How to Make a Blank Ticket in Adobe Photoshop

According to the 2019 data released by Statista, revenue for events tickets is expected to show an annual growth rate of 6.5 percent by 2024. If you're tasked to organize an event or issue boarding passes, then you'll need tickets to identify and track the number of people going in and out of the event, establishment, or vehicle.

To help you, we have come up with a guide on how you can make a blank ticket in Photoshop.

1. Pick a Format and Size

You must first choose a format and size for your ticket before you can come up with a layout and design. As for the size, standard sizes for tickets are 1.97 × 5.63 and 5.5 × 2.125 inches. And for the format, you must choose between putting the ticket stub on the right, left, top, or bottom.

2. Provide all the Essential Details

The content of your ticket depends on its type. For instance, in a concert ticket, it should contain the concert title, the venue, date, time, and ticket number. For train tickets, it should contain the ticket number or code, the departure and arrival time, ticket price, seat number, and departure and arrival station.

3. Work on a Design

Tickets, especially event tickets, should look aesthetically pleasing and attractive to catch the public's attention. To do that, incorporate colors and add design elements and high-quality images to your tickets.

4. Double-Check and Print

Are you done? Then make sure you double-check your work to ensure that it has all the essential information, and it doesn't contain any spelling and grammatical errors or wrong information. And when you print it, make sure you use a high-quality and sturdy paper stock, or you'll end up with a low-quality admission ticket.

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