Advertising Agency Contract Templates

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What Is an Advertising Agency Contract?

An advertising agency contract is an agreement between an agency and its client. This document layouts all the duties and promises that each party must follow. 

How to Make an Advertising Agency Contract

Create a professional and well-made ad agency contract with the help of the tips below.

1. Keep Your Writing Simple

You may probably believe that you need to use legalese style in writing service contracts, but it's alright not to do so. For most, legalese writing is hard to understand. So, for better communication between you and the client, write readable and simple sentences and phrase. There's no need to use legalese terms to sound formal.

2. Include All Essential Details

When writing, be careful not to miss any crucial detail on your sample contract. You must include the essential details like the scope of work, services (advertising promotion, market research, etc.), payment obligations, terms and conditions, etc. These details must be clear to leave no room for ambiguity. 

3. Input the Termination Terms

Contracts must show when you can end your relationship with each other. Write the grounds about when can either party terminate the business contract. The details must be clear because it can significantly affect your relationship with each other.

4. Write How You Can Resolve Problems

Problems and disputes can arise anytime. You must include in your advertising agreement how you can resolve these possible disputes while working with each other. This is an essential section because rather than going to court or terminating your contract hastily, you can solve the problem immediately.

5. Call for Professional Help

Although you don't need an attorney all the time when creating company contracts, having a professional opinion does wonder. You can let your attorney read your contract and ask if you need to revise or add more details to make your contract better.


  • What happens if a contract is not signed?

      There are circumstances when the other party doesn't sign the contract. But this doesn't mean that the contract isn't legally binding anymore. In fact, it still is if the other party has paid for a deposit and the other party has started the work already. 

  • What is an unfair contract?

      An unfair contract contains unequal, inconsistent, and constrained terms that usually favor one party instead of supporting both.

  • What are the two types advertising agencies?

      Advertising agencies have two types, according to The Hartford. The two categories of agencies are specialized agencies and full-service advertising agencies. Full-service agencies are those who offer absolute services for advertising. Oppositely, specialized agencies only offer limited advertising services to their clients.

  • What is an agency relationship?

      An agency relationship pertains to the fiduciary relationship between two parties. The other person has the permission from the other party to do things on his or her behalf. 

  • What are unenforceable contracts?

      You can consider a contract unenforceable when the court can't enforce or implement it for various legal reasons. It can be because the other party forced or tricked the other to sign the contract. It can also be because the other party cannot fulfill it.