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What is an Apartment Brochure?

An apartment brochure is a promotional document that promotes apartment complexes or apartment buildings among the prospective audience. An apartment brochure is a piece of paper, a bifold or trifold paper, that carries necessary information about an apartment. It also serves as an information dispenser about the real estate company and it also conveys the company's message. It is usually found in malls, agencies, and apartment agents handing them out.

How to Make an Apartment Brochure?

Along with the appealing graphics and eye-catching model apartments, apartment brochures use promotional messages that catch the attention of the target market. Like a flyer, it uses images, words, and designs to peak the public's interest. So here are the steps in making a marketing apartment brochure.

1. Do the Planning

Plan the content of your professional brochure. Make a draft of the things that you want to include in your brochure. Have a list of the different parts of the apartment and make a rough description of each. Make it as convincing yet still delicate for the audience to be engaged and persuaded. Include the apartment location too. Write the benefits of the apartment location. It is important if the location is accessible to many places for convenience. People often buy apartments in the best locations.

2. Take Pictures

If you want a more creative brochure, include pictures of the actual apartment. People often want a more concrete example. They want something that is close to reality. Make sure to take pictures of the model apartment or the apartment itself. These pictures draw more attention to the audience as it involves visual representation. Using the pictures, the target audience doesn't need to use their imagination anymore.

3. Start the Layout

Open your trusted brochure maker and start layouting. The popular sizes of a trifold brochure are 8.5 in × 14 in, 11 in × 17 in and 11 in × 25.5 in while the commonly used size is 8.5 in × 11 in.

4. Design Your Apartment Brochure

It's time to add life to your blank apartment brochure. Design your brochure with pleasant colors and patterns. Don't overdo with the colors. Colors can be a huge factor in getting the attention of the audience. If the colors are too harsh or dull, it might not attract any attention at all. So colors play a significant role in promotion. Next, Include necessary decorations. Apply patterns that are not too space and view consuming.

5. Insert the Texts and Pictures

It's time to insert the vital texts and model pictures. Start with inserting pictures. Insert the picture of your whole luxury apartment building on the cover page. It gives the audience a view of their potential future home. Use a picture of the whole building to make it seem like an invitation template. Next, insert the picture of the insides. Insert pictures of the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Make it artistic and creative. Then, insert the texts. Insert your already written descriptions of the apartment, its rooms, and the location. Position it properly. After that, insert the necessary information about the apartment. Include the measurements and the technical details about each room. Lastly, put your contact information on the commercial brochure. Never forget to include your contact details so they could contact you for future transactions. Include your mobile and telephone number, address, e-mail address, and website.

6. Finalize the Apartment Brochure

Recheck your work and erase unnecessary information. Make sure that you have included the essentials. After thorough checking, save and print it. You can, finally, promote your apartment building!

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