How to Create an Editable Architecture Brochure in Publisher

An architecture brochure is a promotional material containing the essential details and offers from a particular architectural firm or business. It serves as an introduction for the products and services that they are offering together with the price range and some service promotions.

Producing one using an online brochure making app or software will make the task easier and faster. You can also avail of a wide array of brochure layout and brochure template with pre-formatted contents and design from various websites. If you already have a copy of any versions of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign, you can actually start making your own tri-fold or bi-fold brochure.

1. Know the Basic Features

List down all the information that you will be introducing to your promotional documents such as the name and the nature of the business, contact details, office locations, business hours, the products and/or the services you offer, and more. To give the brochure a personal touch and a distinct image, you can attach your company's logo at the center top of the first page.

During the recent study made by an advertising specialty institute, 84% of American customers or consumers are more likely to remember a company's name when they receive promotional materials with the logo on it.

2. Look for a Reliable Reference

You can start looking for ideas and insights from any related company document (e.g., business portfolio, catalog, etc.) or by interviewing a couple of expert professionals who are working in the same field. You may also look for a relevant guide from the internet.

List down all the necessary elements that you think should be included in your brochure. The listing may cram and fill out all the pages of the brochure so make sure that you only include the ones that are necessary.

3. Select a Design for the Brochure

The design and color pattern of the brochure should reflect or mimic the color scheme used by your company. Furthermore, incorporating your business' trademark and branding will make your brochure unique and will help build up your company's image. If you don't want to apply the traditional approach, you can experiment in mixing a new palette of color and by inserting eye-catching vector images or artwork that will complement the document as a whole.

4. Customized and Add the Details to the Chosen Template

Change the formats and the contents of the template according to your desired preference. Start adding all the information about your business and highlight all the important details that can help promote your company and the services that you offer. Be sure to arrange the information in a chronological manner and add high-quality images of the sample projects and services (e.g, real estate interior design, construction milestones, and others) that you provide to your customers.

5. Prepare the Output for Commercial Printing

Once you are done with the formatting, review the final output to check for any errors. Make adjustments and changes to the contents if you deemed necessary to enhance the appearance of the brochure. If you are planning to print the document in bulk, you might as well go to your local printing shop and have it printed there.

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