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51+ Android Fonts – Make Your Device More Lookable

The preloaded Roboto Free TTF font download on Android smartphones or tablets allows the user to easily read anything and navigate on the device. If you have been using an Android smartphone for a long time, you may find the default fonts to be boring. Hence, more Android users prefer to use other different Best fonts on their handsets, such as cute calligraphy or iPhone characters. There are even users who prefer ethnic fonts on their phones, such as Arabic and Urdu.

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Amazing And Stylish Fonts For Your Android Smartphone

Any Android smartphone user will be familiar with the type font that is usually associated with Android. And while it is quite extraordinary, being unique to typeface in android, it can become monotonous and boring after a while. For users who want to keep updating the look of their phone, it would probably be best to keep changing the font of the phone. With a plethora of options to choose from, you could change your Android font every week, if not every day. You can download TTF fonts for android, and use them to give your phone a makeover. And don’t worry, changing font styles on your Android device has never been easier, especially with font templates easily available on most useful android apps free download the internet.

How to Use Android Font Templates?

We spend many an hour searching for varied things on the internet, and as such, have become quite adept in the art of obtaining the information we require. It has made our lives easier, especially since almost everything is found online. Free android fonts are available, in case you do not want to shell out some money to change your font. All you have to do is download one of these templates online, and change the font. You can browse through the options, and even download a few of them to have a choice. And what’s more, Android keeps updating its fonts so that you have newer options to choose from. The Android fonts 2016 happen to be extremely tasteful, modern, and sophisticated.

Where to Get These Fonts?

Why, the internet, of course! Have you been looking for the best fonts for Android? Well, that requires you to patiently browse through countless options till you find “the one”. It may be a while, but you are sure to come across a few fonts which will blow your mind away. The Android store also offers a range of fonts when it comes to changing them. If you want to stick with that, you’re welcome to do so. Unless you’re more of the adventurous sort and would like to try out something new.

English Fonts Collection Android Font

This exclusive font would look good on your phone if you want the best android to add designs. With a smart, yet unusual font style, this template looks tasteful and sophisticated. If you want a more corporate look for your phone, then you can try this template.

Graphics Font


Do you have a kid who loves fiddling with your phone? Then you can download this template as a treat for him. This is undoubtedly the coolest font ever, with brightly colored graphics to go along with it. Also, it would add a dash of color to your otherwise monotonous daily life.

Android Insomnia

This would be the best phone font if you’ve been looking for a fun, quirky appearance for your phone. You can download this template, and see how it looks on your phone and if you like it. It is easy to read, which can be an issue with some of the fonts.

Simple Stylish Android Fonts

This brightly colored font, with a stunning combination of blue and yellow, would look great on your Android device. Before clicking the download option, you can visualize and judge for yourself if this is the look you want.

Tameside font Design

This is Android’s best font since it looks official and professional. If you want to keep it simple and graceful, this is the font for you. So what are you waiting for, download this font style today and give your phone the look you always wanted!

Smiletex Font


Angelina Android Font


Lyrics Card Cool Fonts


Tune Trivia Font


Typography Poster Font


Day 61 What The Font

Android 7 Font


TT Marks Font


Font Icon Download


Roboto Best Font


Stickles Cute Font


Quicksand Dash


Digitalium Extended Font


Android 3D Shadow Font


Forest Line Condensed Font


Article Handwriting Script Font


Lolapeluza Android Font


Mumayi Font



It has got a mechanical structure and the patterns are by and large geometric. But on the other hand, this font provides an open curved comfortable typeface as well.

Recognition Typeface Font

This Recognition Typeface Font provides fonts that have sliced ends. Trust the broad-faced white font to drive home the message in style, with a hint of crispness.

JLS Space GothicC

Make your phone look like it has come from Star Trek movies or some space mission with this JLS space gothic font. The bulbous stems of the font characters make your text look like something from the other galaxies!

IDroid Androind Font

Some alphabets can be understood even when they are written incomplete. You can make it the typeface style of your phone by using the JLS Space GothicC font.

Green Avocado – Free Android Font

How about your font-shaped oval just like an avocado. This green avocado font gives a typeface that resembles the shape of the delicious fruit avocado.

Earth Aircraft Universe Font

This Earth Aircraft Universe Font has a geometric pattern that provides an open curved comfortable typeface. This free font is perfect for somber messages, particularly when used in dark themes designs.

Samsung Droid Serif Font


Droid Robot


iPhone Droid Sans Font


Android Scratch


Android Nation Font












Think Techno


Smart Watch


Best Mobile Font

Best Font Pack for Android

Vont for Android Nation Font Family

Amazing Android Logo Font


Android Urdu Arabic Font Template


Android Calligraphy Font Template


Android App Font

  By using a new font, you can make the UI design of your phone appear lively. If the font appears ugly, you won’t enjoy reading on your handset. The stock edition of Android which comes preloaded on Nexus devices and Google Play Editions do not have an inbuilt feature to modify the font present on it. On the other side, Android smartphones from other users allow their users to choose desirable fonts. To modify the font on Nexus devices and Google Play Editions, one needs to make use of a custom launcher and then choose the font that came along with the launcher. Here is a list of the best Android fonts that will make your phone appear desirable. The compilation of Free Android fonts that we have got for you comprises some of the well-acclaimed custom fonts for Android smartphones and tablets.

Then why not spice up your user interface with some cool new fonts? Check out these android fonts download to select the one that works best for you.

How to Change Fonts on Android?

