Top 48 Mesmerizing Abstract Art Icons Collections


Abstract art is defined as that art which does not portray instantly-recognizable objects or scenes. This is a rather vague definition, since most art is sometimes abstract. They are also called non-objective art, non-figurative art, geometric art, concrete art, and non-representational art. One thing that is common to all abstract art is the fact that it pricks the imagination. The fact that it is not in the usual depiction of objects and scenes, makes the mind want to linger on the art. Now you can have icons that are done using abstract art, and you can use them on your website to give it more appeal. Here are 50 abstract art icons sets that you can use.

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1) Design elements set


This is a set in various colors, in vector form, that are all somewhat spherical. They are ideal for themes leaning towards cyclic trends.

2) Europe glossy icons collection


A collection of European national flags set against a spherical object. The background is white so you can place this on a white website.

3) Ecology icons


These are abstract icons depicting ecological functions. These are great for a website that deals with environmental conservation.

4) Swirly Abstract Line graphics


The icons are in various forms of a swirl. The icons have a blue and grey them that blend into each other.

5) Abstract Fish


Fish forms in black and white, and very abstract. These are ideal for blog, which deal with issues that are feminine in nature.

6) 3d abstract icons


These are icons that depict abstract art cut out of a 3D block. These are great for a building construction, or gaming website.

7) Icon design elements


Various icon design elements that have a wide range of applications.

8) Farming, vegetarian & agriculture icon


Farming, vegetarian & agriculture icon set green, abstract icons that depict various farming activities, and are therefore suitable for farming and agricultural produce websites.

9) Vector collection of pink spa icons


Vector collection of pink spa icons icons depicting various treatments that are found in spas. The theme is directed at the spa industry.

10) Illustration of set of water and leaves icon on isolated background


Illustration of set of water and leaves icon on isolated background beautiful icons that rely on the theme of water, and leaves. These are ideal for a website, or blog that discusses the conservation of the environment, especially water resources and forests.

11) Hand Drawn Seamless Science Icons


These are icons that are hand drawn and have a scientific theme. These are great for an education portal or website.

12) People Icons set


People Icons setpurple, yellow, blue

13) Pixel web icons collection


Pixel web icons collection abstract icons that are somewhat pixilated around the bends to give them a

14) Collage of human abstract Concept with human abstract


Collage of human abstract Concept with human abstract these are swirly icons that depict an abstract human form holding a leaf.

15) Business icons design


These are icons in red and gray, and are great for business websites. The forms are not easily recognizable, but they have a corporate feel.

16) Different kind of Arts Icons


Icons that depict various arts, such as theatre, sculpting, pottery, etc. These are great for a website that deals in this niche.

17) Collection of brightly colored weather icons


icons that are similar to those that you see during a weather report on television, only that they are much tastier.

18) Hand drawn music icon set


As the name depicts, these are hand drawn icons that are designed for websites that deal with issues musical.

19) Set of vector abstract logos


These are icons that have a corporate logo feel.

21) Business Design elements


Business Design elements icons in red, blue, and grey that have a corporate feel. They also have shadows that are in the design colors.

22) Speech bubbles. Original illustration



23) Icon design elements #92713390


These are a set of business-oriented icons.

24) Web icons ready for design against white background, abstract


Web icons ready for design against white background, abstract the icons have a “webding” design, but are in 3D.

25) Set of vector green abstract signs


Set of vector green abstract signs fantastic shiny icons in a green and gray theme that would be great for a corporate website.

26) Business abstract icons set


A set of icons, arrows and circles that can be used in a corporate website.

27) Colorful nature icon set


Great set of icons depicting nature. Once again, these are ideal for an environment-themed website.

28) Spiral and rotation design elements.



29) Abstract Design Elements 2D and 3D Extreme Collection with 132 colorful pieces



30) set of abstract icons



31) Various green abstract icons isolated on a white background



32) Design elements. Icons set. Vector.



33) Spiral movement and rotation. Design elements set. Vector art.



34) over two hundred different pre-loader design elements



35) Globe and world map icons on gray



36) Vector real estate icon set



37) Vector GPS navigation icons. Part 1



38) 100 vector metallic icons



39) Design elements set. Abstract icons with spiral motion. Stencils



40) 72 different colorful vector icons: (set 1)



41) Vector illustration of abstract icons based on the letter L



42) Spa and wellness icon collection



43) Collection of abstract blue icons / logos

44) web icons



45) Abstract style modern and vintage mobile gadgets



46) collection of abstract icons



47) Vector seamless pattern with education icons – abstract background



48) Trees icons set



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