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20+ Free Websites to Find Vector Graphics

The motto of every graphic designer is to design great quality pictures and images with a good accuracy and wide vividness of colours. In today’s world, depicting digital sketches with the help of a computer has become a familiar thing to make that sketch, even more, better you need graphical skills, in those skills vector graphics is one of the most required ones. Now, what we need to have a focus on is, what are vector graphics and why to use vector graphics???

The answer to this question is very simple for the designers who use these graphics frequently, but the common sole has no idea about vector graphics. Yes likewise in physics, vectors are the polygonal representation of lines. Similar to those physics’ vectors, graphical vectors also use the polygons to depict images or pictures in the computer graphics to have an admirable sketch.

Vector design depends on the vectors which decide the heading of the way and takes care of shading, shaping, bending, thickness and filling of the graphics used to depict an image. The expression “vector design” is utilized today as a part of the set of two-dimensional computer representation. It is one of a few modes a computer designer can use to make a picture on a raster show.

Uses Of Vector Graphics

  1. Adobe Illustrator: It is one of the business pioneers in vector drawing applications. This was one of the first programming applications delivered by Adobe. Initially utilized for making vector outlines for print, it is presently utilized for making web and screen-based design. This takes into account nearer reconciliation with Adobe’s web composing and 2D liveliness application, Adobe Flash.
  2. CorelDRAW: An another mainstream vector drawing application. It has numerous comparable elements to Illustrator. At the season of composing CorelDRAW is a piece of a suite of utilizations known as CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, which comprises five applications, including a bitmap editorial manager Corel Photo-Paint.
  3. Adobe Flash: Adobe Flash Player is the standard for conveying high-affect, rich Web content.
  4. Purpose of Vector Graphics

    1. Due to their ease of creation, they have a fixed place in the heart of designers for making brilliant images.
    2. The chance of image misinterpretation decreases as we increase the use of vector graphics, many times we get offended by blurred pictures and get in rage but with the help of vector graphics we are able to reduce that blurriness and have an eye soothing image.
    3. If you are new in design, the vector graphics is a boom for you. Being new to the designing, you need to re-edit the image a hundred times and with the help of vector graphics, you are on the go. It becomes very easy to re-edit the images a number of times. You may also see Business Vectors.
    4. What if you get a blurred, distorted image of your favorite picture, will tear the page or what? To have a fine print of the image you need better vividness of colors in the image which is easily possible with the help of vector graphics. Make use of those vector graphics and enjoy your prints.
    5. No picture or an image can beat the moving pictures, yes you are thinking right what’s on my mind. Animated pictures are the life of presentations you need to know, the more animated images you have the better presentation you are going to give. Vector graphics is a handy tool for creating animations and presentations.

    Types of Vector Graphics

    1. CGM-: CGM stands for Computer Graphics Metafile, a file format for 2D vectors.
    2. Gerber Format-: A 2D bi-level image description format.
    3. SVG-: It stands for Scalable Vector Graphics.
    4. MathML
    5. NAPLPS: Stands for North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax
    6. ODG: OpenDocument Graphics
    7. XPS: XML Paper Specification

    Here are some free websites to provide you the vectors of your choice


    Vecteezy is a group of vector craft that gives a spot to vector craftsmen to make and trade an assortment of free vector designs. It’s likely a standout amongst the most mainstream vector sites judging by the guest number. In any case, it appears that they go for amount rather than quality.

    free vector archive

    Free Vector Archive is not the greatest vector site, but rather certainly the most demanding about the quality. It provides vector graphics with the best quality.

    vector open stock

    Awesome Vectors is one of my most loved vector sites – they list top notch vectors, as well as make a considerable measure of extraordinary vectors themselves. As of now, there are more than 1000 free vectors on their site.

    free vectors is a quickly developing free stock vector site. At this moment more than 1000 free vectors sorted by classifications are amassed together for downloads.


    free pik

    Made to offer you some assistance with finding free vector workmanship, representations, symbols, PSD and photographs for use in your outlines, Freepik produces several free vectors every day – which can be downloaded in AI, EPS, and SVG design – and has more than one million free vectors and photographs on offer.


    fudge graphics

    The Fudge graphics portal is one very good option for those of you that are always scouring for vectors to download and use in projects. The site is run by Franz Jeitz. And although the site is not home to a huge collection of vector-collectibles, it does feature one of the best free splatter vector documents accessible on the web.

    Vector Stock

    vector stock


    All Free Download

    all free download


    Free Vector

    free vector


    1001 Free Downloads

    001 free downloads


    Free Design File

    free design file


    Free – Vector Art & Illustration

    free vector art illustration


    Vector 4 Free

    vector 4 free


    Free Vectors Art

    free vectors art


    Cool Vectors

    cool vectors


    Vector Junky

    vector junky



    vector eps





    Vector Wallpapers

    vector wallpapers


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