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What is an Advertising Flyer?

An advertising flyer is an excellent marketing tool for promotional uses with a wide range of scope and marketing distribution. There are two ways to distribute advertising flyers, the traditional advertising flyers which are printed on paper are distributed manually, while the modern advertising flyers which are distributed online through the internet and social media.

How to Create an Advertising Flyer?

Every business needs to create a good advertisement to entice clients to buy their products and services. But unlike other advertising materials, flyers are one of the cheapest to produce and can reach more people compared to other promotional tools.

1. Identify Your Purpose

There must be a purpose why you want to advertise something. Obviously, earning money is your basic goal, but what else do you plan to achieve in doing so? Some common reasons to advertise your business is to generate brand loyalty, to give your company a positive image, to attract customers, to compete, and to keep your business at the top of your consumer's mind. So, which purpose do you plan to achieve? Does all of them apply to your flyer?

2. Know Your Target Audience

Next, is to know who your target audience is. Different businesses interact and serve different types of clients. Be aware of the activities of your clients and the geographic location where you plan to advertise. Are you into the food business? Real estate business? Or into the travel business? Identify your potential clients, do research on their needs and address them.

3. Emphasize Your Benefits

Check for trends occurring that can be beneficial for your business and develop an excellent solution for your client's current problem. Emphasize your benefits and create a good description of your simple flyer. Keep your descriptions brief but accurate, and stay on the topic. Don't go jumping from one subject to another if it's not related to your topic, because this will only confuse your readers.

4. Draft Your Design

Flyers with attractive designs have higher chances of drawing clients and readers alike to read through your content compared to bland flyers. Be creative and be unique with your designs. To help you, you can hire professional graphic designers to create a flyer design for you, or you can download ready-made templates on advertising flyer here at to create your layout.

5. Organize Your Content

Now that everything is set, it is time to organize your content. Arrange the content and design you initially made for the flyer, and use readable font styles and sizes for your text. Blend everything well and assess if there is a need to create any changes. Make sure that your designs can easily capture your reader's attention even from afar.

6. Print and Distribute Your Flyer

After you have rechecked everything, you may print your flyers with good paper quality and distribute them. If you plan to advertise photography classes, it is best to post your flyers at schools and photography events. But, if you are marketing a new type of food, restaurants, bakeries, and food trucks are good places to distribute your sample flyers.

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