Whenever there’s a special occasion to celebrate or a big social to attend, we wanna look our best. And, to achieve this, there are various services offered by beauty spas and hair salons to avail of. To rake in more business for your own establishment, download one of our professional Ready-Made Beauty Salon Brochure Templates and do some advertising! You’re sure to impress onlookers with these printable and 100% customizable brochure designs, each one being easily editable in good ol’ Adobe Photoshop. And for your convenience, you can take your pick between A4 and US letter sizes. Stop wasting time and promote your beauty parlour with our versatile advertising samples!

How to Create Beauty Salon Brochures in Photoshop

When it comes to keeping up with our health and appearance, it can end up taking a little too much work for us to do on our own, especially for those with busy work or study schedules. However, we do have things like spas, salons, and parlors that we can take advantage of. Whether it’s for body, makeup, or hair, these places can definitely help.

So, as the owner of one of these establishments, you need to dedicate some attention to getting the word out there that you’re open for business. And we can lend you a hand with our Ready-Made Beauty Salon Brochure Templates! If you’re having trouble coming up with your own brochure design, our handy samples are here to cover you.

If you’re thinking brochures and other kinds of handouts are an outdated way of getting exposure for your business, then that thought wouldn’t be very accurate. In an article from business.chron.com, brochures are one of the most effective ways of informing patrons about your services while being comparatively cheap to produce. Plus, they’re very easy to put together on your own!

For a slight nudge in the right direction, check out our tips (below) and see how simple our templates are to edit in Photoshop.

1. Grab Yourself a Pretty Brochure Design

Creating your own design ideas from scratch can be a pretty daunting task, especially for anyone with little to no experience in doing so. That’s why we’ve made various brochure templates that you can use as an effective base to work off of. So, take your time and choose an appropriate sample.

2. Make Your Template Look Gorgeous

Did you find a suitable design for your pamphlet? Next, run Adobe Photoshop and see what you can do to personalize the template. Even if you’re not familiar with using Photoshop and/or have no experience with editing design material, our templates are all crafted for anyone to easily customize without trouble.

However, it takes more than just having a beautiful face for your brochure; the written content is important to really hook in interested clients. To help you maintain the verbal quality of your leaflet, use your favorite search engine to find online writing tools. With a bit of looking around, you can quickly find some useful (and free) options to aid your drafting.

3. Show Off Your Spa or Parlor in Other Ways

Okay, so, your brochure design is finally taken care of and ready to print out. Now what?

Well, consider other types of promotional material to advertise your cosmetics and beautification services, such as some posters. With posters, you can promote your business in areas not suitable for handing out brochures.

Using banners is also another way to cover more ground. Not only do banners add more options in terms of where you can advertise, but they also look very presentable.

4. A Lovely Brochure for a Lovely Salon

Are you done sorting out all of your promotional material? It’s finally time to print copies and get them out there for the world to see. Whether you need a bifold or trifold brochure, you can count on our salon templates to come through!

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