From real estate to software retail, proper marketing and advertising are essential for any business. However, there are several necessary tools for handling such work. One of these is a simple yet handy checklist, which helps organize and prioritize your tasks. So, allow us to help create your management document with our professional Advertising Checklist Templates! Use our content for guidelines, campaigns, acquisitions, and more. Each of these samples is 100% customizable in several kinds of file formats for optimal editing convenience. Go ahead and download today—sort out your company’s marketing materials, promotion activities, and more by utilizing our easily editable checklist templates!

What Is an Advertising Checklist?

This is a type of document used for managing various kinds of types of advertising tasks. Some examples of these tasks include audience research, advertisement campaigns, and product promotions.

As pointed out by Forbes (a long-running publication), checklists are useful in preventing mistakes in your tasks and expediting their completion. So, whether your company is involved in mobile services or car repairs, the humble checklist is a good tool for prioritizing marketing work!

How to Make an Advertising Checklist

Creating an advertising checklist on your own is fairly easy. However, if you’re not sure where to start, then feel free to read our tips just below.

1. Set up a Proper Layout for Your Advertising Checklist

First, it’s important that you make your checklist easy to read.

Open a new document in your chosen processing software (like MS Word or Apple Pages) and then give your document page an appropriate size—usually either A4 or US letter. After that, set a 1-inch margin along the page’s sides to keep the content bordered.

2. Enter Basic Document Details for Your Advertising Checklist

In the topmost section of your checklist document, write down the complete name of your company or organization.

Next, enter a document title written in large and bold font. When coming up with what to write, consider something similar to “Marketing Campaign Tasks Checklist” or “Service Promotion Activities Checklist.”

3. Incorporate a Grid Table in the Advertising Checklist

When listing down and detailing each advertising task or activity, your checklist document needs a grid table.

Give your table as many rows as there are tasks to complete, with an additional top row for labeling purposes. As for the column amount, provide at least 3—name each one as Tasks, Description, and Remarks. Use the extra top row when writing down the column headers’ names.

4. Finalize the Advertising Checklist’s Contents

Once the checklist’s primary contents are done, there are a few things you can do to improve it. For one, you can insert your company or organization’s logo in the upper section with the checklist title. Additionally, below the table, write down any remarks or information about the checklist. Lastly, color-coding the table’s different sections helps its readability.

Did you get through all of our tips yet? Just remember what you’ve learned so that making a checklist will be a breeze! And, if you’d like some easy-to-use resources for your promotional work, then consider downloading one of our Advertising Checklist Templates!

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