Advertising Agency Agreement Templates

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Sometimes, your memory is not enough to remember every crucial agreement you have with your ad agency's client. So, it's a must to record them in a document. And to save time writing all your terms and conditions, download a template from our collection of ready-made Advertising Agency Agreement Templates. These templates are 100% editable. What are you waiting for? Download a template now!

How to Create an Advertising Agency Agreement

According to Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC, you can't fully protect your interests without recording them in a document. So, when you have any verbal agreements with your advertising or digital marketing agency clients, consider recording them in an agreement document. And to guide you with that, check out the tips below.

1. Limit Ambiguity

Much like writing a company contract, your agreement has to be clear. Your payment terms, provisions, etc. must not be misleading, vague, or arguable. If you write clear terms and conditions, you will have a little chance of future problems.

2. Keep Everything Simple

You don't have to sound like a lawyer and use legalese writing since not all people can understand that language. Your priority should be the clearness of your words and sentences in your agency agreement. In writing, use formal language and concise sentences to sound professional.

3. Include the Details that'll Solve Disputes

Even when you're vigilant and careful in the future to avoid problems, you can't steer away from possible disputes. But disputes shouldn't lead any party going to court because you can provide solutions to them and write them on the sample agreement.

4. Write the Termination Terms

Don't forget to write the circumstances on how or when the business agreement will end. Write the incidents or events that can lead to termination without the other party violating the document. 


  • What is another word for agreement or contract?

      The list below contains some of the terms that are synonymous with the words agreement or contract.

      1. Arrangement
      2. Understanding
      3. Bond
      4. Compact
      5. Bargain
      6. Compliance
      7. Alliance
      8. Pact
  • What does agreement mean?

      An agreement is an arrangement or pact between two parties and can be written or not. Usually, an agreement contains the terms that the two parties must do or not.

  • What is the difference between an agreement and a contract?

      An agreement is an informal or formal understanding between two parties and can't be enforced in court. On the other hand, a contract is an agreement between two parties with valid terms and conditions. Additionally, a contract is valid and can be enforced in court.  

  • What do you mean by void agreement?

      A void agreement is an agreement that has no legal consequences for anyone. Additionally, you can't enforce a void agreement in court.

  • What are the advantages of advertising?

      Advertising has a lot of benefits for your company. Through advertising, you can promote your newest products and services to the mass. You can also increase your sales since a lot of people will know about your brand. Additionally, you can also outshine your competitions.