Do you have an architecture business? Better promote your business now before your competitors will own the market. Use a marketing material that can effectively feature your products and services such as a brochure. At PRO, we can help you in your first steps in creating a brochure through our Ready-Made Architecture Brochure Templates that are available in Adobe Photoshop file formats. Our brochure templates let you feature not just your great deals and offers but also your company as a whole. You can also design and customize the templates according to your business goals, thanks to our templates' editable feature. So, get our Ready-Made Architecture Templates in Photoshop right now!

How to Make an Architecture Brochure in PSD

Just like most printed brochures, an architecture brochure is used to provide information in a concise and/or visually appealing manner. It can contain various kinds of information as long as it relates to the architecture industry. They can also be printed on paper or stored electronically in the form of DOC or PDF files.

As the print advertising industry regains its footing after the recession, more and more companies and marketers will resort to more cost-efficient marketing strategies including the use of the printable catalog, brochure, and flyer templates. So to get your architecture and design firm started on this strategy before your competitors do, here are a few best practices on creating winning brochure designs.

1. Know Your Tools

Before attempting to start any graphic design project, it’s important to know what tools you need. For example, if you are well-versed in Adobe Photoshop, it is better to download and use architecture templates in Photoshop file format. Likewise, if you only know how to use Adobe InDesign, you should download and use InDesign brochure templates.

2. Correlate Your Theme With Your Branding Identity

Whether you get a premium or a free brochure template or you opt to make our own business brochure design from scratch, you must first develop a brochure design motif or theme. And, most importantly, this theme should correlate with your architecture firm’s branding identity.

To illustrate, if you mainly provide industrial architectural services and you have a no-nonsense and strict image, it may be better to choose a professional brochure design template that features a professional and formal theme.

3. Keep Visual Hierarchy In Mind

A relatable theme will only get you so far if you want a truly useful brochure design. You must also consider how the information will be presented in your architecture brochure. This means that you must choose a brochure layout where all necessary text and visual elements seamlessly meld together.

Good visual hierarchy means that all text, images, headers, footers, cover pages, and other extraneous details are arranged in a harmonious and logical manner. When done well, a reader or potential customer can easily find what he or she wants from your marketing brochure and transform this interaction into a lead.

4. Don’t Forget High-Resolution Images

Images play an important part in enticing a reader to your architecture brochure. With the right high-resolution image, a reader can verify the truthfulness of your brochure’s claims. Pictures can also be used to entice a person to try out a service, experience, or thing.

For example, in an architecture brochure, images of completed houses and buildings can help cement your business’ credibility as an interior design, construction, landscape, and/or architecture firm all at once.

5. Write Compelling Content

As a marketing material, your architecture brochure should include only the most relevant and most persuasive pieces of content that you could come up with. You need to create ad copy that hooks, persuades, and relates to your target customer. Reminder, when using free printable brochure templates, make sure that you customize each built-in content textbox as they may be too vague or, worse, not related to your brand.

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