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9+ Professional Thank You Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Gratitude is a very important personal value to practice as it can cultivate other desirable traits as well. In the workplace, it can be hard to express simple thank yous and differentiate between acts of kindness for fear of being misconstrued. And if you are already someone with a higher position, rank, or power, the act of expressing genuine thankfulness can be doubly more difficult.

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To help professionals with that, we share to you one simple way of expressing gratefulness without appearing to fish for accolades or expecting something in return. And that is the use of thank you cards. In this article, we are also sharing countless tips on how you can choose a specific thank you card example to help seamlessly express the message you are trying to tell the thank you card recipient whether they are your boss or your subordinate.

These Are the Professional Thank You Card Templates

In addition to the countless tips on gratitude card selection that we will be sharing later on, also note that this article is also filled with multiple examples of thank you card templates that can be used in the professional setting. Most of these templates are available either as Illustrator or PSD template files so make sure that you have a compatible graphic design software program installed on your computer before downloading any of these templates.

Classy Professional Thank You Card

Corporate Professional Thank You Card

When to Use Professional Thank You Cards

The use of thank you cards is an uncommon practice in the modern workplace. But if you want a more genuine way to engage your fellow employees, your subordinates, or your clients, using these gratitude cards will go a long way for you and your organisation. You may also see business thank you cards.

If you want to explore various ways on when and how you can use professional thank you cards in your workplace setting, continue reading the rest of this article. Listed below are the different positive end goals you can achieve when you use professional thank you cards. You may also see frozen thank you cards.

1. When commending an employees’ remarkable performance at work

One of the best ways to use professional thank you cards for is when commending an employee. As a professional or as the boss of your company, you have the capacity to create and print out thank you cards that will only be given to high-performing workers. These thank you cards often work better than certificates of appreciation since they can be personalized. And if you really appreciate the effort done by the employee, you can even write a short message.

Sometimes, rewarding employees with physical or monetary perks for positive performance at work can be not as effective. To remedy this, you can resort to using personalized professional thank you cards instead and you can also save your simple business the cost of buying those employee perks.

2. To create a positive impression to clients or customers

When businesses and organizations make it a point to thank their customers for their service or continued patronage, this creates a positive impression on their customers. Entrepreneurs should take advantage of this effect and make sure that their use of rustic thank you cards are as organic as possible.

This means that when you give out thank you cards to your customers, the act should be done thoughtfully and not as a means to an end. Remember, customers and clients can and will know if someone is being genuine or not. To avoid this pitfall, you can give out handmade thank you cards right after your interaction—whether the client chose to do business with you or not. By doing this, customers will have a memorable interaction with you or your business and they may just choose your business next time.

Business Thank You Card Example

Professional Minimalist Thank You Card

Modern Thank You Card Template

Professional Thank You Card Sample

3. To promote a positive workplace experience

If the use of professional thank you cards can help you and your business create a good impression towards your customers, this printable thank you cards can also help create a positive workplace experience for your employees. Remember the first item that we have discussed above? We mentioned that the use of thank you cards in commending employees in the workplace.

Doing this will not only help encourage the lauded employee, but this act can also help encourage your other employees. As an effect, they may have a better appreciation of their workplace which, in effect, may lead them to be more inspired to work. And when your employees are inspired, you will be guaranteed of a productive workforce. You may also see thank you cards.

4. To showcase business branding identity designs

Professional thank you cards can also be used to showcase your business’ unique branding identity designs. We are talking about the trademarks or identifying marks that set your business or organization apart from other businesses or organizations. An example of a branding identity design is a company logo design or an official slogan or tagline.

You can incorporate these logo designs and letterhead designs into your professional thank you card templates. This will allow anyone who receives the thank you card to know where the card came from. A word of warning though: Do not make your business logo design the focal point of your thank you cards. If you do this, you risk getting the impression that you are only sending out thank you cards as a way to advertise your business.

Subtleness is the key. The customers or your employees still need to know who sent the thank you card but you do not have to be too obvious in doing so. If your business does not have an official logo yet, check out this article for useful tips on logo designing.

The four different scenarios above are the some of the most common times that warrant the use of a professional thank you card in the workplace. But you do not have to closely stick to these circumstances. As a business owner or manager, it is up to you to decide when and how to express your gratitude to your employees and clients. A tip: Do it more often. You may also see birthday thank you cards.

Professional Christmas Thank You Card Template

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Professional Thank You Card Template

At the beginning of this article, we have mentioned that we will be providing tips on how you can choose a professional printable thank you card template. So, worry no more. Written below are the top factors that you should consider when selecting a professional thank you card template. You may also see baby thank you cards.

1. Template’s built-in customization options

The first thing to consider when picking out a thank you card template is the card template’s built-in customization. This means that before you purchase a printable template, you need to check if a given thank you card template is fully customizable or not. It is crucial to check this because you may want to make edits on the template’s design before you send it out to your customers and employees.

For example, some companies and organizations like to add their own company logo designs into any business stationeries that they create. So, save yourself the additional hassle and stress and choose a card template that offers all the customization that you need.

2. Business or organization image

Another important thing to consider when picking out a professional thank you card template is the image or impression you wish to create for your own business or organization. To illustrate, if you are running an investment and brokerage firm, you may want to use the same stylish yet contemporary business stationery designs you use. Remember that even if you are sending out stationeries and cards, you should still incorporate your business’ identity into the thank you card’s design.

To reiterate, choose a thank you card template design that exudes the same professional vibe that your small business has or aims to achieve.

3. Personal editing skills

The next factor to consider when looking for a professional thank you card template is your own knowledge of graphic design. This means that you need to be honest with yourself and find out how much you really know about editing these Illustrator or Photoshop templates. Remember that even if these printable templates are marketed as ‘ready to print’ templates, they will still require a little tinkering especially if you want to add your own touches into the thank you card design.

That is why, before you purchase a professional card template, make sure that you choose a printable card template that is available in a file format that you know how to edit it. For example, if you know how to use Adobe Illustrator, you should only look for thank you card templates that are available as Illustrator template files.

Simple Professional Thank You Card Template

Vintage Professional Thank You Card Set

Gold Professional Thank You Card Template

What Professional Thank You Card Template Did You Choose?

This article contains numerous beautifully designed thank you card templates that you can easily use for your business or in the workplace. Follow all the tips that we have shared above and it will only be a matter of time before you reap the benefits of acknowledging and thanking your employees and clients. You may also see vintage thank you cards.

For now, do not forget to bookmark and save this article so that you can go back to it later on. Feel free to use any of the thank you card templates below and share them with your email list.

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