How to Write an Award Letter in Apple Pages

According to Forbes, awards don't just benefit the recipient; it also helps build the agency's credibility. To help you ensure that your award letter sounds professional and well-written, we have tips available below to use as your reference.

1. Recognize the Awardee

Get the name of the awardee as well as details about his or her achievement/s. These two elements will serve as the foundation of the letter's content. By addressing the recipient by his or her name, you're making the award letter more personal and valuable.

2. Place a Letterhead on the Document

One way to make your award letter look and feel official is by adding a letterhead. What this does is that it highlights the name and logo of the organization that issued the letter. If you're still in the process of making one for your company, we have a selection of downloadable samples available on this site.

3. Congratulate the Awardee for His or Her Achievement

The beginning of your letter should express praise to the awardee. Afterward, you can explain what the recipient has achieved that earned him or her of the award. In a work setting, you may congratulate the awardee for being a top-performing employee and helping the business realize its goals.

4. Identify What They’ll Receive Besides the Letter

For an awardee to fully grasp that their efforts did not go unnoticed, you should provide them with more than just a written document. Especially if this award letter is for a student's scholarship, there should also be financial aid. Whatever the reward is, make sure to write it down in your letter.

5. End Your Letter with a Motivational Statement

Please don't leave the awardee hanging; keep them motivated by ending the letter with a positive note. Tell the awardee to continue doing their best so that they'll receive another award in the future. And of course, don't forget to thank the recipient for their hard work.

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