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Where’s the best place to go this season? Or the next? The beach, of course. Spring breakers spend their time getting wild at the beach, dancing and partying to some live music. And during summer, well, people still go to the beach because it simply is the best time to go there. During these seasons, you’ll see a lot of people going out to shop for bathing suits, for beach accessories, and other necessities when going there, and it definitely is a normal thing you see. You may also see photo thank you cards.

On a side note, if you are planning on hosting your own event at the beach, regardless of the season, it would only be proper to hand out thank you cards to those people who showed up at your event. If you haven’t tried writing a thank you card, or you simply want to save yourself the stress, then you might want to check out what’s in store for you below. We have here various printable thank you card templates, and these are all beach-themed, which perfectly fits the theme of your event.

Thank You Card Template

thank you card template1

Chalkboard Beach Wedding Thank You Card

chalkboard beach wedding thank you card 788x650

Check out the cool wedding thank you card template above, it just goes to show that you don’t need to actually be in the water for a meaningful and romantic photo.

Beautiful Beach Themed Wedding Thank You Card

beautiful beach themed wedding thank you card 788x763

However, if you really want to run around the sand or by the sea for your pictorials, you may also do so as seen on the thank you template above.

Sand Hearts Beach Thank You Card

sand hearts beach thank you card 788x756

What Is a Thank You Card?

Obviously enough, a thank you card is a small-sized document that expresses gratitude to the person reading it. They are usually sent by the person who hosted or is being honored in an event to their respective guests. From the name itself, thank you cards simply inform the reader that the people from the event would like to thank them for making their presence known despite their very busy schedules.

To go into details, the contents of the thank you card include the name of the host of the event, who also happens to be the sender, with a short introductory message simply expressing thanks to the reader for coming to the event that sender has hosted. Upon opening the card, a more heartfelt message which is usually personally written can be seen, and this is actually a message that is addressed specifically to a particular guest. Then of course, for a pretty-looking card, images and/or illustrations will have to be incorporated. You may also see baby thank you cards.

A slight variation of the thank you card is the thank you letter or note, which actually has a similar purpose, and has a minor difference. While thank you cards are printed on to a card stock or thick paper, thank you notes are printed on a regular paper. Another difference is that while thank you cards have an artistic cover page which is the first thing the reader sees when they open the envelope, the note counterpart doesn’t, just like any regular letter. But even with these differences, both serve the same purpose in expressing gratitude to the reader. If you want to write a letter instead, we might just have some thank you letter templates for you.

Watercolor Creatures Beach Thank You Card

watercolor creatures beach thank you card 788x657

Sand Written Beach Thank You Card

sand written beach thank you card 788x752

If you want to go for something simpler yet quite as effective, check out the design on the thank you card example above. The photo used on this template simply shows a scenery of the beach with the words “thank you” written visibly on the sand.

Rustic Wooden Planks Beach Thank You Card

rustic wooden planks beach thank you card 788x630

Why Do People Send Thank You Cards?

We already mentioned during the first part of this article not just how important, but also how courteous and respectful it is to express gratitude to the people who actually set aside time just to be able to show up to your event. While you may be able to do it personally or through the phone, this would take a lot of time and effort especially if you had quite the number of guests at your event. You may also see sympathy thank you cards.

So the most convenient yet still personal way you can express your gratitude towards these people is by sending them a thank you card. But when doing so, you may be tempted in using the same message to all of your recipients. Don’t. When giving our thank you cards, make sure to really make it personal and write individual messages to each of your recipients. This way, the reader will be able to feel how sincere you are in thanking them. To further help you out, you want to read about our guidelines on how to write a personal thank you note.

Solo Coconut Tree Beach Thank You Card

solo coconut tree beach thank you card 788x658

Silhouette images are indeed simple but very artistic. As you can see from the thank you card template above, the entire image shows a silhouette of a lone coconut tree, and the beauty of the whole image lies on its colorful background.

Surfboard Illustration Beach Thank You Card

surfboard illustration beach thank you card 788x699

Romantic Beach Lights Thank You Card

romantic beach lights thank you card 788x707

Then again, here is another template that shows something that’s quite similar to the previous template. However, this thank you card template shows a clear image of the palm trees as opposed to the previous one that merely showed the silhouette. You may also see fashion thank you cards.

What Are the Do’s and Don’ts When Using Thank You Cards?

  • Only if it’s possible or you can spare some time, DO write your message on the thank you card by hand. This way, it actually shows the reader that you have put a lot of effort in its preparation, which is something that means a lot to many people. On the other hand, if you’re handwriting is really bad, then you may want to proceed to type your message instead. You may also see fashion thank you cards.
  • DO send your thank you cards as early as you can. The earlier you send it, the better and more meaningful it is for the recipient. Because thank you cards aren’t that difficult to make, there is absolutely no reason for you to be delayed in sending them. But if by chance that your thank you cards will be delayed, send them as soon as you can, it’s better late than never. You may also see thank you card templates.
  • Expressing gratitude is always a positive gesture, and you should keep it that way when sending thank you cards. DO convey a positive tone in your message, be sincere in how you feel, and let the reader know that you truly appreciate their presence in coming to your event. You may also see birthday thank you cards.
  • If you think that having to write your thank you cards by hand is tough, then what about writing you messages totally by heart? Not really sure what that means? We are actually referring to writing each of your thank you messages differently for each recipient. DO it. Try not to think of this as a task or a responsibility, simply think of writing thank you cards as an act of expressing your feelings. That way, you will be able to think easily on what to write for each of the thank you cards. You may also see business thank you cards.
  • In relation to the previous bullet point, DON’T use pre-written messages for your thank you cards. Yes, you may use short quotes, but use them sparingly. Make sure that your personalized message comes as the most emphasized feature. It doesn’t matter if it’s your own message or not, don’t use something that’s pre-written. And for templates, they’re there simply as basis, an initial design so you won’t have to start from scratch. So if the template already comes with its own message, discard it and write one yourself. You may also see handmade thank you cards.
  • DON’T be too concerned or shy about what to write, it might hinder you from writing what you really feel. Dig deep inside your heart, just be truthful and sincere, and write what your heart tells you. You may also see vintage thank you cards.

