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9+ Bridesmaid Thank You Cards Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Weddings hold a special place in a girl’s heart. They represent the end of a chapter, the beginning of a new one, and the commitment that will last as eternally as time. That is why wedding details are very important for brides-to-be. From the sample invitation cards to the menu cards, down to the people, she wishes to invite to the wedding, everything or everyone is taken into careful consideration. It is also making sure that the details are able to reflect a fraction of both the groom and the bride-to-be’s personalities and the people invited are significant to them as individuals and as a couple.You may also see Card Templates.

Bridesmaid Thank You Card Template

bridesmaid thank you card template
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Printable Bridesmaid Thank You Card

printable bridesmaid thank you card

Plum Bridesmaid Thank You Card

plum bridesmaid thank you card

How The Tradition of Having Bridesmaids Began?

Brides-to-be having an entourage in almost monochromatic and alike dresses is the standard most have now grown accustomed to. To have young, equally beautiful, not to mention single ladies at her side as a party is often times also seen as a deliberate gesture to make the event a spectacle of grandiosity. However, as with any tradition is a beginning and for the tradition of having bridesmaids at a wedding, there may be different sources from where this custom has been derived. You may also see bridesmaid card designs.

One of the very prominent examples that the tradition of having bridesmaids may have been derived is that from the Ancient Romans, where in order for a wedding to be legally bounded, 10 witnesses were needed. More so, back then bridesmaids were encouraged to dress exactly like the bride in order to confuse spirits with vengeful nature who have plans to ruin or sabotage the newlyweds. Another source of inspiration for this tradition is also that of the Victorian Era, where bridesmaids walked down the aisle with the bride carrying garlic, herbs, and grains to scare the evil spirits away. You may also see write on wedding thank you cards.

However, now in this modern age, bridesmaids are given ample freedom with their choices especially when it comes to the design of the dress they want to wear. They are not being obliged to look like the bride, even being discouraged to an extent of wearing the same color as the bride. Most importantly, bridesmaids are the ones—with the maid of honor— assigned to organize the festivities that take place before the actual wedding (e.g. bridal shower and bachelorette to name a few) making the bride-to-be’s wedding activities truly memorable. You may also see thank you wedding cards.

Simple Bridesmaid Thank You Card

simple bridesmaid thank you card

Elegant Bridesmaid Wedding Thank You Template

elegant bridesmaid wedding thank you template

Floral Bridesmaid Thank You Card

floral bridesmaid thank you card

Thank You Cards

Given the situation a bride is in, is the probability of not being able to thank the people needed to be thanked. Due to how hectic a sample wedding can get, there will be moments in which simply thanking those who have contributed something in your wedding will slip off your mind. To avoid such unfortunate circumstance from happening in your wedding, it is best you use a medium that is able to effectively relay the message of gratitude to the people you intend to say thank you too, i.e. your bridesmaids. This medium is the thank you card, a thank you card is a medium that contains a person’s message of gratitude for another person.

Thank you card samples are simply able to effectively thank people, especially those who have greatly contributed to making your wedding memorable. This medium just lets those who wish to use it not worry whether the people you intend to say thank you to feel appreciated or not. However, thank you cards not only work as a medium that shows and conveys your gratitude as it can also work as a giveaway for your event.

What Makes Thank You Cards Ideal?

1. They are Cost-effective

Although there are other mediums for showing your gratitude to people, thank you cards are far more cost-effective compared to other options that are available (e.g. gifts, foods). Cards in general simply do not cost a lot. There are different ways to how you can acquire your own thank you card like buying ready-made ones at stores or simply making your own. Both of which are able to provide you an effective card at a practical price point.

2. They Show Sincere Gratitude

In general, cards are simply able to elicit sincerity and thank you cards are also able to do just that. Words are powerful and a simple thank you written on a card can already show sincere gratitude, powerful enough to make the person feel greatly appreciated.

3. They Serve as Keepsakes

Anything tangible from any event can be kept as a keepsake. As for a thank you card, people keep it to have something to look back to, wallow in the beautiful words of gratitude, and feel immensely appreciated again. Thank you cards being kept for keepsakes is an asset of the medium, how over time its value to the person increases and how they can feel the very same emotions and feelings they felt the first time. Photo thank you cards can simply contain beautiful memories—all the joy and the bliss—which makes the card more special.

Thank You For Bridesmaid Wedding

thank you for being my bridesmaid wedding card

Sample Wedding Thank you Card

royal silver wedding thank you card

Bridesmaid Thank You Card Design

bridesmaid thank you card design

Thank you cards are truly able to affect people that can last a lifetime. However, the question often asked is “where or how to best acquire your very own thank you card?”, as there are tons of ways, one can do so. There is the option of having it custom-made by a professional graphics artist and by simply creating one yourself. Given the constant innovations and advancements in technology, where or how does one best acquires a printable thank you card?

Premade Wedding Thank You Card Template

Although one can not simply deny the abundance of options present out there, there is one that presents itself as both effective and practical. Perfect for those who are seeking an option that does not allow them to spend a considerable sum, yet is still able to do what it’s meant to do. This option is the pre-made option, where you will only have to buy pre-made designs and templates that are readily available online. You may also see bridal shower thank you cards.

1. Affordable

The pre-made option is generally more affordable than its known counterparts (i.g. having it custom-made by a professional graphics artist) simply because the graphics artist who works on it is able to do it to his or her own preference. No demands, no deadlines, just liberty to do anything he or she wants at any time he or she prefers. You may also see sample wedding cards.

2. Easy to Make

Since these templates and designs are pre-made which only means there are designs already laid out. With this, it makes working with it so much easier considering that you can just simply finish what the graphics artist started or use it as an inspiration to base yours off of. You simply do not need to have extensive knowledge about different design software as basic knowledge can already help you create your own thank you card. You may also see wedding card designs.

3. Editable

Pre-made designs and templates are essentially fully editable and customizable to your preference. You are given the freedom to do whatever you want with it from texts, colors, cool fonts, sizes, and even a few of the other elements in the design. Sometimes, it comes with smart object layers or vector files that enable you to move around elements of the design to create a more personalized and unique-looking thank you card for your bridesmaids.

4. Design Variations

Another reason that makes the pre-made option ideal is how there is an array of options to choose from. Options that differ from each other. Options that will resonate with any individuals looking for different designs. There are simple thank you cards for those who want their cards clean and minimal, as well as modern wedding thank you card designs for those who want a more contemporary thank you card; there are also fun thank you cards that come with varying prints for those who wish to use a more unique thank you card. There is definitely one for every different preference when you go for a pre-made option.

Bridesmaid Thank You Card Example

bridesmaid thank you card example

If you find this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other brides-to-be seeking thank you cards to hand out to her own bridesmaids. You may also see summer wedding templates.

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