Ensure that your board of directors documents are based on legal standard formats using a sample of our broad range of ready-made board of directors templates in Apple Pages. These templates will help you facilitate and document the decisions and meetings that have been made by the board of directors, which are critical in every organization or business company. We have Minutes of Meeting Master, Certificate of Amendment, Certificate of Abandonment of Business Name, Letter to Stockholders Holiday, and a lot more. These board of directors templates are downloadable instantly! The templates are easily editable and 100% customizable, so to make it suitable for you, replace highlighted words with your company details. Grab any of these ready-made board of directors templates in Apple Pages today!

How to Create Board of Directors Templates in Apple Pages

The board of directors is a union of people, including the CEO, who are cooperatively working and supervising the activities of both profit-oriented and non-profit oriented organizations. The power, role, and responsibility of the board of directors are determined by the government regulations, including the jurisdiction’s corporation law. It further identifies the constitution and bylaws of such corporate governance. More importantly, it is the government that determines the board of directors positions, the board of directors meeting, and the number of members they have to contain.

Spider-man puts it well: “with great power comes with great responsibility.” This statement is true for the business and corporation board of directors' role. These people have to carry out the overall direction and strategy of a company. Thus, the need to have board of directors templates is quite essential for every meeting, transaction, and deal.

From a wide list of ready-made board of directors templates, get to create legal-compliant documents hassle-free in your Mac or any iOS devices. To get your work started, consider the steps provided for you below:

1. Decide What Board of Directors Documents You Need

Template.net gives you a vast array of the board of directors templates to help you with the job quickly and efficiently. These templates make use of preformatted content that is professionally-written based on the legal standard format. Among the templates in the list are minutes of the meeting template, annual report, certificate of amendment, shareholders resolution approving voluntary, and board resolutions. You have all the documents that you need for the company or organization.

2. Utilize Apple Pages Software Application

Like Numbers and Keynote, Apple Pages can also create stunning and marvelous works. It will help you create and produce high-quality and beautifully-crafted documents that you need. With the use of your Mac or any iOS devices, this software application can be of great help to editing and personalizing the board of directors templates.

3. Customize the Template

Editing the templates is no longer the problem. You can either keep the content to your advantage or change them to more relevant details easily. You only have to update other information such as the company name, date and time, and the like.

4. Be Professional and Formal

Documents should be written professionally and formally. It includes the use of formal words and phrases, and the tone of writing the letters, minutes, and amendments. Avoid using pretentious words and flowery texts. Keep it simple, concise, formal, and professional.

5. Add a Business Logo

You also have to update one crucial aspect in the template aside from your company name, date, and time - a logo. Make sure to incorporate your business logo to elicit positive responses and obtain the trust of your constituents. It additionally, emphasizes legitimate appeal as well as gives a sense of authority.

6. Revise the Documents

When everything else is done, the last thing you need to do is proofread what you have written. In most cases, revising is a useful tool to attain perfection or at least, produce high-quality outputs. You can always count your comrades to accompany you in dealing with this matter.

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