Luxurious Beach Themed Wreath Thank You Card

luxurious beach themed wreath thank you card 788x700

Rustic Luau Beach Thank You Card

rustic luau beach thank you card 788x731

Rustic Nautical Beach Thank You Card

rustic nautical beach thank you card 788x760

Why Do People Enjoy Going to the Beach?

For one thing, people indeed enjoy going to the beach during the spring and summer seasons, but for what reason? We already know some of those reasons, and it includes swimming or getting a tan, but there should be more than just that, and that’s what we’ll be talking about in a bit. You may also see printable thank you card templates.

People like going to the beach to spend time with the family, relatives, or friends, and they don’t even need to go to the water. They can actually do a lot of things while at the beach aside from just swimming, they can spend their time sitting on the sand, eating their meals or snacks, drinking some wine, or just talk to each other. You may also see restaurant thank you cards.

While not all beaches allow this, but people actually enjoy lighting up a bonfire on the sand. At night, beach goers would usually set up a bonfire and gather around it for several reasons. One of which is because the bonfire provides them with the light they need without having to use electricity. Another is that since it does get a little cold and windy at the beach at nighttime, the fire provides them with warmth and comfort. Lastly, if the beach area has a lot of insects flying around, the bonfire makes for a great natural insect repellent. You may also see thank you notes.

For those people who use social media a lot, then the beach would an ideal place for them to do some photo shoots. The beach has all the necessary elements for a mesmerizing photograph, natural light from the sun that reflects off the sand, the greens from the trees, and the bluish tinge from the sky and the seawater. All that’s needed is the perfect angle to capture all those and your photo will definitely end up a masterpiece. You may also see sports thank you cards.

There are indeed countless of ways people can enjoy doing at the beach, whether you’ll be by yourself or with a group of people. If you can’t think of the beach as a giant playground, then you may want to think of it as a place for relaxation and serenity, or a place that allows people to bond with each other. You may also see funeral thank you cards.

Underwater Life Beach Thank You Card

underwater life beach thank you card 788x684

Mesmerizing Beach View Thank You Card

mesmerizing beach view thank you card 788x650

Funny Minimalist Beach Thank You Card

funny minimalist beach thank you card 788x863

If you want to add some humor to your thank you cards, you may do so. You may insert some funny quotes and jokes to let your recipient give out a few giggles while reading your thank you message. If you are looking for some sort of inspiration on how you can pull this off, check out the funny thank you card template above.

Lights and Palms Beach Thank You Card

lights and palms beach thank you card 788x758

Birds Eye View Beach Thank You Card

birds eye view beach thank you card 788x683

If you think that the beach is already beautiful when you look at it from a person’s eye level, wait until you see how mesmerizing it looks from a bird’s eye view. Check out the image used in the template above and tell us how amazingly stunning that looks. You may also see kids thank you cards.

Sea Shell Heart Beach Thank You Card

sea shell heart beach thank you card 788x735

Flat Beach Illustrations Thank You Card

flat beach illustrations thank you card 788x642

Mesmerizing Beach View Thank You Card

red hibiscus beach thank you card 788x727

In designs or images, it is always advised to use contrasting colors to allow these elements to effectively stand out and be distinguished. With blue, the color that contrasts with it the most is red, and the thank you card template above effectively shows how to do that while being able to balance the two colors.

Sea Turtles Underwater Beach Thank You Card

sea turtles underwater beach thank you card 788x756

Don’t be fooled by these sea turtles’ grumpy faces on this thank you card template, they are actually there to say thank you for coming to the event. You may also see holiday thank you cards.

Romantic Beach Pictorial Thank You Card

romantic beach pictorial thank you card 788x636

What did you think of our beach-themed thank you card designs and templates? Were you able to find a design that works perfectly for the kind of event that you organized? We hope so. You know what makes our templates special? It’s because they were designed by highly skillful and imaginative graphic artists from all over the world, and these artists know very well how to make their creations stand out. Other than that, these templates are not only the best, but they are indeed the best from among the most exceptional thank you card templates that we have found all over the internet.

With regards to the versatility of this template, you may be glad to hear that each and every one of these cool thank you card templates can be fully edited while still capable of preserving their details, qualities, and sharpness. There is only one catch though, to be able to enjoy those capabilities, you may need to use the right editing tool for them, which means Adobe Illustrator for vector files, and Adobe Photoshop for PSD files.

Lastly, you won’t have to worry about the costs when downloading these templates, because we assure you that you will not need to spend a lot of money for these. These thank you card templates come in very reasonable prices, and even those on a tight budget may be able to download these. With all that said, what are you waiting for? Scroll back up, point that cursor where it should be, and click on that download button now. You may also see business thank-you card designs.

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