You Card

business holiday thank you card1 Download

Other Times You Need to Send a Thank-You Card

Sending thank-you notes are not just for gifts received, though. They can also be applied to different occasions where you receive an opportunity or assistance from other people. Below is a list of other common events that you may consider sending a thank-you card as well.

  • In professional relationships. It is good to send out thank-you notes for the courtesy of an interview, for opportunities and referrals, for mentoring and many other business situations. Writing a Business Thank-You note can pave a way to a lasting relationship.
  • To teachers. Teachers are people who deserve an expression of gratitude more than anyone else. They do not just teach you lessons and skills to make you a good member of the society but they also make a difference and impact in their students’ lives.
  • When you receive help. It is always a good idea to show your appreciation to any person or organization who gave you the chance to fulfill your dreams and some other way, made your life a little easier. This includes pet sitting, yard work, or assistance with a project or work.
  • For a host’s hospitality. A written thank-you in a form of card or bookmark is usually called for when someone opens his or her home to you whether for a meal, party or overnight stay. Tell them how much the experience touched you.
  • During a funeral. For all the various thoughtful things your families and friends do to ease your burden during a loss of a loved, one may not be able to acknowledge personal notes, flowers or donations as soon as possible. Although a Funeral Thank-You Card is necessary, there is no reason to hurry.

Although there are different various occasions and events in which you must send out thank-you cards, you also have to consider the time frame in which your thank-you cards should reach its recipients.

Reception Thank-You Card Templates

DIY Reception Thank-You Card

diy reception thank you card Download

Wedding Reception Thank-You Card

wedding reception thank you card Download

Rustic Thank-You Card Templates

Rustic Photo Thank-You Card

rustic photo thank you card1 Download

DIY Rustic Thank-You Card

diy rustic thank you card Download

Rustic Wedding Thank-You Card

rustic wedding thank you card1 Download

Office Thank-You Card Templates

Sample Office Thank-You Card

sample office thank you card Download

Office Thank-You Note Card

office thank you note card Download

Baptism Thank-You Card Templates

Baptism Thank-You Photo Card

baptism thank you photo card


Printable Baptism Thank-You Card

printable baptism thank you card Download

DIY Thank-You Card Templates

Sample DIY Thank-You Card

sample diy thank you card Download

DIY Thank-You Gift Card

diy thank you gift card Download

DIY Baby Thank-You Card

diy baby thank you card Download

Frozen Thank-You Card Templates

Free Frozen Thank-You Card

free frozen thank you card Download

Disney Frozen Thank-You Card

disney frozen thank you card1 Download

Frozen Photo Thank-You Card

frozen photo thank you card2 Download

Photo Thank-You Card Templates

Wedding Photo Thank-You Card

wedding photo thank you card3 Download

Free Photo Thank-You Card

free photo thank you card1 Download

Baby Photo Thank-You Card

baby photo thank you card Download

Photo Frame Thank-You Card

photo frame thank you card Download

Elements of a Thank-You Card

Whether a thank-you card requires a formal tone or a casual demeanor, you should address them with care by using appropriate words and format. They can be elaborate or simple as long as the message is sent across in a clear manner. Here are some basic elements that you should always include when writing a thank-you note for your cards.

  • The first sentence. Without further ado, you should start your thank note by stating its purpose or what the note is for. Aside from the phrase “thank you,” this is also where you mention and acknowledge the gift or opportunity that you have been given.
  • The second sentence. On the second sentence or next piece, you can explain how much you appreciate the opportunity or gift. Here, you can also let them know how much you like it and the reasons for feeling so. Furthermore, you can also say how you plan to use them.
  • The third sentence. This time, you can use the second paragraph of your thank-you note as a way to continue the connection or keep the relationship you have with the person. It could be plans or statements hoping to catch up with each other soon.
  • The signature. Whatever you state in the body of your letter, you should make sure that you end it with a closing remark and your signature in order to make your note sound pleasant and friendly. It is also one way to make your card more personal and intimate.

Tips to Remember When Writing Thank-You Notes

When you have your design and needed elements for your thank-you cards in place, all you need to do is to go over these tips to make sure your Thank-You Cards are perfect for the kind of message you want to send across.

  • Timing is all. First of all, perhaps the most important thing about saying thank-you is to do it in a timely manner. Even though just saying thank-you is better than not doing at all, it is still imperative to do it immediately before everyone forgets. This is one of the ways to let someone now that you took the time to acknowledge their efforts and kindness.
  • Kind of message. When writing your message, being simple and straightforward is the best way to go about it. For most thank-you notes, formality is always forgone as these types of letters are more personal; although some need a little bit of structure especially notes that are sent to companies and organizations, like the Post Interview Thank-You Letters.
  • Type of message. As mentioned before, there are other ways to send a thank-you message other than written thank-you cards. You need to consider the level of formality your note should have before deciding to send it via text messages or emails. Think of the person you are sending these messages to like your grandparents who may not know how to use computers.
  • Additional notions. You can always choose to bump your thank-you cards up a notch by making it personalized and special. One way to do it is to decorate your cards with details that are relatable to the recipient like ribbons or stamps. You can include a photo of the gift showing how it is being used or an extra trinket such as flowers or baked cookies.
  • Always proofread. Even though it’s just a simple note of thanks, a wrong spelling or grammatical error is always a turn off as it could mean that the card is made in a hurry or just out of respect. Another thing to remember is to keep your tone polite and friendly as well as avoid sounding like promoting or asking for more favors.

There are many ways to structure and arrange the elements in your thank-you notes, but the most important thing is you should always write them from the heart. Also, you have to be careful not to overdo it as it may sound superficial instead. So, while you’re here, don’t forget to check out the different articles available on this website, such as the Printable Thank-You Card Templates for more ideas.

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