When promoting a business or organization, there’s a lot of careful planning that goes into it. In order to do so, discussions and decisions are made by higherups beforehand. And after these marketing discussions, post-meeting notes are put together as logs and reminders. Do you need to expedite your own writing process? Then consider using one of our professional Advertising Meeting Minutes Templates! Use our samples for meetings about clients, budgets, objectives, and more. And, for your convenience, our content comes easily editable in several file formats and page sizes. So, don’t keep delaying and download now—quickly put together notes about your marketing meetings!

What Are Advertising Meeting Minutes?

These are official documents for business meetings about advertisements and promotions, containing post-event notes and distributed to relevant people (such as the meeting’s attendees). Besides acting as reminders, meeting minutes are also treated as archived logs of the meeting details (according to The Balance, an online resource for business).

How to Make Advertising Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are fairly easy to put together. However, if you’re not familiar with how to create one yourself, then be sure to read through our tips down below.

1. Give Your Meeting Minutes a Proper Layout

Since meeting minutes are formal work documents, it’s imperative that you give your own work an appropriate look.

After opening up a fresh new document in your chosen application (like MS Word or Apple Pages), apply a 1-inch margin along the sides of your document page. After that, set the page size to what’s considered the standard choice for your region, which is usually either A4 or US letter.

2. Put Together Your Advertising Meeting Minutes’ First Segment

In your meeting minutes document, start by providing a large bold title at the top of your page. When thinking of what to write for your title, aim for something fairly descriptive about the contents. Maybe something like “Marketing Department Staff Meeting” or “Product Promotion Campaign Discussion.”

Moving on, list down the names of attendees in the meeting. Next, write down the date of when the meeting took place and the time duration. Lastly, include the venue where the meeting occurred.

3. Write Down the Agenda of Your Advertising Meeting

The most important part of your advertising meeting minutes is the various topics and agendas from the meeting. In a list format, provide a brief yet informative summary about each entry.

Besides the meeting’s topics, there are also action items that need highlighting. In another list, write down and describe each significant action that took place during the discussion. For example, mention things like fund allocation votes and campaign duty assignments.

4. Review Your Advertising Meeting Minutes and Get It Approved

After drafting your advertising meeting minutes, go over the whole document to make sure everything is in order. Next, get your work approved and then distribute copies as required.

And with that, you now know how to prepare some meeting minutes for your marketing and advertising discussions! Finally, if you need customizable resources for your own needs, then go ahead and download our Advertising Meeting Minutes Templates!

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