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Graphic elements become endemic to epidemic these days. Now they are omnipresent. While it’s an undeniable fact that graphical representation is a strong means of presentation, overusing them makes the webpage cluttered and also reduces the space. Hence the elements should be used as and when required. Reminds you the Gestalt Psychology :).

How do you feel seeing a flowchart intermittently on a webpage or a page abundantly filled with images? It not only distracts the reader but also greatly affects the flow. If you are practicing the same methodology, you yourself are suggesting the reader to your competitor.

Primary elements of graphic design such as text, color, size, space, shape, line, and value play a key role in creating visual interest and helps in engaging the reader. They not only decide, but also dictates the readership. Other elements such as dominance and harmony, balance, and emphasis also influence a website’s traffic. To cut short, one has to practice these for ages, if they want to be a successful web developer.

The worldwide consortium standard for vector graphics is Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).
Remember that many popular and high-traffic websites are with limited images. Why? Because they know that too many images lead to information overloading. In a way, less is more in this regard.

Basically, images are divided into two types: Raster images and Vector images.
Rastor graphics are pixelated while vector graphics are composed of paths. Example of Raster images: JPEG and GIF.

Uses of Vector Graphics:

Vector images are easily scalable object oriented graphics. Adobe Illustrator is a popular vector image drawing tool. One of the main reasons, people use vector images is that it won’t loses its quality, even if it is scaled up.

Purpose of Vector Graphics:

The purpose of Vector Graphics is to have a collection of vector elements so that we can use them on the fly. These are helpful especially in the eleventh-hour rush. Also, Vector images are ideal for print-ready.

Types of Vectors:

PDF: Printed Document Format, widely known as PDF is a household name, which almost every digital literate person is familiar with. Platform independent Document format is a very good vector image format.

AI: Adobe Illustrator is one such format which is for vector images, but less persuasive than the Adobe Pdf format.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics): Vector graphics are also called Scalable Vector Graphics. CorelDRAW and latest versions of AI best support the SVG.

DXF: Drawing Exchange Format. A CAD format from Autodesk, used by CAD tools from many different vendors.

Apart from the above, there are numerous other formats as well such as CDR and XAR.

How to use:

Use any vector image tools such as Adobe Illustrator and open it. For example, if you use AI:
Go to File,
click open,
browse the vector image,
select the image and click open


For successful results, while working with vector images, be choosy with the colors. Try to limit the colors as far as possible. So that it won’t become a problem while printing. Use grayscale wherever and whenever possible. Also be cautious with the resolution.

Below are the Top Websites to find Free Web & Graphic Elements:

creativeonl 788x is a leading supplier of web design, graphic design, and other creative digital services for startups and SMEs. This company specializes in digital marketing services for organizations that want to improve their digital ROI by developing and strengthening their online channels. is operated by a dedicated team of experts who are focused on excellent customer service and high-quality creative work.


Freepik stood in the first row when it comes to the database of free vector designs. It holds the largest pool of graphic designers in the world. Freepik works with an intent to offer high-resolution designs to the users: it’s design team with utmost care select the illustrations and graphics resources.

The company was founded by the brothers Alejandro and Pablo Blanes along with successful Joaquin Cuenca, founder of successful startups, such as Panoramio (acquired by Google). Freepik creates hundreds of free vectors daily.


FlatIcon is another good database, which is flooded with thousands of free vector icons. Its repository is tightly packed with free icons available in all formats like PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE64 formats. Also, it’s extension is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. One can search the icons and add to the project by just double-clicking on them.

freevectors is a community of enthusiastic vector-lovers who share their graphic interests. Recently uploaded Vectors are displayed at the top of the page, and all the images are absolutely free. After visiting the site, if you still feel there is a room for improvement, you can suggest the same as they are open for that.

templatenet is one of the fastest burgeoning community these days. The preponderance of vector graphics will amaze you. Be it infographic elements or the vector templates – finding your illustration desired illustration is so easy-peasy here. Images are so organized that you will never face difficulty in searching images even once.


The website has teamed with toon graphics. It is a gargantuan directory of vector graphics of all characters in various postures with various backgrounds. The site generates loads of traffic every day as thousands of visitors come to the site for multiple purposes. GraphicMama was started as an ambitious side project of 2create Studio, an IT company situated quite near the seashore of Varna, Bulgaria.


894,300 – the number says it all. The company gasconades about the humongous and behemoth range of vector graphics it owes. One will get the free access to the mammoth collection of icons, but to use them, you need to pay the premium per month. And there are monthly and annual subscriptions as well. However, the site ensures that everyone will get the perfect image for their needs.


Keeping the behemoth in it’s name, the site really possesses a monstrous collection of Vector images. All this while respecting the design guidelines of Windows, Android, or iOS. Other features including each icon is carefully designed on a 24-pixel grid, each set of icons contains fill and outline version, and each icon is available in SVG, AI, PSD, and PNG formats. Click Here.


Pixeden deep roots to the idea of bestowing one-stop solution of all the designer needs. The same sows the seed for their hard loving work. All the resources are royalty free and hence can be used in commercial and personal projects. However, a premium member of this site will get access to the support service to modify and use our resources in your projects.


Vectorportal is a huge index of vector graphics. Vectorportal beats its chest for being repeatedly voted as top 10 free vector resource by various graphic design sites. They also distribute free vectors from other artists who want to showcase their works to the visitors. The creativity mission has been going on for years now and designers are still contributing diligently each month.


Sometimes simple is the best. Dribbble is one such website with simple and adorable vector illustrations. You can make gracious vector ornaments from this space for your website. Users will have access to use, edit, distribute and modify vectors for their commercial purposes without any permission. But don’t try to claim them as your own or sell them :).


More than 9,000 hand drawn art nouveau from the best sources printed in the last two centuries. The rare vintage style luxurious drawings flourished are picked from rare type foundry catalogs. Illustrations are automatically traced by a software, but we created an optimized process to ensure that we get best quality. Click Here


Since its forte in 2000, istock took the industry by storm by creating vector images with unparagoned quality. Now they are the famous crowd pullers and a major source for user-generated stock photos, vectors, and illustrations, video clips and music clips without charging a single penny. They believe that imagination is better than knowledge.
We believe that imagery has the power to move the world. We also believe that our customers deserve the very best stock content.


All freebies on internet, this is to announce you that vecteezy is offering hoards of vector images for all your purposes. The site conducts weekly update and the community provides an opportunity to communicate with like-minded people. Vecteezy is a sister site of brusheezy, which was started by shawn in 2007.


A nine year old blog, which started with freebie vector sharing groomed gradually and is now eagerly looking forward to celebrate a decade. Effection between Royal Leaders and Loyal Readers. :):) The company is now jubilant that putting in the work and steadily progressing paid off in the long run. Click Here


Many designers around the globe are taking their time everyday to visit the site to learn the cool stuff and to share some tips. Though it charges the customers, number of visits are high due to the reasonable and affordable prices. Click Here.





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