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What Is an Advertising Plan?

In the most basic sense, an advertising plan is a legal document that provides businesses with a blueprint that can help promote the products and services that they offer in order to boost their sales, create brand awareness and recognition, and reach their target audience. The plan contains specific advertising or marketing strategies that help ensure the target audience falls in love with the brand. This plan can be specific, which means the strategies can be used in just one specific medium or general which applies to all medium the business wants to use.

How to Create an Advertising Plan

advertising plan template

Considering that you have already set your overall marketing plans, the guide we have provided below will help you easily create an effective advertising plan:

1. Establish Your Ad Budget

Although you have your objectives in place, your budget will affect how you can execute relevant processes or how many of those objectives you can hit within a certain time frame. The best way to start is by projecting sales for the next twelve months and setting aside an average of 2-3% of sales for advertising.

2. Determine Your Target Market

You can only create a targeted ad if you know who your target audience is. Thus, before you even begin with the gritting process of coming up with your advertising content, you need to determine your audience by making a target market analysis first. Ask yourself and your team questions like "Who is most likely to need the products or services that you are offering?" "Are they male or female?" From a younger or older age bracket?" "Married or single?"

3. Choose Your Preferred Medium

Since you have already determined your target market, choosing the medium to use will be quite easier. You have to choose the medium where your audience spends more time. For example, if your target audience belongs to a younger age bracket (16-25 years old), then, you should use the digital medium specifically social media to advertise your brand. Pro tip: you should meet with as many media people as you can to gain an insight into their users’ demographics to get a good comparison with yours.

4. Identify the Priority Products and/or Services

As much as you want to promote the products and/or services that you want to discard, the products and/or services greatly needed by your audience will yield you a great return of investment. This means that you need to study and identify what your audience needs so you can prioritize them in your advertising plan.

5. Set a Timeline

Believe it or not, spending your monthly budget evenly throughout the year is not the most effective method to use for your business. You need to analyze your monthly sales records throughout the years to determine when your audience purchases your products and/or services. Once you have determined your customers, the most effective medium to reach them, the time when they need your products and services, and how much you have to spend, you can then easily create a comprehensive advertising plan for your brand.

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