Thank You Cards

When was the last time you ever said thank you? When an old man at the coffee shop gives you a free glass of water, you should say thank you. When someone shares information with you, express your gratitude. When a friend buys you a gift you didn’t expect, don’ forget to write a small note. Give thanks to human beings, the same way you’d give thanks for a new day Read More

You see, gratitude to other people is an art that goes beyond friendship. It does not cost any money to be thankful but its benefits, indeed, cannot be ignored. Though it may seem an outdated practice, thank you notes are used on various occasions. They may include weddings, graduations, job interviews among others. The simple format of writing them is the other reason why you should not ignore appreciating other people for the good deeds done. Below are the benefits of sending thank you notes or thank you cards.

Building and strengthening relationships

It is important that you maintain the preexisting relationship with friends; this can be shown and felt by this writing. You can achieve mutual benefit through this. First, as you write the note, you will have time to deliberate and think of the existing relationship. On the other hand, the receiver of the card will realize how grateful you are to them.

A permanent reminder

It is important that you remember about an activity or appreciation given. Most people usually keep this notes in a place they are vividly visible. Because it is an item of value, you will find this notes displayed in offices, houses or other places of residence where people can easily see them. It is a permanent reminder of an existing relationship and gratitude.

It improves both psychological and physical health

The health of an individual encompasses many factors, mental and physical health being the primary determinants. Being grateful has been proven to boost both physical and psychological health. Aches, pains, toxic emotions, regrets, and frustrations can be relieved by being grateful. You should ensure that you observe to boost your overall health.

Alleviates guilt

As indicated before, there are many reasons for writing this note. Somebody might have done something extra important or gifted you something special. You feel some guilt that even a phone call or a simple thank you cannot relieve. A thank you note could aid in this situation. Appreciation is priceless and putting it on paper will make it better.

Builds a good impression

Receiving a Thank You note from an individual you just met will change their perception about you. Sending a potential employer a note of gratitude after attending a job interview will not earn you a job, but it can increase the value of your application. You will have a good impression of an individual who is grateful and appreciative.

It enhances empathy and reduces aggression

Behaving in a pro-social manner is a fundamental element in the society. Grateful people will always have this character. Thinking of appreciating an individual by himself is a sign of empathy. Even when people give negative feedback or are impolite to you, you will find it easy relating with them. It also plays a crucial role in decreasing the desire to seek revenge.

Makes you happier

It is important to understand that people, who have developed the habit of saying Thank You, or sending Thank You Cards are always happy, and this starts from the moment of writing the note. Any time you offer this has a positive impact on your mental health. You should try this to experience such benefits and feelings.