Changing fonts in Android studio font is a piece of cake when you come to think of it. There are a lot of ways of changing fonts, and the easiest way to do it is by going to your phone’s Settings. You will find an option there which allows you to change fonts. However, if you want more options where fonts are concerned, you can visit Google App Store or any site on the internet to download them. For example, Google Play Store has numerous font installer apps which you can install on your phone. They keep coming up with new fonts regularly, and you too can update your collection. There are also several templates available online, which could serve as samples as you change your font.

How to Download New Fonts on Android?

Android happens to be the most versatile of all smartphone operating systems. It allows you to experiment with your phone just the way you please. If you own a Samsung phone, you can easily visit the official site for Android and find Samsung fonts download here. For all other Android devices, including Samsung, numerous sites allow you to download templates free of cost.

We Are Here to Help!

If you’ve been looking for modern Android fonts, then you will be spoilt for choice at We have countless templates, where you can look at the fonts, decide if you like them, and download them if they catch your eye. You can try out templates, and download as many as you want on

Droid Serif Font

The Droid Serif font has come up with a semi-formal tone, oozing a sophisticated minimalist appeal. You can use it for your posters, flyers, or banners- where you need to have some pronounced effect but do not need something outlandish.

Droid Robot

With Android claiming an overwhelming presence in the contemporary “smart’ world, this font with the signature Android robot as the frame seems surely relevant. The white and green together make a neat combo.

Droid Sans Font

The Droid San font here would be great if you are in search of something sleek and formal with a simplistic aura. It would be great for your official letters.

Android Scratch

If you are looking for something out of the box with fonts, this Android Scratch font is one of the stylish android fonts out there. The fusion of small & capital letters has presented an edgy look, further accentuated by don’t-care incomplete endings of the letters.

Android Nation Font

The entire font emulates a triangle look that closely resembles the “delta” letter from the Greek alphabet. If you are looking for cool android fonts, don’t bother to look further.


It’s a plain simple font yet with a refined air around it. In this case, you have social media icons transferred into fonts for a convenient operation for web designers.


True to its name, the very font comes up with a compact form just like a committed athlete who stoops firm on the ground and would be ready to run just from the word “go”.


The entire font carries an umbrella-like semi-circular rounded look that is not exactly circled and the open end talks about the endless possibilities lying ahead in the future. The light neon shade is surely edgy.


If you are looking for something creative, something that we don’t see every day, this font here would be amazing for you with its unique geometrical pattern that reminds you of symbols or icons.


The font here has come up with a light fluffy effect that makes it look like written with water drops. The stretched feel reminds you of smiling faces creating a fun effect around.


The entire font depicts a distinct rounded feel with edgy sides- that do not convey the typical tender feel of a circle and rather focuses on a poised firmness assuring a neat look all through.


If you are looking for simple yet elegant Android smartphone fonts, this font here would be a good pick for you. The elongated letters ooze a feel of long strides.

Think Techno

This font surely comes among the top 10 fonts for android with its state-of-the-art techno feel. The fine sides have beautifully created an edgy contrast with the fat and you would simply love the funky shades.

Smart Watch

When it comes to top fonts for android, this smartwatch hogs a good share of the limelight. The beauty of the font is the way some of the letters have been patterned as the square dial of a smartwatch.

Write the Different Fonts for Android

There is a wide range of fonts for Android that can be easily downloaded using the various Android font apps. The most popular and the Best Free Android Fonts however are Open Sans, Roboto, Quicksand, Great Vibes, Alex Brush, Pacifico, Raleway, Good Dog, Aller, Lobster, Oswald to name a few.

Explaining the Top 10 Android Font

When it comes to Android fonts you will see that the Samsung default font is the best font among all the smartphones. The Android fonts also include Beautiful Cursive & Handwritten Fonts which are available on some popular websites and apps. The Android fonts like Open Sans, Lobster, Oswald, Quicksand, Roboto, etc. are extremely attractive and can enhance the charm of any device.

How to Change Android Fonts Without Root?

It has been seen that in the absence of a root Android device it is not possible to change the Android fonts. Well, not anymore. You can now choose the best fonts from the “Top Ten Free Font Providers which Web Designers should know” list and change your fonts even without root. You can do this by using GoLauncher or fonts both of which can work even in the absence of a root android device. So, now you can get any kind of font including the handwriting font for Android on your devices.

Where to Create Font Folder in Android?

Here is how you can create a font folder on Android.

  • 1. Open the project folder.
  • 2. Click on App>Src>Main.
  • 3. Now create a folder named Assets.
  • 4. In this, you can create a folder named Fonts and store all your custom fonts and Professional Fonts for Web Designers in 2016 here.

How to Change Android Font Style?

There are many ways in which you can change the Android font style. If you have a root Android device you just need to click on Settings>My Devices> Display> Font Style and select the font you like. In absence of a root, you can use apps like HiFont, GoLauncher, Font Installer, etc.


The uses of Android fonts are as follows.

  • 1. These come in handy when creating Android App Designs with Beautiful Interface.
  • 2. These can be downloaded and used to change the look of your device.
  • 3. These can be used by web designers to give a new look to the pages created by them.
  • 4. These can be used by app designers who are involved in creating new apps for Androids.
  • 5. Graphic designers can make use of these fonts to enhance the look of their designs.

Android fonts can come in handy not just to change the look of your device but also to add text to new designs and apps. You can also use these when creating brochures, documents, and whatnot. Earlier, these fonts were confined to the Android platform only. However, over the years Best Free Fonts on Android are available on various websites online, thus making it possible for you to download these and use them for your various projects. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out these fonts today.

If you have any DMCA issues with this post, please feel free to contact us!

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